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   Chapter 29 Lovers' Quarrel

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Colin didn't like feeling like this. He was used to having everything under his control, but Sophia made it difficult for him. But he swore that he would have Sophia under his control.

He was the decision-maker of the house.

Her plan to leave him and move back to another country, didn't sit well with him. He had to do something to stop her.

Sophia felt relieved, and safe, When she walked back to the hall and saw all those well-dressed people.

Herring was there not far from her, Leaning over a table and talking to two beautiful women. He looked up and their eyes met. He smiled at her and put one finger, to signify that he was ending his conversation and would be with Sophia shortly. Sophia stood there and watched him flirt for a moment, feeling disgusted at the idea that she used to like him.

"Listen, sweetheart, my friend is back. Would you excuse me?" Herring winked at the two ladies and gave them one of his most charming smile. All the while, wishing that his plan had worked. Colin was wrong in thinking that Herring introduced Sophia as his girlfriend to hurt Shelly's feelings, rather it was to hurt Colin.

"Sure. Don't forget us, Mr. Huo!" One of the two women leered at Herring.

Herring grabbed her wrist and planted a kiss on it, "I won't!" He left the two women giggling.

When he reached Sophia, he asked, "Where's your husband?"

"He's dead!" Sophia responded. She had managed to fix her make-up, but her eyes were blood-shot due to the crying. She avoided looking at Herring in the eyes.

Herring didn't know how to reply.

"Really Sophia? So I'm a ghost now?" A cold voice came from behind Sophia. She jumped aside and looked at Colin.

When did he follow me here? He wasn't there when she looked back just now.

Herring couldn't help laughing, "Colin, you look angry. What's ruffled your feathers now?"

Colin darkened his face.

Herring looked at them back and forth and then put his hand on Colin's shoulder, "I see you don't look as satisfied as you should be. That's no big deal, bro. Let's get your needs taken care of."

Sophia's stomach dropped. She looked at Colin, nervously.

Their eyes met for a brief moment, before Colin broke off the connection.

"Sure." Colin said calmly. Colin smirked, if Sophia wasn't going to give him what he wanted, he was going to get it himself. Perhaps this will put her under my control, Colin thought.

Colin was going to find another woman? Sophia's heart skipped a beat. What was she going to do? Suddenly, she smiled ironically, "Yeah, go have fun boys. Colin, just remember the shame that you will bring to your family if you do it, particularly your mother."

Herring looked at Sophia curiously, "What does you mean? They won't find out, unless..."

Sophia interjected with a glance at Colin, "I'll tell them. Why not? Besides, Colin told me his mother only knows his private life to be as clean as a whistle. Can you imagine if she found out otherwise? It would break the old woman's heart."

Colin and Sophia looked at each other menacingly. Colin didn't want to do anything that would cause pain to his mother, she was very fragile. He grabbed a glass of wine from a waiter who was passing by and consumed all it's contents.

Sophia threw up her hands, "Yes. Take me with you, and I will take some photos and send them to your mother.

I'll let her see how happy her son is outside home."

Herring couldn't help but laugh. He sipped on his glass of wine, as he watched the drama unfold.

"Well, Colin, are we going or not?"

Colin would not yield. This woman was not going to win.

"I'm not going if you are with us. If you insist, then you'll have to go back to villa with me and wait in bed for me."

Colin responded to Sophia, and they both knew all to well what the underlying message was.

He was threatening her.

Sophia looked at him with a grim look. He seemed to have turned the tables.

Herring soon got bored of the staring contest between the two "Hey, have you made a decision?"

"Shut up!" Colin and Sophia sai

d in unison.

This shocked Herring, who regained composure soon after.

"Listen, I'm your husband. Sophia, go home. That's an order." Then, Colin turned and left Sophia in shock.

This made Sophia angry. How could Colin do this to her? How could her dare to say the things he was saying? Was he going to look for another woman? Thoughts and questions run through Sophia's mind.

Herring smiled at Sophia and turned to follow Colin, Sophia caught his sleeve before he could go any further. He turned around confused.

Sophia wasn't letting them go off that easily. She was going to make Colin feel jealous. Sophia smiled, "Herring, you brought me here, now you must take me home. You know, you're Prince Charming to me. And Prince Charming would not leave his date alone, would he? If Colin wants to find another woman, just let him go. Stay with me?"

Sophia purred, in that voice that usually confused Herring. He didn't know what to do. It was as if he was under Sophia's spell.

Colin stopped and said to Herring, "You take her home. See you at Dark Night." The plan had not worked, leaving Sophia very sullen. She gave up, Colin had won.

Herring nodded, "No problem. You go first. I'll catch up."

Then Herring took Sophia to her house. "Herring, I'm sending this dress to the dry cleaner tomorrow. I'll give it back to you when I get it back."

"Keep it. I don't wear dresses anyway."

"But... how can I..." The dress looked expensive. Sophia wasn't sure if she could keep the dress.

Herring waved his hand, "Nothing to worry about. Just keep it, as a gift for helping me tonight."

Sophia still hesitated. So Herring added, "Well, you can still treat me to dinner."

"Okay." Sophia said meekly. "It's a date." Herring responded, looking over for a brief second and winked. Sophia wanted to correct him, but she didn't have the energy too. She smiled politely and exited the car.

The temperatures that night were low. The chill made her tremble. Seeing this, Herring got out of the car, took off his suit jacket and wrapped it around her shoulders, "Take this, so that you don't catch a cold." He smiled at her and got back into the car.

Sophia secured the suit jacket around her and walked to the door. She could return it when she saw him the next day.

Sophia was in a trance.

She tried to make sense of the evenings events, But her mind couldn't reconcile them.

Lying in bed, she couldn't stop thinking about Colin.

He must be having fun with a bunch of girls by now.

But why did she feel so bad? She thought to herself.

She tossed and turned for half an hour or so, thinking. She jolted upright when an idea came to mind. She got out of bed, thinking that her idea would make Colin angry.

At the Dark Night bar, Colin had drunk up two glasses of whiskey. He leaned against the sofa and pondered.

His thoughts revolved around Sophia.

For someone he didn't love, he sure did think about her a lot. He also wondered why

She wouldn't sleep with him? Colin yearned for her, but was it love or lust?

The door of the private room opened and Herring walked in wearing his white suit vest.

"Why are you alone? Has the Dark Night run out of women?" Herring asked when he noticed that Colin was sitting by himself. Herring didn't wait for a response, walked back out and called the manager and asked him to bring some girls.

"Where's your blazer?" Colin glanced at Herring who had just sat down next to him.

Herring took a sip of whiskey, and said, "Your wife took it."

Colin didn't respond. But his grip on the glass became tighter.

Soon, the manager came in with six women behind him. They lined up. "Mr. Huo, Mr, Li, they all haven't lost their first night. Pick whichever you like."

Herring nodded and patted Colin on the shoulder, "Pick one."

There was a flash of disgust in Colin's eyes. He pointed casually to the one standing near the door, "Her."

The manager pushed the one wearing wine red camisole to Colin's side, "Mr. Li, this is Nina. She's new here. You two have fun!"

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