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   Chapter 24 Have You Lost Your Mind

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Colin moved hastily to support Sophia. As Dorothy looked to be running out of energy, Colin had wanted to help. He didn't expect that Payne would come so quickly to her aid.

Sophia shifted in Colin's arms awkwardly, her hand covering her injured leg. It was her heart that hurt the most.

Payne and Sophia had met when they were only 16 years old. Even then, there had been the bullies, constantly mocking her figure.

Colin didn't care about her weight though. Even as the petite-framed Sophia tipped the scales at 160 pounds. Payne would hold her in his arms and whisper words of love in her ears. Even from a young age, he had promised to marry her.

In 11th grade, the couple began formally dating.

In College the couple was forced apart, with Payne attending College in D City, while Sophia stayed in A Country, patiently awaiting his return.

Like all young lovers, she wrote him daily. Often skipping class to visit him. When he would fly out for the semester, she would watch his plane leaving the runway, tears in her eyes.

Payne's college classmates would make fun of him. "She's huge, " they would say, "a real whale!. Shouldn't she go on a diet or something? How do your arms even fit around her?"

Payne would reply calmly, simply, "I just like full women."


But Sophia wasn't the only girl in Payne's life. In College, Payne met Dorothy, the daughter of a wealthy family. Young and passionate, she quickly fell for him.

Dorothy made the trip to D City frequently. But Sophia trusted Payne. After all, he had always been fiercely loyal to her.

But when Sophia was a sophomore… One day Dorothy came to flaunt her relationship with Payne. This new development put pressure on the Lo Family.

Only a few days after, Dorothy added insult to injury, and did something unbelievable.

Things turned violent when Dorothy accidentally stabbed a maidservant during a fight with Sophia. Payne had arrived just in time to see the scene unfold.

Seeing him, Dorothy immediately threw the knife away.

Even though he saw Dorothy holding the knife, Payne testified against Sophia. Sophia was immediately incarcerated.

Lucky for Sophia, the maidservant survived. Still, Sophia was charged with wounding with intent. However, given her good behavior, the sentence should have been well below the 5 year maximum sentence. Dorothy's family had different ideas though. Thanks to their influence Sophia was given a max, five-year sentence.


Payne's screaming brought Sophia back into the moment. At some point, Colin let go of her and kicked Payne in the stomach.

With malice, Colin likewise broke Payne's left arm.

"Touch my woman! In front of me! How dare you, Payne?" Colin stepped on Payne's chest. Payne rolled on the ground writhing in pain. Stooping down and picking up the contract, Colin tore it to shreds. Throwing the pieces on Payne's face.

Colin fixed his posture and held Sophia again in his arms. He stared menacingly at Dorothy and warned her, "If you ever mess with her again, I'll do the same to you."

Then he left the meeting room with Sophia in his arms.

Jamie and Wade were waiting outside the room. Because the conference room was sound-proof, they had no idea what madness had just unfolded within.

Seeing Sophia in Colin's arms, Jamie and the other 22nd floor secretaries were surprised.

With her eyes swirling around the room, Sophia leaned her head against Colin. She was pale and looked weak.

She didn't seem to notice the curious eyes on her as Colin carried her to the elevator and pressed '88'. They shot up to the executive office.

After closi

ng the door of the executive office, Colin gently shook Sophia's shoulders to wake her.

Sophia's eyes began to focus and fixated on the image of Colin, kneeling in front of her.

"Mr. Li…?" She puzzled.

Have you lost your mind..? How could you bow down to a woman like Dorothy?" Colin frowned. Sophia felt his grip tighten on her shoulders.

Sophia lowered her head before raising it again. "I must have lost mine too.. To think that I would believe her.. Dorothy.. hah." Suddenly, she burst into laughter.

Fluctuating between laughing and sobbing, Colin felt a pain in his gut. He couldn't help but wrap his arms around her.

Giving in to his embrace, Sophia ceased laughing completely and sobbed heavily.

She hadn't cried so hysterically since that fateful day.. Not even when Payne had tried to force himself on her.

Sophia felt an internal aching for vengeance. She hated herself for it, but revenge was the only thing she wanted now.

Sophia began to lose track of time. Even as the throbbing pain in her leg began to subside, she continued to weep.

"If you don't stop soon, my office is going to flood, " said Colin.

Her makeup running down her cheeks. Sophia looked at Colin's wet shirt. Not caring, she rubbed her ruined makeup against it.

"Sophia Lo!" See what Sophia was doing, Colin pleaded with her with a little annoyance in his voice.

Smiling through her tears, Sophia took a few steps back and raised her face, now a ruin of mascara, "Who let you cheat me this morning?"

"Sophia, your face is a disaster! And... your tears are black." Colin looked at the ruins of his shirt, now a big black mess.

Looking at her masterpiece, Sophia burst into laughter. "Take it off, I'll clean it for you."

Glaring at her playfully, Colin took of his suit jacket, pulled off his tie and began to unbutton his shirt.

"No, first.. You'd better go to the changing room, and take it off there." Seeing him actually start to unbutton the shirt, Sophia was shocked to see that he was actually going to undress in front of her.

Was she just.. shy? Colin cocked an eyebrow, "Shy? You've seen a lot of guys undress before, haven't you?"

The light mood left the room light air from a ballon. She put her hands on her hips and replied coldly, "Thank you, Mr. Li, for everything. I'll be on my way now."

In all the commotion she had almost forgot her main goal - to get a divorce!

Colin was surprised at the sudden change in Sophia. Just like that, she stood up and left the room.

What kind of an attitude was this to have towards one's boss?

Back in the Meeting Room

"Oh my god, dear. Are you OK?" Ignoring the pain in her neck, Dorothy tried to help Payne to his feet.

Dorothy truly loved Payne.

Their love was a bit of a mystery. She was, after all, a daughter of the prestigious Lian family. Payne on the other hand, was nothing special. At times Payne could even be a coward. What was she doing with a man with nothing at all to give her?

"I think my arm is broken.." Payne was pale. He had been caught off guard by Colin's sudden brutality.

"Let's go to the hospital!"

"O.K." Supporting each other, the couple left the meeting room. The secretaries stole glances at them as the walked out of the office.

In the elevator, thinking back to what Colin had said, Dorothy asked Payne. "Does Colin really have as much power as he says?"

Payne answered grimly, "Yes, he is not only supported by SL, but also Herring and someone else. I don't know who it is yet, but it's something greater even.. Colin is backed by friends in high places. He is a powerful man indeed."

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