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   Chapter 20 How did She Get Colin Li

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"Figure all this out! Why was Sophia Lo released early? How did she come to Z Country as a CEO's secretary at SL? Why was she with Colin Li?" Dorothy had heard the news that Sophia had been released early. She had immediately sent someone to find out who helped her out of jail. However, until now, there hadn't been a clue.

Sophia Lo was now free and was with Colin Li, a man as perfect as Daniel. Dorothy hated all this!

"Honey, let's go and see Sophia!" Payne couldn't wait to see his first love.

Dorothy glared at him. "But the contract is our top priority!" Payne shrank back in fright and said.

However, Payne reminded her that it didn't matter whether the contract was signed or not. The most important thing during this trip to Z Country was for Dorothy to pass old Mr. Lien's test and take over the Lien Group. So Dorothy restrained her anger and went to see Sophia Lo with him.

In the dead of night, There was a knock on the office door. Sophia had been busy tapping away at the keyboard.

Strange. Who could it be?

"Come in." Sophia took off her glasses and looked towards the door.

Her face darkened and her fists clenched as she saw the two people enter.

"Oh Sophia, you're still here." Regardless of Dorothy's anger, Payne walked up to Sophia and looked at her carefully.

Sophia was even more beautiful now than when she was eighteen.

"Why?" Said Sophia in a cold tone.

Dorothy Lien and Payne Tai. They would eventually pay!

Dorothy came forward and pulled Payne away. "You little bitch, how did you hook up with Mr. Li?" Asked Dorothy with a jealous look.

Payne pulled her back and reminded her, "Dorothy, we came here to apologize to Sophia. Don't you remember?"

"Sophia, Sophia, and Sophia... Payne Tai, do you still love her?" Dorothy asked angrily, pointing at her husband.

Sophia could see what Payne's place was in the family. She couldn't understand how he could be so fond of money that he would be so willing to live a life with no grace at all.

Payne held her hand and calmed her tenderly. Dorothy lowered her hand and took his arm with a pout.

Watching Payne and Dorothy's intimacy left Sophia feeling uncomfortable. Her heart sank.

"Sophia, we're sorry about what we have done. Please don't be angry." Said Payne with a doting voice.

Dorothy, of course, noticed his tone, but she knew it was not the right moment to focus on that. So she reluctantly added, "Sorry, Sophia."

No one would take that as an apology, for that didn't sound sincere at all.

Sophia was confused. Why were they apologizing? Why now?

This may be something Payne would do. But arrogant Dorothy Lien? How could she bring herself to apologize... to Sophia?

"I don't accept your apologies."

Did Dorothy think that an insincere apology would undo what she had done to her? Dorothy took Sophia's boyfriend from her and sent her to jail. What was she thinking?

Dorothy wanted to throw her bag right at Sophia's face. She pointed to Sophia, "You slut! Don't be ungrateful! I wouldn't have come to see your stupid face if were not for the contracts. You should be thankful that I didn't beat you to death!"

Contracts? Sophia tried to figure it out. Were the contracts between Lien Group and SL?

The do

or opened again, and a man entered. Dorothy instantly changed her attitude.

"Mr. Li, Sophia was such an ingrate. She put on airs and wouldn't accept our apologies." Seeing Colin, she changed back to her usual sweet self.

Colin didn't look at her at all. He walked to the sofa and sat down, "Put on airs? That's what she should do. But if she wouldn't accept your apologies... that means you were not sincere enough. Keep apologizing!"

The moment Sophia saw Colin, she understood everything.

Sophia's heart beat faster looking at the man sitting coolly on the sofa. It was he... It was he who had made Dorothy and Payne apologize to her.

He knew she hated these two people, and so he had done this... to make her feel better?

She suddenly felt warm inside. She looked at Colin, and there was gentleness in her eyes.

Dorothy was trembling with fury. Why did she have to apologize to her, to Sophia Lo, whom she hated the most?

Listen to that. Putting on airs was what she should do and reject apologies because they were not sincere enough. Saying that, Colin Li only made Dorothy feel as though he was on Sophia Lo's side.

Damn Sophia Lo! How did she get Colin Li?

Payne didn't think as much. He didn't want to see Sophia angry again, "We're sorry, Sophia. Please don't be upset. That day was our fault. We shouldn't... shouldn't have hit you."

Since this was because of the contracts, Dorothy put her trembling hands into her pockets, took several deep breaths and made a smile that looked worse than her crying face and said, "Sorry, Sophia. It was our fault. Please forgive us."

Sophia saw anger in her eyes. Dorothy Lien, an arrogant woman had managed to apologize. That must have been tough for her.

However, the angrier Dorothy was, the happier Sophia became. She smiled, "Apologies accepted. But the rest is up to Mr. Li."

Colin trembled at Sophia's smile. Sophia Lo... Her smile was so damn good!

At that moment, he felt that all he had done was worth it.

He also understood that the enmity between them could not be removed with a simple apology. "Sign with Miss Lo tomorrow morning. But Miss Lo, you can decide whether to sign or not." Said, Colin.

"Yes, sir!"

... Dorothy's face became clouded. Colin Li was playing them, wasn't he? They had apologized already, but he had left the decision to Sophia Lo.

Although Dorothy was pissed off, she dared not vent her anger in front of Colin. So she dragged Payne out of the office angrily.

Sophia Lo. That bitch. Dorothy vowed not to have mercy on her if she got the chance.

The office was peaceful again. "Thank you, Mr. Li", said Sophia softy, "but I didn't want you involved in this matter."

She hadn't wanted anyone to get involved in and be affected by matters between her and Payne and Dorothy. She had wanted to solve it by herself.

Sophia's words ruined Colin's mood.

"Sophia Lo, don't you think you are being hypocritical? It's you who wanted to take advantage of me by sleeping with me. And now you tell me not to intervene? Are you kicking down the ladder? Or are you playing hard-to-get? Or do you still love Payne Tai and worry about me destroying him?" Colin reclined on the sofa lazily, shooting question after question at Sophia.

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