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   Chapter 18 A Spoiled Woman Lived A Better Life

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Jamie gave Colin a puzzled look. He removed his tie and threw it to her. "Take it and throw it!"


Jamie felt completely humiliated by Colin's reaction. She was instantly tearful.

"Yes, Mr. Li." She clasped the tie in her right hand, and walked out of the office.

Back at the secretary's office, Jamie put the tie on her desk. She was so angry that she forgot to throw the tie away.

Serena whispered. "Miss Chiao, why do you... have Mr. Li's tie?"

Jamie looked at the tie blankly but had an idea when Sophia glanced at her.

She lowered her head in shyness deliberately. "The tie, Mr. Li gave it to me... You know why."

"Oh! I know! I know! Miss Chiao, please return the CEO's affections!" Serena gave Jamie a suggestive smile.

Jamie nodded, and the corners of her mouth lifted slightly. There was no opportunity to take at all! The CEO seemed to have no interest in her.

However, Sophia's bad countenance made Jamie feel better.

Hum! How could that fat and ugly woman compete with her? No way!

Sophia was drawing but stopped at Jamie's words.

Sure enough, a beautiful and spoiled woman lived a better life...

Unlike her, now she seemed to know nothing at all.

Even if she were naked in front of Colin, he would never take a second look at her. And his reaction? A nose bleed.

Perhaps she was who Miss Chiao thought her to be, a cheap girl, who wanted to seduce Colin.

Colin was born into a rich family. He had seen all kinds of women. If he wanted to, he could get any girl. Why would he be attracted to her?

He had refused their marriage and pushed her to entertain other men. Colin's actions clearly displayed his attitude.

Sophia, you were totally overconfident.

In an hour, Sophia moved into the private consultancy office next door to the Chairman's office on the 88th floor. Herring was sitting on the opposite side. He looked sleepy.

The moment he saw her, he jumped up and went to her. "My little Sophia, you're here at last. I was so bored I was falling asleep!"

"You are Mr. Li's best friend. You can go rest in the Chairman's lounge." There was a lounge in the Chairman's office and only he was allowed to use it.

Herring shook his head. He knew exactly why he was here.

"My little Sophia, I want to treat you to a dinner tonight." Herring drew up a chair and sat down beside Sophia.

Sophia looked at the yellow-haired man. Her head began to throb. He was 29 years old. Why was he behaving like a teenager?

"Mr. Huo..."

"Stop! Little Sophia, you can call me Little Hery."

"... er..." Sophia almost choked.

Little Hery? No. Sophia shook her head. "Mr. Huo..."

"Or you can call me Hery."

"... It's better if I call you Mr. Huo."

"No. You will call me Hery. This is my request!" Herring insisted.

He looked serious. So Sophia thought about it for a while, and then nodded. "Hery."

Herring flashed Sophia with an innocent smile. However, his mischievous look left her uncomfortable.

"Please say it out loud, little Sophia."

"Please do not call me little Sophia. If you don't mind, I'd liked to be called Sophia!" The name "little Sophia" was unpleasant to her as Herring said it intimately.

Herring was not happy at all, but nodded his head at last. "Sophia."

Actually, Sophia Lo was a nice name.

"Hery, I have to

go to the supermarket after work. I will have no time to dine with you!" She turned him down politely.

Sophia was telling the truth. Now that she had moved into a new place, she needed to shop for necessities.

"That's alright. I'll go to the supermarket with you after dinner." Herring waved his hands casually.

His persistence left Sophia speechless.

Her hesitation made Herring smile. "You will buy a lot of things at the supermarket. Is it bad to find a man to help you?

I can accompany you and you can buy whatever you want."

"... Didn't Mr. Li arrange work for you?" Sophia could not help but ask him.

Herring smiled. "Yes, he did."

His job was to seduce her successfully within a month.

He liked the job very much for Sophia was not as cold as she behaved. Actually, she was very cute, silly, and highly interesting to Herring.

"You should work now. My job isn't so important." Sophia tried to consult with him.

Herring shook his head, got close to her, and spoke gently. "No. For me, chasing after you is the most important job I do in the future."

A tall figure stood at the door of the private consultant's office. He looked at the two people sitting close together, talking softly.

He should have smiled, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't.

Finally, he gave up. "What are you talking about?"

The sudden intrusion made Sophia conscious. She quickly drew away from Herring and lowered her head to read the document.

Herring leaned back on the chair slowly and glared at Colin, who had spoiled all his fun. "Sweet-talk!"

"Sophia, why don't you finish your work instead of chatting with Mr. Huo?"

"..." Sophia looked up at Colin, and mumbled. "Sorry, I'll work now."

Sophia thought it best not to go to supermarket with Herring in the evening. She should stay here alone and work overtime!

Herring was disappointed and looked at Colin. "I was flirting with her. She wasn't flirting with me!"

"The fact is that you were flirting. There's no difference whether you initiated it or not." Colin opened the folder lying on top of the document. He frowned at the graffiti on the page.

Sophia had a bad premonition. She looked up and saw Colin flipping through her daily scribbling pad. She didn't want him to see what she had drawn...

She stood up and tried to take the folder from his hand. But Colin seemed to be prepared for her. He raised the folder. Sophia was left dumbfounded.

Colin, at the very least, must have been 5.8 feet tall... Eight? He looked taller. Perhaps he was 5.9 feet tall? But she measured in at only... 5.3 feet in height

Even though she was wearing high-heeled shoes, she wouldn't be as tall as Colin. How could she take back her folder?

"Mr. Li, I have to work now, please return my folder!"

Herring was puzzled by the scene before him. He looked at Colin, then at Sophia and then he looked at Colin again.

"This document is unrelated to your work." He hadn't expected Sophia to criticize him secretly. Why did she draw a tortoise? Did she think him to be cowardly?

"But, that's my stuff. You have no right to see it without permission!" Sophia protested.

Colin smiled. "Miss Lo, I have the right to see whatever I want at SL company. Not to mention I own you, I can see your stuff without permission!"


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