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   Chapter 36 Lightning Will Strike You, If You Tell Lies

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In the conference room, all executives were whispering to each other. Such emergency meetings were not a common phenomenon. What was even more surprising was that this was the second such meeting since the company's launch.

Silence engulfed the conference room when Colin walked in.

At the sight of his bruised lips, whispers soared again. Colin glared at the executives till everyone was quiet again.

Without further ado, Colin said, "Dear colleagues, a scandal has happened in our company recently."

The whispers began again. "The company is so young. Why there is another scandal?"

"Who knows? Let's listen to Colin and talk about it later!"

Glancing around, Colin asked, "Where is Quincy?"

When Quincy heard his name, his heart missed a beat. He slowly stood up from his seat. "Mr. Li!"

"Someone has anonymously complained that Mr. Qu abused his power to molest several female employees at our company, causing physical and mental harm to them! These accusations have been proven during an investigation. And it has caused adverse effects. We are here to deliberate over Mr. Qu's behavior! Whether he will leave or not depends on your vote!"

Just then, the conference room bubbled with more whispers. Quincy noticed that everyone was looking at him strangely.

Quincy was nervous. His face pale turned pale, and he broke out in a cold sweat, "Mr. Li... I've been wrongly accused... How could it be?"

He looked around, and his eyes met Sophia's. Quincy understood who had complained. He stopped trembling and became confident. "Mr. Li, it was Sophia, wasn't it? When Sophia asked me for leave, I didn't approve. Then, she tried to seduce me and threatened me with dire consequences. I still didn't give in! But I did not expect that she would make a false countercharge!"

Sophia was not perturbed by Quincy's ridiculous claims.

"Mr. Qu, lightning will strike you, if you tell lies!" When Sophia spoke, Quincy became afraid. She continued, "Mr. Qu, I remember clearly what you said to me in the office. You took my hand and said that you would approve of my leave application only if I agreed to have an affair with you! God sees everything. Mr. Qu, did you think about that before speaking?"

Compared to Quincy's dodge, Sophia seemed more open and confident. The executives felt Sophia's claims to be more sincere than Quincy's.

Quincy continued to argue, "Mr. Li, don't believe Sophia! Miss Lien, the Lien's Deputy General Manager also knew that Sophia is promiscuous, seducing men all the time..."

"Enough!" Colin roared suddenly, interrupting Quincy's nonsense!

Sophia clenched her fists! Dorothy! Again! Damn! That woman knew how to spread rumors!

Colin took out an item from his pocket. It was a recording pen. He turned it on, and a woman's voice blared over its tiny speaker. "I am reporting that Mr. Qu from the Personnel department leveraged my leave application to assault me earlier this month indecently!" The voice belonged to Miss Chiao.

There was a pause, and then another woman's voice pervaded through the conference room. "I am Lucia Lau from the Financial Management department. I report that Mr. Qu from the Personnel department responded to my leave application e-mail with a proposal to have an affair with him!"


Several women's claims followed in succession. Altogether thirteen female employees, four of whom had used their real names, had voiced their concern over Quincy's behavior.

Only when all executives burst into an uproar did it dawn on Mr. Qu that he was just disgracing himself.

As President, Colin wouldn't have accused him without evidence.

Quincy's legs felt weak, and he fell into his chair, pale as death. He looked like a prisoner, waiting for his


After everyone had voted, the unanimous decision was in favor of Quincy's employment being terminated.

The female employees who had been humiliated but dared not to speak out were all anxious to thank Colin after hearing that he had personally sent someone to conduct an investigation and fired Quincy!

Back at his office, Colin sent an e-mail to all employees, and it read. 'It is our duty and obligation to protect every employee at our company. When confronted with challenges that you cannot speak about, please send an e-mail to Mr. Ji. You can choose to share your identity or send in your concern anonymously. We will respect your choice...

At noon the next day, Sophia heard someone talking about Quincy. She already knew what had happened. She wasn't paying attention until she heard something that surprised her.

"Did you know that after he left yesterday, Quincy was attacked by two unidentified people in the parking lot in his house estate. He suffered a fracture in his left arm, and his face was swollen!"

"Really? How do you know that?"

"Mr. Du from our company lives in the same housing estate as Quincy, and witnessed it with his own eyes! It must be true!"

"Wow, he had it coming!"

"Indeed, God sees. I really should thank the two heroes who broke his bones!"


Sophia ate the noodles in her bowl absent-mindedly. Quincy had fractured his left arm? Somehow it reminded Sophia of something Colin did.

Was it because Colin had fractured Payne's left arm?

Should Colin have taken matters into his own hands like this?

Sophia was brought out of her contemplation when she heard another group of female employees discussing Colin. "Mr. Li's lips must have been bitten by a woman!"

"I asked the staff at the front desk. No woman came to meet Mr. Li! And Mr. Li has not left the company since he arrived this morning."

"Was it someone from our company?"

They screamed, "Who's so lucky?"

"Miss Chiao?"

"It could not be Miss Chiao. Maybe you don't know, but I heard that Miss Chiao has taken a beating!"

Everyone gasped with astonishment, "Are you sure? Who hit her? And where?"

"I heard that it happened in the secretary's office. As for who hit her, I didn't know. Didn't you notice that Miss Chiao did not come to lunch today? Her face bloated to the size of a basketball!"

"Didn't you say that Miss Chiao was having a relationship with Mr. Li? Won't he do something?"

"Who knows! The staff in the secretary's office are so tight-lipped. They won't say anything even after being asked many times!"

"I see! When Mr. Li comforted Miss Chiao, she was so angry that she bit Mr. Li's lips!"

Everyone was suddenly excited. They had finally come to a mutually agreeable conclusion about the mystery behind the condition of Mr. Li's lips.

Obviously, no one believed that Colin was married...

They talked about Mr. Li's lips with such keenness that Sophia who had been listening with equal enthusiasm didn't notice that she had finished eating her bowl of noodles.

She smirked at the conclusion that Mr. Li's lips had been bitten by Miss Chiao.

Sophia cleaned up her leftovers and was about to leave when she heard something that stopped her.

"Oh! Is that Miss Lo?" Sophia groaned when she recognized the shrill female voice.

Sophia turned round and looked at the female colleague who had said that Colin and Jamie were in a relationship. She replied indifferently, "Miss Yuen, is there something you need from me?"

Eugenia Yuen had a good relationship with Jamie. It could be concluded that Eugenia knew everything that Jamie knew.

And Eugenia was a meddlesome lady. Sophia wouldn't be surprised if Eugenia spread gossip around the office.

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