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   Chapter 22 That Made a Lot of Sense

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"I'm in a hurry, you can..."

"One more word, and you will be here the whole night."


Sophia was speechless. Not wanting to stay the night, she followed Colin into the villa.

Once inside, Sophia noticed that dinner was ready. She washed her hands and sat at the table with Colin.

After they finished eating, Colin left for the living room. Sophia followed shortly after, only to find Colin was already busy on his phone. Just when she was about to speak to him, Colin handed his phone to her.

Then Sophia saw Wendy was video chatting with him....

"Mom." Sophia sat down, and spoke with Wendy.

Through this impromptu video chat, Wendy meant to check whether they were still together. As she saw they were both in Colin's villa, she was extremely happy.

All her former worries were gone. "Sophie, your Grandpa's birthday is coming next month. You and Colin can come celebrate with us!"

Sophia looked at Colin, who was sitting opposite her. Colin nodded.

"Sure, mom."

Since Wendy had a lot to share, the conversation went on for a while.

After it ended, Colin took back his phone, and stood up from the sofa. "Sophia, I've got a job for you."

"What job?" asked Sophia.

"Come upstairs and see for yourself!"

Sophia followed him into his study on the second floor. Colin sat down on his chair, "My shoulders are sore. Come and massage them for me."

Sophia was shocked.

"What are you waiting for? Come now!" Colin looked impatient.

"Mr. Li, I can do it tomorrow. I'm really late already." Since she had missed the subway, Sophia could only hope to catch the last bus.

Colin straightened up, walked to the door and locked it. "If you don't obey, I will not let you leave tonight."


Speechless again, Sophia obliged. But Colin didn't know when to stop. "Harder!" he commanded.

Sophia grit her teeth, and pressed harder.

"That hurts! Gentler!" Colin cried out again.

"......" Even when Sophia's arms felt weak, and she felt like she couldn't move them anymore, Colin still complained, "Harder! I thought I just offered you a meal!"

Slap! Sophia's hand landed square on Colin's shoulder. She had hit

round parking lot. He opened the sunroof, left the car and walked into the elevator.

Sophia didn't feel a thing.

Sophia stirred when her phone rang. Still drowsy, she groped for her phone in her handbag, "Hello?"

"Sophia, we have been waiting for you for two hours. When will you come to the company?" It was Payne. Sophia now completely awake.

Where was she now? Oh! Underground parking lot!

What time was it now? Holy shit! It was past ten! Sweet Jesus!

"I'll be there soon!" Sophia hurriedly hung up the phone, opened the door and got out of the car.

Why didn't Colin wake her? He just let her sleep for this long?

Since she hadn't asked for leave, her lateness would be recorded in her attendance. Ewww.

In a hurry, she staggered into the office on her high heels, scanned her ID card and went to change.

Since she had dressed in a hurry, she looked a mess. She ran into Serena when she left the changing room.

Serena looked at her, and curiously asked, "Miss Lo, why are you so late? You didn't answer your phone. Mr. Li was mad. The Lien Group has been waiting for you for a long time."

Colin had called her? How come she wasn't aware? She took out her phone and checked... No phone call from Colin!

"I'm okay...I'll go for the meeting now!" Sophia quickly adjusted her clothes, and rushed to the private consultant's office.

Through the floor-to-ceiling windows, Colin saw a black figure flashing past.

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