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   Chapter 39 What Was He Mad About

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Sophia took a deep breath to contain her anger.

At that time, Mr. Xu walked out of the bathroom and sat down in his spot. The confrontation between Sophia and Colin ended.

"Mr. Li, I'd like to propose a toast to you, and wish for a stronger relationship between our companies in the future." Mr. Xu's secretary refilled Colin's glass, and also poured a little liquor into Sophia's.

Colin smiled, "Thank you."

The sound of glasses clinking filled the room. After completing the toast, Colin and Mr. Xu drank the shot of liquor.

Mr. Xu didn't sit down after the toast. Instead, he refilled his glass, turned to Sophia, and gently asked, "How long have you been at the SL group, Ms. Lo?"

Sophia knew what he meant. She looked at Colin, but he averted his eyes.

She had to pick up her glass and speak with Mr. Xu. She smiled, "I've been working at the SL group for less than two months. Thank you for asking, Mr. Xu."

"I had the honor of meeting Mz. Lo during Simon's anniversary celebration many years ago. Back then, I didn't know you'd rather keep a low profile. Just have a look at you now!"

He meant to say that Sophia's present attire was very different from what she wore the other night.

Sophia wasn't upset. She just smiled and changed the subject, "Mr. Xu, I'd like to propose a toast to you."

She then gently clinked glasses with Mr. Xu and drank its contents.

Instead of buying clothes and dressing herself up to avoid all these harsh comments, Sophia was decided on using her money to travel to A country to visit her father and her parents-in-law.

Perhaps it was because she was already in a bad mood, or because she remembered something sad, Sophia did not reject the following two shots of liquor that Mr. Xu offered her.

After three shots, Sophia looked different. Her behavior stunned Colin even more.

Sophia's face was flushed. She took off the black long coat, and revealed the wine-red close-fitting sweater inside.

She was only 24, after all, an age of the prime of feminine beauty.

Her long hair was simply pulled on top of her head, revealing her white neck. And the long wine-red sweater also added some maturity to her beauty.

With another shot of liquor in her hand, Sophia glanced around. She averted Colin's eyes and looked at Mr. Xu. She spoke respectfully. "Mr. Xu, to te

ll it kill you to stop being so harsh to me?"

"Colin Li, will it kill you to stop fussing over trivial matters?"


Colin lifted her up into his arms, ignored her struggle, and carried her through the lobby, and out of the hotel.

The Porche was waiting at the porte-cochere. When the doorman saw Colin approaching, he hurriedly opened the door of the back passenger seat.

"Colin! You jealous turd! Let me go!" Sophia struggled so much that Colin who could've carried her into the car with ease, was now out of breath.

As soon as he settled Sophia and climbed in, Colin ordered, "Okay, let's go!"

Wade started the car and pulled away from the hotel.

"Where are we going, Mr. Li?" Wade looked at Colin's reflection in the rear-view mirror.

Sophia got up from the seat and leaned on the front passenger seat, "Mr. Ji, I want to go home. The address is JH block, SS road!"

Colin pulled her back.

"Don't listen to her! To my villa."

"I'm not going! I want to go to my home!"

"Very well. Drop me at her home too."

"No! You are not welcome in my house!" Sophia was always criticizing and contradicting Colin, even when she was still drunk.

Colin grabbed her wrist. "Are you in a hurry to go home because you made an appointment with Mr. Xu at your apartment? Or do you have other filthy business at home and you don't want me there to see it?"

Sophia hiccuped before shrieking, "Colin Li! Don't make me cuss!"

Motherfucker! He knew only how to speak ill of her! And he thought of her only as a slut!

"Do it then!"

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