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   Chapter 27 To Catch a Foodie

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"Welcome, Mr. Li!" The warm greeting from the chairman drew Colin's attention.

Colin shook Mr. Wen's hand and reciprocated his warm smile. "Mr. Wen, congratulations on 30 years of Simon's leadership."

"Thank you, Mr. Li.."

After the brief greeting, Mr. Wen left to mingle with the other attendees.

Colin took a sip from the glass of red wine Herring had given him. Unintentionally, Colin's gaze once again fixated on the women in red.

"Colin, bro. Why don't you introduce your girl?" Herring's good mood didn't seem to do much for Colin. Who held his gaze on Sophia, who was now heading downstairs.

Colin's eyes seemed to pierce the flesh. Sophia fell naked under his gaze.

With Colin remaining silent, the woman on his arm spoke up with a smile on her face. "Hello Mr. Huo, I've heard so much about you. I'm Colin's companion for the evening. My name is Nancy Wen."

Herring whistled through his teeth. "And how have I never heard of you?" So you're the third Wen girl, huh? I always heard that the third daughter was transcendently beautiful. I have to say that the reputation seems to be well earned."

Nancy blushed and looked down at the ground. Both of these men were exceptional among men. She would be happy to be with either one.

Herring felt a pair of eyes on him. He turned and thought he saw a woman in the corner turn and walk away.

Wanting to learn more, Herring loosened his grip on Sophia and said, "Little Sophia, I have a matter to deal with. I should be back soon, please wait here for me."

With this, Herring hurried after the woman quickly.

Sophia suddenly felt abandoned. She looked helplessly as Herring faded into the crowd.

Her eyes briefly met Colin's, but he walked away from her with Nancy.


Sophia was now alone in the crowd.

As she familiarized herself with the high heels, she headed to the dessert area.

A man to her side suddenly came up to her. "Hello beautiful lady, are you alone tonight?"

Sophia, who had just taken a bite of cake, quickly swallowed hard. She looked the man in his eyes and said, "No, I am not. I'm just waiting for my friend."

Sophia did not recognize the man. She smiled at him politely b


Colin raised an eyebrow, "Don't you want it? I thought you loved fruit? You should have it.

"Actually, I don't like apples, " she replied.

"... So you're only giving it to me because you don't like it?" What kind of logic was that?

Sophia nodded. "Colin there's only one bite left. The waiter will get rid of it when he comes by. That would be such a waste."

"Take it away!" Colin was disgusted by the little piece of apple.

"Colin, if you don't eat it, I will tell them that you ate all of this!"

"So what? I don't care. So what if I did eat it all?"

Oh… He was right. Sophia immediately dropped the silly idea. "Fine, I won't force you than. I'll eat it myself."

"Ah, well I guess… I'll have to eat it." Colin quickly devoured the apple sliver.

Sophia thought for a moment.

Did he do this just to annoy her?

"Finished? You should go now. I have a lot to think about." Sophia laid down her silverware and neatly cleaned up the fruit place. She began eating the few remaining melon seeds.

Colin paid her no attention. "How can you eat like that? Did I marry a pig?"

Hearing this, Sophia felt the urge to stuff a handful of melon seeds down his throat. Maybe that would teach him how to talk to a lady.

"Why do you make a fuss about every little thing. Am I married to a housewife?" She retorted.

Colin grabbed her chin and squeezed firmly. "That's some mouth you have on you. You'd better be careful what you say.."

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