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   Chapter 32 I Need To Borrow Your Secretary

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With unmistakable anxiety in his voice, Herring asked, " "Dude, are you sure you haven't changed your mind? You really want me to seduce your wife?"

"Yeah, I do!" Colin, though, was already filled with a sense of regret.

"Come on… I mean. Your wife is really fun! She's like a fine cup of tea, tasty, but you can always find a greater hidden depth of flavor." Colin had already hung up the phone.

Herring found himself speaking to the dial tone.

Herring looked at the woman in front of him, and shrugged, "Your brother is so heartless."

Shelly Li remained silent for a long time before finally speaking, "He's still better than a man who falls for every woman he meets.."


Sophia had clearly overheard the conversation between Colin and Herring. So Colin had sent Herring to seduce her!

Wow. There really was nothing Colin wouldn't do to achieve his goals. He would leave no stone unturned in his quest to divorce her.

Colin restrained Sophia from behind. Sophia shoved back angrily. "Get your hands off me!"

"Did you…overhear?" The room was dead silent. Of course she was able to hear their conversation.

"Shut up and go to sleep! And get the hell out of my house by the morning!" Sophia closed her eyes. She was fuming but tried her best to ignore him.

But Sophia felt a pain gradually rising in her chest. How could she feel heartbroken for such a man? She thought to herself. How?

"We've already moved on from that.." Colin turned to her, put his head up on his right arm and tried to explain.

He was met with silence.

"Sophia, I mean it! I can make Herring leave tomorrow!"

Colin thought that chasing Herring away might very well make him feel better, too.

"There's no need to send him away. I like him. If you send him away, I'd be very unhappy!"

"......" This time Colin remained silent.

His eyes widened with anger in the dark. His Sophia just told him, that she liked Herring! Goddamn it!

Colin pulled back his arm and rolled over on top of her.

"You are no allowed to like Herring! I forbid you!"

"Your opinion means nothing to me. I've already fallen for him. You were a good match maker after all." Sophia opened her eyes. Their eyes met in the dark room. His seemed to glow with anger.

He was angry? Why? This was his plan. After all, he was the one who had put Herring

Herring was not bothered by what Colin said. "Why would I give up the forest for a try?"

Herring thought that Shelly had been playing hard to get. He had pursued her for a long time with no luck. She had never though him 'qualified' to be her boyfriend.

"I'm not telling you to give up the forest.. You're entitled to as many trees as you want. Just remember, you're my best friend but she's my sister. If you ever hurt her, I would never forgive you." Colin, obviously still angry about the previous evening, was putting on a show of tough-guy aggression.

Herring looked on in disbelief. Did Colin really just say what he though he said? He would end their friendship if he broke Shelly's heart. Fine. "I won't mess with Shelly anymore. Satisfied?"

After all, Herring, not even 30, still had many good years of foraging left. Maybe he would give up the game at 40, but not yet!

"Good. I hope you mean that." Colin took out his phone again.

"I mean it, " Herring said. "Wait, what are you doing on your phone now?" Herring felt defeated, couldn't they just talk?

"I just wanted to let Shelly know. Since you're moving on, she might as well go out with that model from the other day. Apparently he took a knife for her while protecting her. Pretty crazy, huh? Such a good man. I wouldn't want her to miss the chance.."

Right as Colin began to dialed the number, Herring stopped him again.

"Don't call her.."

"Why not?" Colin frowned at Herring. He despised him. So obviously in love with his sister, but to much of a coward to admit it.

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