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   Chapter 35 Our Marriage Will End in Divorce

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The sunlight poured into the room. It enveloped Colin in a warm, golden light.

Some people just hit the genetic jackpot. Colin, eldest son of the Li family, was one of them.

He was handsome, charming and excellent at almost anything he did. There wasn't a woman who wouldn't want him.


Sophia was the complete opposite. In her mind, she was the most common, ordinary woman in the world. If one day she suddenly disappeared, she doubted anyone would even notice.

Colin looked at her. With no other place to possibly fix her gaze, Sophia Lo dumbly looked met his gaze. Their eyes met. Sophia quickly reorganized her thoughts. "Mr. Li, what can I do for you?"

"First, you can close the door."

Sophia turned obediently and closed the door. She stood to the side of it waiting for Colin.

"Tell me everything what happened with Quincy. The last time you asked for leave. Don't spare me any detail." Colin sat on a couch with his legs elegantly crossed in front of him.

The were a perceptible change in Sophia's eyes. "Do you believe me?" She said suspiciously.

If she told Colin about Quincy's advances, would he instead think that she had tried to seduce him? After all, in his eyes she was just some dumb, floozy woman.

"Of course I'll believe you!" Colin noted in a trustworthy way..

Sophia reflect over the matter briefly, and decided to tell him everything that had happened on that day.

When she got to the part about Quincy touching her hand, a darkness seemed to grow in Colin's eyes. Did he take her for a liar?

Sophia looked straight into Colin's eyes. "Mr. Li, I have no idea what you're after, but I have told you the truth. I swear it!"

Colin left the couch and walked over to her. He raised her hand and asked in an indifferent tone, "which hand did he touch?"

Sophia suddenly feared that he might now believe her. She raised her hand before him, "my left hand."

What Colin did next surprised Sophia. He lowered his head and kissed the back of her hand.

"I know."

"You know what?" "And after that?" "…Nothing else happened."

Sophia was confused, and looked at the man holding her hand curiously. What did he really want?

"A senior meeting will be held today. You will come with me". Colin released her hand, and put his own hands inside his pockets, looking at her.

The Sophia that was standing before him now seemed change. A far cry from what she used to be.

Back then, her skin had been coarse and black from years in prison.

But now, she was an undeniable beauty. Her beauty was almost shocking at times. Especially at the party the night before.

Even now, with only light make-up, she appeared much more beautiful and charming than he ever recalled.

"Why me?" "I need someone to copy the company's regulations document." Wasn't Secretary Tao set to attend that meeting with Colin?

After a few moments, Colin suddenly spoke up, "During the meeting, punishments for Quincy will be announced. Your testimony against him might be necessary."

Sophia wasn't sure how to respond.

After trying to sugarcoat the whole encounter, she felt that turning around and accusing Quincy seemed overly cruel.

However, her feelings seemed of no importance to Colin. Quincy had only her hand after all, her reputation had remained in tact. Why did she have to be the bad guy?

Sophia gave no indication of agreement or disagreement, "What is going to happened to Quincy?"

"You aren't the only person in the company Quincy hurt. He will be fired, surely. The final decision is up to the senior management though." "As for private charges made against him. That's his own problem."

Sophia tried to suppress a feeling of pressure in her chest. She looked at the floor. "I understand, Mr. Li."

"Please try to understand, I don't want you to feel wronged. You are my wife. It's just that certain sacrifices have to be made." Colin spoke in a grave tone, trying to comfort Sophia.

He only made her feel worse though. A sardonic smile spread from the corners of her mount. "You jus

t admitted that I'm your wife. Was is because you saw someone trying to hurt me? I can't even remember hearing you talk about our relationship before."

Well, thinking about it now, she had to admit that he had stood up for her on a few occasions. Maybe she should be content that he would get angry for her.

But then again, Colin had treated her terrible lately. He was the reason for so much pain in her life.

Colin, sensing the conflicting feelings of anger in Sophia, raised an eyebrow. He gently stroked her face. "How would you feel if I publicly admitted our marriage today?

"Don't… Our marriage will end in divorce anyway. Making it public will only make my second marriage harder for me."

"Second marriage?" Colin furrowed his brow and looked at Sophia.

Something about what Sophia said seemed to bother him.

Pushing away his hand, she replied, "You heard me. I'm not going to be alone on account of you." Familiar with Colin's motivations, Sophia now felt that she should probably keep a safe distance from him.

If he really did leave her one day, Sophia fear that other's would see her as 'used-up' and 'undesirable'.

"Well then, you'd better behave. Maybe I won't have to divorce you." There was no way Colin would allow her a chance at a second marriage.

Sophia looked at Colin like he was a fool, "I'll continue to plan for a divorce."

What made Colin so self-destructive? Why was it that he could refuse her, but not the other way around? In reality Sophia knew that she had power too. If she wanted to leave him, she could.

Suddenly Colin kissed Sophie's red, lipsticked lips. A moment later, he put his arms around her.

Colin squeezed her tightly. His embrace was emotional and full of passion.

Even as Sophia pushed back at him firmly, Colin refused to loosen his grip. Instead, as if he were punishing her, he spun her around. Pushing her against the door of his office, he began to kiss her.

Trapped under his firm grasp, time seemed to slow to a crawl.

Finally, with a growing feeling of urgency, Sophia lashed out. She bit down hard on Colin's lower lip. Immediately, both Colin and Sophia could taste blood. Colin pulled back his head from hers. However, his grasp remained firm.

Unwavering, Sophia looked at Colin and said, "What are you doing? You say you don't want to be with me. Then you turn around and… provoke me? Do you really think I'm that easy? Do you just want to use me up so you can abandon me?"

Colin touched his lower lip with his index finger. Inspecting the finger, he saw his blood. Sophia was fierce. She bit me! And broke the skin too!

"You're my wife? Why can't I sleep with you? Plus, you get around. Why does it matter? I'd just be another one of you lovers." Thinking about Sophia with other men, Colin felt an urge to track them down, and beat them to death.

Sophia took a deep breath while considering Colin's hasty, hurtful words. She quickly controlled her reaction, suppressing her anger.

"Colin, I don't want you.. "How can a virgin sleep with me? Go and find other women to practice with!". With this, Sophia pushed Colin away, opened the door and left in a frenzy.

Back at her office for private consultant, Sophia closed the door quickly. She stood behind the door and patted her beating heart.

Colin, that bastard. Maybe she didn't really know about his private life. Whatever he did, it certainly wasn't all innocent fun. What a surprise that he kissed so well. He had definitely been with other women…

Sophia wiped her lips with great effort.

Though, reflecting back to Colin's bloodied, lower lip, Sophia couldn't help but smile.

The 22th floor.

Colin walked into the office quickly with Sophia following him closely.

Everywhere they went, Sophia could hear the sound of gossip among the employees.

What was wrong with Colin's mouth? Was that a… bite mark? Was he bit by a woman? Which woman? The office was full of questions.

As they strode towards the meeting room, Sophia pretended to be deaf. Colin remained silent.

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