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   Chapter 23 Kneel And Apologize

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He didn't even have to guess. He instantly knew who that was.

Indeed, it was who he thought! In less than two minutes, Sophia had rushed past the CEO's office again. She was carrying two folders with her, and glared at Colin when she looked through his window into his office

Oops! Sophia didn't expect Colin to be looking at her as well. When their eyes met, she quickly drew her gaze back and hurried away.

Damn, now Colin had seen her staring at him! Would he pick on her again for that?

Whatever! He deserved it! He was the one who didn't wake her when they arrived!

Inside the office, Colin flashed a triumphant smile.

She wanted to start a fight with him? Colin scoffed at the challenge since he knew that Sophia would make for a poor adversary.

In the meeting room, on the 22nd floor, After putting herself together, Sophia opened the door and entered. Inside the room, she saw Dorothy was yelling at Payne.

When she saw Sophia, Dorothy immediately turned to her, "Sophia Lo, are you late on purpose?"

"You bet." Sophia didn't deign to explain herself, but admitted to Dorothy's accusation.

Dorothy was too angry to say another word. After a long while, she managed to speak, "Sophia Lo, you'd better pray that you won't fall into my hands!"

Sophia put the reprinted contract onto the desk, and glared at Dorothy coldly, "Ms. Lien, you are at SL group, not at Lien's. You threats mean nothing here."

With her finger clenched, Dorothy walked to the desk, "So be it. Let's sign the contract, Miss Lo."

"Yes, Sophia, the contract is our top priority." Payne smiled at Sophia.

His ex-girlfriend was two hours late for the meeting, but Payne found himself not even a little bit upset.

After signing the contract, Sophia turned to leave the room. She didn't want to spend a single minute watching Dorothy and Payne together.

Perhaps Dorothy was under too much pressure, Sophia thought. This woman was only recently, mad and yelling at Payne. But now, she was giving him such a soppy, slavish look. Like a lunatic.

"Sophia Lo!" Dorothy called to Sophia just as she ha

underestimated their relationship.

But Sophia didn't look at Colin, she gazed at Dorothy, "Tell me now! Who is the killer?"

Dorothy stepped back, her face pale, unable to say another word. She had no idea who had killed Sophia's mother.

Killer? What killer? Completely puzzled, Colin glanced at Sophia, who look so expectant, eyes shining with hope.

"Out with it!" Sophia shook off Colin's hands, raced towards Dorothy, and clenched her arms with all her strength.

Dorothy was scared by the expression on Sophia's face. She shivered and stuttered, "It was...It was... Arron Lo did it!"

She couldn't think of anyone else to blame in that instant. But almost everyone knew that Aaron Lo had disappeared. He made a good scapegoat!

"Utter nonsense!" Now even Sophia could see that something was wrong. Dorothy didn't know a thing! And she dared to blame it on her younger brother! She left Dorothy's arms and grabbed her neck. Gradually Sophia tightened her hold.

She was stupid to believe Dorothy!

"" coughed Dorothy.

Payne tried to drag Sophia away from Dorothy, but failed. "Sophia Lo, are you mad? Let her go!"

Colin calmly watched, and waved to the horrified Jamie and Wade. The two secretaries closed the door and left.

Sophia continued to tighten her grasp. Payne kicked Sophia's shin hard.

As soon as Sophia let go, he pushed her away, and hugged Dorothy.

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