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   Chapter 37 A Big Shot

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Since knowing that Sophia had knelt before Dorothy, Eugenia had been watching for a chance to taunt her.

Jamie didn't like Sophia and often spoke ill of Sophia in front of Eugenia. Therefore, Eugenia also disliked Sophia.

She wanted to find a chance to make Sophia feel little. Seeing her in the cafeteria unexpectedly, Eugenia said proudly, "Why are you pretending to be aloof Miss Lo?"

"For you!" Sophia responded to her casually.

"Oh! Why do you pretend to be a big shot in front of us? All of you may not know that! In order to take her ex-boyfriend back, Sophia knelt before the Lien's Deputy General Manager!" Eugenia's last words were followed by sounds of astonishment.

"Really? God! Kneeling! How currish can you be Sophia?"

"Yeah, just for a man? Was it worth it? Is Sophia so empty and alone?"

"Ha ha ha, maybe you're right!"


Eugenia's statements encouraged her female colleagues to taunt Sophia.

Although Sophia was the President's secretary, she was too ordinary.

Everyone thought that she was silent and could be bullied easily. Over time, their insults only got harsher.

Sophia was puzzled. She didn't seem to know these people. Why would they want to embarrass her?

Did she have a look that invited other people to bully her? Dorothy bullied her, Payne bullied her, Jamie bullied her and now... even irrelevant colleagues were bullying her!

"Do all of you want me to put in a good word for you with our president?" Sophia had to mention Colin.

Everyone knew that she was the President's secretary. She was the closest to the President. It was not difficult for her to complain.

As expected, a few female employees immediately lowered their heads and started eating. But Eugenia continued to taunt Sophia fearlessly. "Didn't you say that Mr. Li is married? Mr. Li hasn't confirmed it. How can you spread such a rumor? You must have been telling a lie to deceive the colleagues who adore Mr. Li so that you can have him all to yourself!"

"Sophia, you went too far! I can't believe how people like you ca

waved his hand to attract Sophia's attention.

Sophia pulled herself out of her thoughts. She looked down and shook off the emotions in her eyes. "Well? I'm all right. Have you finished your work?"

Colin stared at her again for a few seconds, "Sophia..."

"Have you finished your work? If yes, then hurry up!" Sophia felt uncomfortable and her heart palpitated. She didn't know why she felt like this. After interrupting Colin, she immediately stood up from the sofa and walked to the door.

While walking, Sophia said to herself, "What's wrong with you? Why do you feel sad when Colin calls other women?

What a great fool you are!"

Colin was about to stop her, but he gave up after looking at his watch. He took the documents Sophia had forgotten and strode after her.

The car stopped in the front of the company. Sophia looked at Wade Ji sitting in the driver's seat. Why was Mr. Ji here? Why was she going to meet clients with Colin?

Never mind. Mr. Ji must have his own things to deal with.

When Sophia opened the front passenger door, a big hand stopped her. "Sit at the back!"

Sophia let go of the door and sat in the back passenger seat obediently.

She thought that Colin had asked her to sit at the back because he wanted to sit in the front. However, Colin crawled in beside her...

Since she was in a bad mood, she decided not to talk!

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