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   Chapter 16 Where's Your Self Respect

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She decided to forget what Colin had done since she was about to leave the villa.

Sophia searched for house renting information online during her afternoon tea break and made an appointment with a potential landlord.

Her requirements for the flat were simple; clean, tidy, and convenient.

The first flat she saw fit those requirements. She paid the security deposit on the spot, and told the landlord she would move in soon.

It was midnight when Colin returned from the Red Hall.

He was tipsy. Subconsciously, he went to Sophia's room. The door was open.

He turned on the light. Everything in the room was in perfect condition. Just as it had been before Sophia moved in.

Colin had a bad feeling and hurried to the cloakroom. It was empty.

The corners of his mouth raised into a sly smile. He now saw that she too agreed about getting a divorce.

He didn't know what he was thinking, but after a while, he dialed Sophia's number.

Sophia hadn't gone to bed yet. She had just moved in, and was cleaning the house. She was about to finish mopping the floor when the phone rang.

"Yes, Mr. Li?" She answered his call.

"Where are you?" Colin asked.

"I'm in my home" answered Sophia.

"Your home? You mean Payne and yours?" He could not help taunting her.

Sophia's face fell cold,"Thanks for calling, Mr. Li."

Colin didn't expect that. He shouted. "Sophia Lo! If you dare hang up the phone, I..." Then he heard the beeping signal.

Colin threw his phone onto his bed. He untied his shirt and tie impatiently, and threw them away.

He didn't know what was bothering him, but something was.

At SL group, Sophia sat at her spot, but felt very uncomfortable. Opposite her sat a gorgeous man, staring at her all the time. She was having a hard time concentrating because she didn't have any restraint. None at all......

"Well, handsome Mr. Huo, how about I take you out, and show you around?" Said Sophia. She would comply with Colin's instructions to entertain this dude well!

Herring gently shook his head with a sweet smile, and t


Sophia couldn't help but look at Colin. He looked so tall and noble, shining with a dazzling light.

"That's enough. He's gone."

Herring didn't miss any subtle emotion change on her face. He thought to himself that if he missed this opportunity, he would never have another chance to win her heart.

Sophia drew back her gaze, and led Herring to the dessert shop.

Herring was a good talker, and even better at making girls happy.

Sophia was in a low mood at the beginning, but soon after, she forgot her unhappiness, and laughed and talked with him.

When they returned to the company, it was time to leave work. Herring went directly to the CEO's office, and Sophia headed to the secretary's office to complete her work.

"Yo, our little secretary is back. How is it going? How was Mr. Huo in bed?" Sophia's good mood was gone by Jamie's open insult.

After Jamie spoke, the other secretaries also looked at Sophia curiously.

Sophia walked to Jamie's office desk. She smacked the table with her hand. The sound and subtle threat made Jamie shrink.

Angry and ashamed, Jamie stood up and confronted her,"What the hell are you doing?"

"Miss Chiao, this is merely a warning. If you speak like that again, ruining my reputation, my hand will be on your beautiful face instead of this desk." As Sophia spoke, she patted Jamie's powdered cheek gently.

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