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   Chapter 28 Ego or Love- Colin's Dilemma

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Colin looked at Sophia as she spoke a thousand words a minute.

She was very chatty today because she was in a good mood.

You could describe her as stubborn, eloquent, calculating and a lover of food. Her physical appearance was a testament to her passion for eating.

"Colin..." she stuffed a melon seed in her mouth, "... Umm, I want to resign."

Colin looked at her in silence, then replied.


This response made Sophia frown. She wasn't expecting him to respond so coldly.

"I will only quit after they pay me my salary."

This grabbed Colin's attention. "Why are you going to wait for you salary? That's a stupid idea Sophia." Colin's words flowed out, uninhibited.

Sophia stood up from the stool immediately "Colin, why would you say something like that? I'm not stupid!"

Colin shook his head. Sophia had a bad habit of hearing what she wanted to hear.

Her listening skills were wanting. Sophia, furious with rage boiling underneath the surface, blamed herself for marrying Colin, who was simply an asshole. He was always insulting her and she didn't know why.

Colin reached out and took her hand, gesturing her to sit back down.

"Sophia, you didn't listen to what I said. I said that your idea is a stupid one, not that you are stupid."

"But since the idea came from my mind, and its a stupid one, then aren't you inadvertently calling me stupid?" Sophia retorted, taking Colin by surprise. Colin looked at his wife, and for a second, felt that he was wrong to underestimate her capability to reason. However, he was a proud man and never apologised. His ego couldn't allow him to.

"Let's not argue over semantics. My issue is with your plan.

So, let me get this straight, you plan to quit, go back to Nation A, get close to your enemy, find a job, and take a chance to revenge him?" Sophia saw him differently. Could he read my mind? She thought. She nodded to the affirmative to his words.

Colin laughed sarcastically. A flush of anger washed over Sophia's face. "What are you laughing at?"

"Sophia, you do have a pig brain. What makes you think that you can take revenge on the daughter of Lien Clan? The Lien Clan could ruin you easily using their power and influence. It's a fool's errand." They both knew that Colin was telling the truth.

The Lien Clan held a stable position in Nation A. Though Dorothy, her sworn enemy, had no power, her family did have.

If the daughter of Lien Clan was hurt by anyone, They would make sure that the person responsible was dealt with accordingly.

It was very dangerous, and Sophia knew that she had to be careful.

But deep down she knew that she would take her revenge someday. "I will not take my revenge right now." She responded to her husband's searching looks.

own to lift her red dress, that was now wrapped around her waist. This came to her attention, when the cold wind blew and she could feel it on her thighs.

Aware of his intention, Sophia bit his lip slightly and Colin jumped back. "No way, Colin." She said as she pulled down her dress.

Colin gritted his teeth and growled at her. "If other men could have you, why can't I?"

Sophia ducked underneath his arms and took a couple of steps back. So this is why he is acting like this? Sophia thought to herself, the tears that had threatened to escape, landing on her cheeks.

"So that's what you think of me Colin? I give you my heart and soul, and even though its clear you don't love me, I've stayed. You've threatened and belittled me and I still stay. How dare you accuse me of seeking other men's affection?" Sophia was in sobs at this moment.

Colin wasn't listening. His rage had blinded him to the point that he was fixated on showing Sophia how manly he can get. He breathed heavily, grasped her wrist, and walked towards the banquet hall.

"Leave me alone Colin. Where are you taking me?"

"We are going home. Stop resisting. You are coming with me and that's final."

Colin tagged at her wrist to yank her forward, but Sophia didn't move. "Colin... Please... " Colin turned to face his wife, and his anger dissipated.

Sophia's once put-together immaculate make-up, was now streaked down her face. She looked worn out and in pain. What have I done? Colin thought to himself.

Sophia looked up at Colin. "Why are you doing this to me?" And before he could answer, Sophia took the opportunity to get out of his vice-like grip, threw his coat at him, and walked away.

This time Colin didn't stop her. He watched as she walked away from him. Why can't she just listen to me and do as she is told? Colin thought to himself.

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