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   Chapter 17 Looked Like a Girl Who Was Wronged

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Jamie never took Sophia seriously. Sophia was so ordinary to her, no background, no power, no strength... However, her behavior had embarrassed Jamie.

Jamie sneered, "Sophia Lo, I intended not to make it too embarrassing for you, but you started it first, so don't blame me for being unkind. It is said that you slept with Lien's Deputy CEO, but you still failed to get their contract. How cheap are you, Sophia Lo?"

Jamie's words reminded Sophia that Payne had almost raped her that night. Her face turned pale in disgust.

But Jamie thought Sophia looked guilty. Feeling even more confident, she continued, "So Mr. Li was your first target, and then you aimed for Lien's Deputy CEO, and now Mr. Huo. Sophia Lo, you certainly know where to look."

"You are so disgusting." Sophia rolled her eyes and ignored Jamie. She decided not to talk to Jamie, and went back to her seat and started to work.

Though she didn't want to make trouble, trouble came to her. Jamie followed Sophia. "Miss Lo, who were you talking about?"

Sophia ignored her, opened the tender, took a pen, and began studying the document.

However, in the next moment, the pen was taken away and thrown directly into the trash can.

"Who do you think you are? How dare you ignore me? Sophia Lo, Mr. Li is about to kick you out of the company. What are you proud of?"

Sophia was irritated now. Since the Chief Secretary, Wade Chi was not in, Sophia decided to put an end to this drama. She grabbed Jamie's wrist and pulled her out of the room.

"Sophia Lo! What are you doing? Let go of me!" Jamie was wearing very high-heeled shoes and almost tumbled to the floor. Fortunately, Kyle Ker, the male secretary, helped her before she fell.

Colin was trying to convince Herring to work from the temporary office he had prepared when they heard a knock on the door.

"Come in."

The door flew open, and a woman came stumbling into the room. Jamie fell to the carpet with a shriek.

"Oops, my little beauty, does it hurt?" Herring was always keen on helping pretty women. He offered his hand to Jamie. When he saw Sophia behind her, Herring withdrew his hand.

Sophia went around to Colin's desk, and sighed, "Mr. Li, Miss Chiao wants to have sex with you. How about you grant her with that wish?"


Colin was livid at Sophia's request. Herring burst into laughter.

Jamie was dumbfounded. She reacted with a shriek. "Sophia Lo! How dare you insult me like that? Do you think everyone is a slut like you?"

Slut? Sophia took a deep breath, and looked at Colin, "Mr. Li, do you take into consideration only a person's outward appearance when you are recruiting? It seems that Miss Jamie Chiao is full of dirty thoughts, and Mr. Li still has an appetite for her."

Now that was a blatant provocation.

Colin looked at her up and down, "Take a look at yourself. How true is your accusation?"

He only meant to say that Sophia dressed too plain, nothing more.

However Sophia misunderstood. She knew she was fat before. Although she had lost dozens of pounds now, she was not among the thinnest. Perhaps Colin saw her the way Jamie did; fat and ugly and full of impractical thoughts.

She lowered her head to hide the hurt she felt and apologized, "I'm sorry, Mr. Li. I shouldn't have said that. However Miss. Chiao and I are not of the same character. We do not get along. Please remove me from the secretary's office."

She had no power nor s

trength, and Colin was unwilling to let her rely on him. Now her fellow secretary was bullying her, and would not be punished.

What good would it do if she stayed in the secretary's office?

Jamie quickly went to Colin's side, "Yes, Mr. Li. Miss Lo and I have very different personalities. We can't work together."

Sophia would need to be demoted to be removed from the secretary's office. Jamie would have liked to see that.

Colin didn't miss the emotion in Sophia's eyes. He pushed Jamie away, went to Sophia and lifted her chin so that she would only look into his eyes.

Her eyes were red with unshed tears. She looked like a girl who had been wronged.

Jamie looked at the scene in astonishment. Mr. Li... Mr. Li would treat Sophia like that...

Herring lit a cigarette and watched them without saying a word. When he saw Colin's behavior, he smiled.

"Very well." Colin had made his decision.

Jamie boldly held his arm, and spoke with her sweetest voice, "Mr. Li, I heard that Miss Lo not only wanted to seduce you but she slept with Lien's Deputy CEO. A secretary like her would only disgrace the image of our company. She shouldn't stay by your side."

Colin didn't remove his hand, and Sophia didn't blink when Jamie spoke. Undaunted, she continued to look into Colin's eyes.

"Mr. Li, please remove your hand." Sophia shook her head but could not escape Colin's grasp.

It was when Sophia stopped struggling that Colin withdrew his hand. He took out his phone and dialed, "Wade, add a desk in Mr. Huo's office. Miss Lo will work from there."


Sophia's heart sank. Colin was determined to push her away!

Oh, yep. He did say that he would do anything to achieve his goal.

"That's enough. I won't move." Herring raised his brow when Sophia refused.

She was interesting. She didn't like Colin nor him.

Since when did they lack charisma?

"You won't move to Mr. Huo's office? So you want to move into the CEO's office?"

"...... No, Mr. Li, you misunderstand me."

"Then move!" Colin was determined.

Without saying another word, Sophia left the CEO's office.

Colin's eyes darkened as he watched Sophia leave.

Silence engulfed the room. Jamie spoke in a sweet tone, "Mr. Li, Mr. Huo, if there is nothing else, I'll go back to work."

"Wait." Colin stopped Jamie.

Jamie was thrilled. Was Mr. Li reluctant to let her go?

"Miss Chiao, how long have you been working here?" Colin went around his desk and sat in his chair.

"I've been here since the inauguration. It's been three months..."

"You've worked here for three months, and still don't know how to behave? Is there a management problem or are your tasks so few that you have time to slap your colleague at work?" Colin spoke in a cold tone that he had never used before. His gentle mask had been ripped away. Although he was not looking at Jamie, she felt a shiver run down her spine.

When had that goddamn Sophia Lo ratted her out to Colin?

Jamie tried to turn the situation to her advantage. Regardless of Herring's presence, she approached Colin and caressed his tie with her dainty hand, "Mr. Li, I'm sorry...Can you forgive me?"

Colin lowered his eyes and looked at the hand touching his tie. With a tone conveying his disgust he said, "Take it away."

Jamie's hand trembled. She untangled her fingers from his tie. Then she straightened herself, "Mr. Li, I'm sorry, I will go back to work!"


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