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   Chapter 26 Mr. Huo Has Done It Again!

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As long as she could remember, Sophia had always preferred dark colors. Looking through family pictures, the brightest color she ever wore was a deep, red-wine burgundy. For sure, Sophia's figure was one of the reasons for her preferences for dark colors.

However, now she found herself, all 60 kg of curves, in a beautiful, strapless evening dress. She was radiant in bright red.

Undoubtedly, getting rid of her glasses, changing her hair and applying some light makeup would do wonders for her appearance. Hmmm She needs to be stunning, unforgettable.

Herring felt himself becoming more and more interested in Sophia Lo. She was like a cup of rare tea. Undeniably unique and maddeningly delicious.

Losing Sophia would be a real tragedy for Colin. Something he would regret for the rest of his life.

Well how about a competition then. Herring felt up to the challenge of winning Sophia from Colin.

Making up his mind, Herring snapped at the stylist. "Do her make up too. She must be stunning!"

"Yes, Mr. Huo!"

The stylist took Sophia to a chair opposite a full length mirror. She set to work with an army of cosmetic products.

An hour later, Sophia was nearly asleep in the makeup chair when the stylist stirred her awake.

"…Yes?" As he opened her heavy eyelids, Sophia was startled at the beautiful woman staring back at her in the mirror.

Sophia Lo wasn't sure she had ever seen this woman before. Elegant and confident, she couldn't place her face. Who was see?

As if in a dream, Sophia stood up. Herring came over and gave her a long look, up and down. He felt himself undeniably drawn to the woman.

Sophia pointed at the mirror. "Herring, who is that? Who is she?" Herring replied simply, "You're beautiful.."

Briefly glancing at the mirror he puzzled. Someone in the mirror?

He studied it closely. He saw only himself.

"What are you talking about, it's just us." Sophia moved in front of him and looked at the mirror again. "Her, " she said, pointing at herself, "that beautiful woman."

The woman in the mirror pointed back at her.

At first curious and later shocked, Sophia stared at her reflection.

Covered her mouth, but was careful to avoid messing up the makeup.

The breathtaking woman staring back at her was… Her?

Sophia had never seen herself like this before. Dressed in a bright red evening dress, with her shouldered bare, she honestly didn't recognize herself.

Her long black hair now had a gentle curl and flowed down over her shoulders.

The false eyelashes and foundation were subtle yet transformative. The stylist had worked magic on her.

The quality of the make-up was undeniable. The premium, imported cosmetics left her with a delicate, soft look.

"Sophia you look amazing! " Herring laid his hands on the astonished woman's shoulder with a look of excitement.

To be honest, at this very moment, Sophia Lo was more beautiful than 90% of the women around him.

Wow! Come to think of it, Herring could only think of one or two women who could compare.

""Thank you, Herring!" Sophia was truly appreciative for the admiration, something she was unused to.

She had never thought she could be so attractive, let alone dream of seeing it with her own eyes.

"Hey, miss… how about you bring the… uhh.. the black stilettos with the diamonds in the heels!"

Herring gestured towards a pair of high heels in a glass display case. Without a word, the stylist took out a key and pair of white gloves. She went to retrieve the desired shoes.

Sophia carefully put on the eight-centimeter heels. How embarrassing. She didn't know h

ow to walk in high heels…

She stood still as Herring walked away from her. Unable to follow him, she felt helpless and embarrassed. She looked down at her feet and wondered how she would walk without toppling over.

Herring walked all the way inside the elevator before noticing that Sophia wasn't present.

"Sophia. Hurry up! What are you doing?"

Sophia Lo blinked, "Herring, I need you to come over here… Could you give me a hand?"

Suddenly, Herring understood the issue at hand.

He walked back and stretched out is hand. She held his arm and walked cautiously out of the studio.

Trevorlandis, a five-star hotel

That night, the entire first and second floors were booked by the Simon Technology Company from Country Z. It was the company's 30th anniversary celebration. Everyone was in attendance. From the top executives to cooperative partners. It was the company's biggest evening of the year.

When Herring in a white suit appeared at the door, the manager of Simon approached him immediately, "Welcome, Mr. Huo Come in, please! "

At the sight of Sophia, the managed pause for a second. Herring's reputation had proceeded him. He truly was a man always surrounded by beautiful women.

Herring nodded at the manager and entered the hotel, hands in his pockets.

Heads turned as the couple entered the hotel. The man in white and the woman in red, they drew the attention of all who saw them.

"Is that Mr Huo? When did he get here?

And who is that stunning woman at his arm? Why I've never seen her?"

"Mr. Huo has done it again. He is always surrounded by beautiful women. Just look at her… She stands out to say the least."

"Amen to that."


Under the watchful eyes of the other attendees, Sophia and Herring walked towards the red carpet, arm in arm. They walked up to the chairman of Simon.

"Mr Huo, " the chairman said, shaking Herring's hand, "it's been far too long. I see that you're still handsome."

Careful to remain deferential, Herring replied with a smile. "Thank you, Mr. Wen. Congratulations on 30 years!"

Catching a glimpse of Herring's trademark, crooked smile, the surrounding women couldn't help but swoon.

"You're too polite! Mr. Huo, who is this beautiful woman at you side? Would you mind introducing us?"

Suddenly, a figure appeared at the door. Drawing the attention of everyone in the room.

Curiously, Sophia turned her head to look at the door. The man at the door was… It was Colin! He was wearing a classic black tuxedo. The woman at his side was dressed in a knee-length evening dress.

"Oh my god, this is the first time I've been so close to Colin. What a stud he is…."

"It's the Li family blood. Everyone in that family is gorgeous."

"I heard Colin just came to Z Country. I recon Colin and Mr. Huo are the most desirable men here. What girl wouldn't want to marry one of them?"

"I'm going to go fix my make-up. With any luck, after tonight, I'll be Mrs. Li, haha."


The couple was walking over towards the. Herring looked in their direction and smiled. He waited to formally greet them, turning back to the chairman, "Mr. Wen, this is Sophia Lin, my girlfriend."

Mr. Wen turned his gaze back to Sophia from Colin and spoke, "Uh, hi, Mr. Huo's girlfriend, nice to meet you! Mr. Lo."

"Nice to meet you too! Mr. Wen." They shook hands plainly.

Colin stood nearby, staring at Sophia the whole time.

Of course Colin knew that Sophia was beautiful, but he seemed to have forgotten just how beautiful she could be.

With just a little makeup, she stood out like the full moon in the night sky.

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