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   Chapter 38 Speak To Me Now

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"What's up with you?" Colin knew that Sophia was always quiet. But there was something wrong with her today. She was not her usual self.

Sophia hadn't expected Colin to continue asking. She had a quick look at Wade to see if he was listening. Satisfied that he was not, Sophia turned to Colin. Pointing at Wade, she reminded Colin not to say anything that was unsuitable.

Colin understood what she was trying to say. However, he was displeased, "So you really want to keep our marriage a secret?"

In Z country only two other people knew of their relationship status, Herring, and Wade.

As Colin's Chief Secretary and his Personal Secretary, Wade knew many things about Colin.

Especially an important matter such as his marriage.

When Sophia figured out what Colin was about to say, she tried to stop him, but in vain. Since Wade had heard, she didn't have to hide anymore. "Colin, you were the one who explicitly asked me to keep our marriage a secret, remember?"

Colin thought for a while. He remembered instructing her not to tell anyone about their marriage. He quibbled anyway, "But I didn't want you to be this thorough and deliberate."

"...... Since Mr. Ji is here, you don't need me. I'm gonna get off here."

"I won't allow that!" Colin took out a remote control and locked all the doors and windows.

Sophia was speechless. She closed her eyes and leaned against the back of the rear seat.

"Sophia Lo! Open your eyes! Look at me and talk!" Colin ordered.

Wade, "......"

Sophia, "......"

Sophia ignored him and remained silent. Colin was unreasonable. There was nothing to talk about with him.

Colin was utterly discomfited when he saw her so indifferent. He pinched her cheeks and said, "Soapy! I order you to speak to me now!"

Sophia pulled his fingers away and articulated, "I'm sorry, Mr. Li, you must've confused me with someone else. I'm not Soapy."

Colin was about to speak, but Sophia stopped him and continued, "If you call me Soapy once more, I'll tell everyone that we're married. I'm going to tell them that the great Mr. Colin Li married a low born w

s. They had occasionally written to each other before Sophia's incarceration.

After Dorothy had framed her, Sophia had asked someone to convey to Hugh that she would be unavailable for a while and would not have the time to write to him.

Since then, they had been out of touch...

"Is he handsome?" Sophia jumped when she heard a male voice so close to her ear.

She turned to Colin and saw that his eyes were fixed on her angrily. Mr. Xu had excused himself to the bathroom, and his secretary was playing on her cellphone.

"Yeah. Hugh is really nice-looking." But not as good as you. She thought.

Hugh was too cold for her, but Colin was just perfect. He looked urbane, and it was rare for him to be serious and cold.

"Since he is so attractive, why weren't you with him then? Why did you choose Payne Tai over him?" Colin taunted Sophia just before gulping down the contents of his glass.

Sophia had been in a good mood before he mentioned Payne Tai. After hearing his name, Sophia's smile faded away. "Mr. Li, that's none of your business."

"Was Payne better in bed?" Colin lowered his voice, and whispered in Sophia's ear.

Mr. Xu's secretary had looked up from her phone. When she saw Colin whispering to Sophia, she quickly understood their relationship, and looked down at her phone.

Sophia grit her teeth. For a minute there, she wanted to throw the table at Colin's face.

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