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   Chapter 21 I Am So Very Ungrateful

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Sophia frowned. Colin was right. She had wanted to use his power to get revenge. However, today she was asking Colin not to get involved. No wonder he called her a hypocrite.

When Colin saw her mulling over his observation, he regretted what he had said. He wondered if he had yet again, gone too far.

Colin got up from the couch irritably, "Okay. That's enough for today."

Still immersed in her thoughts, Sophia didn't move. She assumed Colin meant that he was leaving. "Oh, goodbye, Mr. Li."

Colin felt his frustration mounting. He walked up to her, lifted her chin with his right hand, and explained, "I mean you can leave work now! Not me!"

Sophia was about to nod, but she then accidentally saw that his tie was missing. She slapped away his hand, and calmly said, "I've got plenty of work to do, Mr. Li."

"I said you can go home now! Don't you understand, Soapy?" Colin didn't miss her sudden emotion change. What was she thinking?

Did she want to dump him since he was useless to her now? How ungrateful was she?

Sophia was walking to her desk. She turned to Colin and shouted, "Don't call me Soapy! My name is Sophia! Don't you know it's impolite to give others a nickname?"

Colin was speechless.

He closed his eyes, trying to think of a phrase to describe how he felt. But he couldn't quite remember what it was. Oh, yes. "A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets. Sophia, why are you unhappy now? Why are you being so ungrateful?"

Sophia calmly replied, "Yes, I am very ungrateful. How about you go and find Miss Chiao? She's grateful and kind."

"......" Colin wondered why Sophia brought every argument back to Jamie Chiao.

"How dare you!"

Colin approached her and Sophia fled from him again.

Colin reached out his hands, but only clutched empty air.

"Mr. Li, don't you think you are an asshole? You gave your tie to Miss Chiao as a token, and pretended to have an affair with me at the same time. Do you really think that all the women in the world will line up to pursue you just because you have some money?"

"I gave my tie to Jamie? I pretended to have an affair with you? I want all women to swoon over me? Sophia Lo... You are really a piece of wo

went to her, "Miss Lo, I have emergency at home. Would you take Mr. Li home for me, please?"

He didn't even wait for Sophia's answer. He simply put the car keys in her hand and ran away.

Sophia didn't know what to say. She looked at the keys.

Even though the car had stopped in front of her, she couldn't see who was sitting in it. Sophia let out a sigh, and went to the driver's seat.

Colin was in the car, leaning against the seat. He was talking on the phone. Sophia paused, but then, she got into the car.

She didn't know with whom Colin was speaking, but he wasn't upset. "Yes. I see... No, there was no wedding... Stay in the barracks, don't keep running out... Levi Li! Mother always worries about you!"

Oh! Sophia remembered Colin had a younger brother, whose name was Levi Li, whom she had never seen before.

She stopped the car in front of Colin's villa. Sophia turned off the engine, and opened the door for Colin, "Mr. Li, you are home."

But Colin didn't move.

Sophia looked at the time, "I'm sorry, Mr. Li, but I have to run now. Here is the key. I gotta go!"

She would miss the last subway if she stayed here any longer.

She put the key on the seat, and turned to leave.

"Sophia Lo!" Colin called her back.

Sophia turned, "Yes, Mr. Li?"

"Mother just called me. She wants us to video chat with her tonight!" Colin stepped out off the car.

"And?" Sophia looked at him in puzzlement.

Colin glanced at her, "Get in!"

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