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   Chapter 30 A Snitch

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Colin nodded, poured a glass of whiskey for Nina and placed it in front of her.

Herring picked a girl, as well, and the rest were asked to leave.

"Treat Mr. Li and Mr. Huo well. Got it?" The manager cautioned the girls, and walked out, closing the door behind him. Herring took out a stack of cash and gave it to the girls.

The two girls divided up the money excitedly, and placed them aside. They had to tend to the men. Nina wrapped her arm around Colin's shoulder and held her whiskey glass upto Colin's lips, "Mr. Li, please."

"Go away." Colin refused, swatting away her gesture. Nina cowered away, confused. What's his problem? She thought to herself.

"Hey bro, how about getting a room? You can get your needs met in private." Herring winked.

Colin waved his hand, "Not now." He continued nursing his whiskey glass as Nina sat beside him with a confused expression on her face.

A few minutes later, Colin's personal phone rang. He thought that it was Sophia, but

His stomach sunk and his heart began to beat faster when he saw the Caller ID. It was his mother.

It was almost 11pm, and usually his mother was preparing to retire to bed at that time. So it came as a shock when he saw that she was calling him.

He paused the music and motioned for everyone to be silent. Then, he slid the answer key.

"Hi mother. What are you doing up so late? Is everything okay?" "My son, are you still at work?"

"No, I'm out with Herring."

"Doing what?"


"Is anyone else there?"

"...No!" Colin hesitated. Colin thought that his mother sounded as she usually does.

Without a goodbye, the call hung up. Colin stared at his phone, baffled. Just as he was about to place his phone back in his pocket, his mother called back, this time as a video call.

A shiver run up his spine, as his fears came true. He had no other choice but to answer the call. Colin knew all too well that she wasn't going to stop calling. He slid the answer key, and his mother's face appeared.

She was wearing her reading glasses, therefore Colin knew that she was looking for something. The expression on her face confirmed it. "Let me see where you are Colin."

"Mother, why do... " Before Colin could finish speaking, Wendy interjected.

"I said show me where you are!" Her rage spilled through the video connection. "Mother, I'll call you later." "Show me

Now! Even if you hung up, I will

didn't answer her, But looked around the bedroom.

Spacious and brightly colored, Sophia had a great sense of style.

Even though the room was simply furnished, with only a bed, a closet, a table and two chairs, The small additions, flowers, decorations, paintings and the candles, made the room feel very warm and inviting. Sophia watched Colin surveyor the bedroom.

Sophia was confused as to why he was looking at the room with such intensity.

Then he turned his gaze on her. He began to walk towards her.

Sophia's heart started to race as she wasn't sure what he was going to do. His hands grabbed at her waist, as he drew their bodies closer to each other.

This surprised Sophia. "So you stuck to your threat and called mother, didn't you?" Colin said it more than a statement than a question.

She shrugged and said, "So?"

Colin sneered, "Sophia, I'm surprised that you would rat me out!"

Colin was surprised at her boldness. 'What an interesting girl!' thought Colin.

"You are surprised? Well me too." That statement was true. Sophia did not know why she would call her mother either. It was just a spur of the moment thing.

"Apologize!" demanded Colin. After saying those words, Colin took a few steps forward to close in on her.

Sophia, on the other hand, was amused at his childish temper tantrum.

"Mr. Li, for a wealthy employer, you sure know how to bully your employee. What a pathetic little man you are."

Surprisingly, Colin was not at all incensed by her words. Instead, he walked straight into her room, threw his coat onto the coach and lay down on her bed.

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