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   Chapter 31 Why Are You Still Here

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Sophia was astonished to see Colin on the bed, "Mr. Li, are you homeless?"

"I won't leave, not until you apologize to me." Colin sat up, and removed his jacket, then his shoes.

Sophia swallowed back her sarcasm, and grabbed his arm to stop him, "Okay! Okay! Okay! Fine, I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have called your mother! I apologize!"

She couldn't even believe her eyes. How come a regional CEO behaved like a child!

Colin smiled, swatted her hand away and continued to take off his shoes, "Go get me some water

To wash my feet." No. Go to your home. I have already apologized."

"Oh, since you know you are wrong, you should compensate me for your mistake. I'm very tired now, and I don't want to move around. Besides, we are married, so your bed is my bed." Colin kicked off his shoes, and leaned back against the soft pillows on the bed. A faint fragrance greeted him. He sighed a gratified sigh, as he made himself comfortable.

Whereas Sophia tugged at her hair in despair. Why was it so hard to send him away? She thought to herself, trying to concoct a plan.

"My bed is so small and rock hard. It's an awkward bed, and I don't think you could sleep comfortably." Sophia tried to persuade him to change his mind.

Colin closed his eyes, and answered calmly, "I've slept in the barracks before.

The beds there were much smaller and harder!"

Sophia now knew he was playing tricks. "I don't have any spare toiletries!"

"I can use yours.

I don't mind if they are used." "Akh, just get out of my house." Sophia didn't want to beat around the bush anymore.

"Sophia, you've already made mother angry. If you forced me out of your home tonight, I'd call and tell her that you're always trying to get rid of me! Who do you think she would be more angry at?" Colin smirked, giving Sophia a taste of her own medicine.

Sophia knew that Colin was aware of her weaknesses. Wendy was her soft point. Sophia was afraid to make her unhappy.

"Very well, sleep then. I'll leave you be."

"Where are you going?" Colin asked, springing up from his comfortable position.

"To a hotel, I'm not staying here with you." Sophia began to grab her thing

Colin didn't move back, but placed her under him instead. "Why? Sophia Lo, teach me. Show me what you can do, I might learn a thing or two."

He kissed her on the lips before she could reply.

A romantic atmosphere was encompassing the quiet room.

Sophia tried to push him away with her full strength, but failed. The sweet taste of wine in his mouth also intoxicated her.

Just when she was about to give up, Colin's phone suddenly rang, and stopped them from going any further.

Sophia quickly pushed him off her, and cowered into the quilt. Her senses were flooding back to her.

Colin breathed in a lungful of her sweet smell, and angrily shut his eyes as if he was suffering great pain. What the fuck? Who the hell was that! Who the hell dared to call him at this hour!

The phone kept ringing. Colin grit his teeth when he saw the Caller ID on the screen. Then he picked it up, "Herring!"

Herring could decipher from his tone that Colin was probably in the middle of something. "Oh no, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt. Something happened to Leila. She was stabbed during filming..."

"So, what does that have to do with me?" He said, coldly.

"Dude, she calls you 'elder brother', after all." Herring teased.

"Herring, do you have any idea that I'm already married? What's your point, telling me about other women?" Colin gritted his teeth in anger. If Herring was here, I would break his nose, Colin thought.

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