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   Chapter 19 Both of You Will Apologize to Sophia

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He said she belonged to him.

Sophia's heart beat faster when she heard that.

Herring glared at Colin and grabbed the folder from his hand, "Colin, you gotta do what you gotta do. I'll take good care of Sophia."

Hadn't they made a deal that he was here to seduce Sophia? Why was Colin so uncooperative?

Sophia grabbed the folder from Herring, acting as though nothing had happened, "Yes, Mr. Li, you have a video meeting with the American partners. It will begin in six minutes."

Sophia looked at the time, and reminded Colin who was by now, livid.

Colin didn't leave. He moved closer to Sophia, who almost automatically swiveled her chair back as he approached.

Undeterred, Colin lifted her chin with his fingers. Then out of the blue, he lowered his head and kissed on her lips.

Sophia was astounded. She widened her eyes when his face got so close to her. Was he... Was he... Was he kissing.... ...her?

The kiss was warm and short. Sophia was left completely stunned.

It pleased Colin to see her reaction. "Herring, it seems you are the buzzkill here."

Herring was speechless. He had no rebuttal. Damn, so that was what Colin truly felt for Sophia?

Oh! No! His dear little Sophia! He looked back and saw Sophia staring at the door even after Colin had left the room. Her face was flushed, and her lips were half parted. It looked like she was swooning.

Jeez! Hadn't he been asked to seduce Colin's wife? It felt like he was here to witness their sweet love!

It was off hours already, but Sophia was still struggling with her work whereas Herring was sleeping on the sofa beside her.

Suddenly a phone call woke him up. Herring groped for the phone in his pocket, and answered it without having a look, "Who is it?"

The person calling said something that woke Herring. He jumped off the sofa.

Sophia was shocked to see him behave like that.

Then she saw Herring put on his shoes in a hurry, "I'll be there soon! Stop her!"

After hanging up the phone, he combed his messy hair, grabbed his coat and ran out. Then he realized Sophia had been in the office.

He turned back and met Sophia's puzzled gaze.

"Sophie, I can't make it to the supermarket with you tonight! Rain check! Kiss kiss!" Herring threw her a kiss and sprinted out of the office.

The sides of Sophia's mouth twitched. As silence engulfed the office again, she continued to work.

In the reception room on the 22nd floor

Colin strode in and saw Payne and Dorothy already waiting inside.

"Nice to see you again, Mr. Li!" The couple stood up to greet Colin. Payne extended his hand.

However, Colin ignored him, and walked straight to his seat and sat down.

Payne took his hand back awkwardly. Dorothy saw his action and whispered, "idiot."

She then put on a gracious smile, and looked at Colin, "Mr. Li, it's an honor to meet you again. We are here for the contract!"

The SL group was Lien's most significant partner in both, A Country and Z Country. For Lien, any cooperative project with the SL group would be a cash cow with unlimited benefits.

"Oh, the contract. Then there's nothing to talk about." Colin stood up and prepared to leave.

Dorothy hurriedly stopped him, and begged, "Mr. Li, it was Sophia's

fault last time. Since she isn't here now, why can't we cooperate?"

"Who told you it was Sophia's fault?" Colin's face darkened in an instant.

Payne immediately stood up and said, "My fault. It was my fault. I was in a relationship with Ms. Sophia Lo before, but it's over now, and I don't want to talk about it. Mr. Li, let's talk about cooperation, shall we?"

Payne hadn't told Dorothy that Colin and Sophia were married.

He had remembered Colin's warning. He also didn't want to bring up what happened at the last meeting. He was afraid that Dorothy would believe Sophia if she learned that they were married.

"Mr. Tai, you know about Sophia. Never try to do anything behind her back again."

"Indeed, indeed. I'm sorry, Mr. Li."

Dorothy was curious to see them talking in a way that she couldn't understand. Who was Sophia? Wasn't she just a criminal who had been released from prison early?

"Mr. Li, perhaps you are not aware. Sophia Lo was in jail before for a murder. Apart from that, she was also my husband's ex-girlfriend. She cheated on my husband when they were together by sleeping with other men. If she stays here any longer, she would only be a stigma for the SL group and would ruin your company's public image!"

The cheating part was, of course, made up by Payne when he tried to woo Dorothy.

He told her that Sophia climbed into two men's beds when she was with him, and that he ended this four-year-long relationship because she betrayed him.

Colin glared with displeasure. He remembered the night at the hotel when Sophia told him to check if she was still a virgin. He asked Payne, "But she bled when I slept with her. How do you explain that?"

Payne was shocked. So Sophia gave her first time to Colin! For an instant, he looked normal and explained, "Mr. Li, medical technology has advanced tremendously. It's simple to revamp any body part anywhere."

His words also dispelled Dorothy's suspicion. It was so disgusting for Sophia Lo to do such a thing!

Dorothy despised her more now.

Colin quenched his smoldering anger, and calmly said, "If you want the contract, you need to apologize to Sophia, both of you."

"What?" Dorothy cried out in disbelief. Had Colin just asked them to apologize to that slut?

Payne was calmer, for he knew it was he who had forced Sophia the other night. He nodded, "Sure, as long as the contract will be signed."

Colin saw his indifferent attitude and felt sure about what happened that night. It must have been Payne who forced Sophia.

Dorothy dragged Payne to a corner, "What are you saying? I won't go. You can apologize to her alone."

Colin was leaving the room when he heard that. He stopped by the door and looked back at Dorothy, "If either of you doesn't apologize to her, there will be no cooperation."

With that, he stepped out of the room.

Dorothy fixed her gaze at Colin's back with hatred. She pinched Payne's arm and complained, "He is only a regional CEO. What the hell? Even Daniel Si dare not to talk to Lien group like that! Bah!"

Payne endured the pain, and reminded her, "Don't say that. Daniel Si had given Colin Li all the shares of these regional companies. Colin Si is now in control. He's really in power now."

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