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   Chapter 15 You Want to Use Me

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One hour later, Sophia Lo left the bathroom wrapped in a towel. Her face was pale.

She cast a glimpse at Colin bitterly, and then turned her eyes away from him.

Colin couldn't help his quickening breath when he saw this nearly naked woman.

After she had dried her long hair, Colin got up from the sofa, and walked towards her.

"Sophia Lo, what happened?"

Sophia Lo did not reply. After a long time, she stood up from her dresser, and pulled down the towel.

Colin felt something warm flowing from his nose. When he wiped it with his hand, he saw blood. Nosebleed.

He picked up the paper towels from the table awkwardly, and ran into the bathroom to wash the blood.

When he came out of the bathroom, Sophia Lo was sitting on the bed, motionlessly.

"Sophia Lo, what did you mean?" Colin was a little furious for losing his composure a while back. Oh man! He was a virgin, and he was embarrassed about how he had been physically affected.

Sophia Lo got up from the bed. Better prepared, Colin stared at her calmly.

"You can check whether or not I am a damaged good."

She wanted to prove that she wasn't a loose woman, She didn't want to be looked down by Colin. She didn't want Colin to force her to meet Payne again either.

Colin narrowed his eyes and said, "No need. It's none of my business."

"I want to be your woman, to make use of your power." Her arms slid around Colin's neck, and she seductively fixed her eyes on him.

She was not familiar with Colin, and had no idea about the magnitude of his power. Regardless, he was clearly more powerful than she was.

Colin didn't restrain himself from her seduction, and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Do you mean you want to get revenge with my help?"

"Yep!" First, she would get revenge for what Payne and Dorothy had done to her, and then it would be Colin's turn!

It was Colin who had forced her to get close to Payne, and made every effort to find a reason to divorce her!

"You will take revenge on me after dealing with them." Colin spoke so plainly that Sophia was unable to make out his emotion from his voice.

She only felt a sharp pain run through her body as Colin pressed on her bruise. Sophia Lo moaned softly.

Her reaction prompted Colin to wrap her in his arms, and kiss her.

A thought repeated itself in his mind, release her, release her.... But he lost control of himself, and pressed Sophia Lo on the bed.

"Damn it! How dare you seduce me? How lonely are you?" Colin shook off his desire, and glared at the blushing woman. How charming she was!

Sophia Lo smiled, and touched his chest with her fingers, "Colin, there is one more enemy in my life. It is you, Colin."

She said that slightly, and Colin nearly lost his composure.

She was right. If it hadn't been for him, none of these things would have happened.

Colin grasped her elvish hands and warned, "Since mom is at home, you are not allowed to make any mistake. Behave yourself. Now, put on some clothes, and go to the hospital!"

Then he raised himself from her body, and got off the bed. He threw the clothes Miss. Tao had brought for her to wear.

Sophia Lo's eyes went hollow, and her heart bled.

"Sophia Lo, I am not your destination. Don't step the wrong way!" His warning for

ced Sophia Lo to focus again.

She sat up from the bed, and put on her clothes quietly.

Then she walked to the table, picked up her bag, and walked outside.

Colin watched her leave, and followed.

By the time they got home from the hospital, it was late after and Wendy was asleep.

Sophia Lo took her quilt to her old room, and slept alone.

The next morning, she left for work before Wendy woke up.

Sophia messaged Wendy when she reached the office. "Mom, I am a little busy today, so I left for office early. Don't worry."

The morning meeting began at 8 o' clock.

Sophia Lo put the related documents in front of Colin, and sat beside him silently.

After the meeting, Colin left the office first, and Sophia Lo put away the documents before catching up with him.

"Mr. Li, Manager of Xindai Company will come to discuss our contract at 9 a.m., and you will have a meeting with Mr. Liu at the cafe at 10. Your lunch is arranged at the Mantons Hotel at noon with the Manager of Mr. Qiao's company....." Sophia Lo read out the day's schedule to Colin while they were in the elevator. She followed him into his office.

Finally Colin sat down at his desk, and Sophia Lo finished, "...... You have a meeting with Miss. Ira at 9. There is nothing else."

"Sophia Lo, I want to know whether you were forced by Payne or you was the act consensual."

Colin's question took Sophia by surprise, and she wasn't prepared to answer the question.

"This is a private matter between him and me. You needn't know anything about it if you want to have further cooperation with their company. I will leave if there is nothing else!" Sophia Lo closed her notebook and left.

"Stop!" Colin raised himself from the chair, and walked towards Sophia Lo.

Sophia Lo turned back and said, "Mr. Li, what else do you want me to say?"

"My private counselor, who is also my good friend, will come here from A Country. You need to accompany him."

Sophia Lo, "....."

He asked her to attend to his good friend. Obviously, he always wanted to drive her out.

She replied awkwardly, "Okay, Mr. Li. Anything else?"

"No. Remember to dress nice!"

At this moment, all favorable impression about Colin disappeared. "Colin, if possible, I do want to find a way to divorce you too! Very much!"

Sophia Lo spit out these words bitterly, and left the office.

Colin seemed to be a disaster in her life.

Or she, Sophia Lo, was destined to live an unhappy life....

Sophia Lo pressed her hands to her chest, and went back to secretary's office. She had to concentrate on her work.

In the afternoon, Sophia Lo got a call from Wendy, "Sophia, I will return to A Country. If Colin dares to bully you, you can call me at any time!"

"Mom, be at ease. Colin is very good to me! He won't bully me!" Sophia Lo had chosen to answer the call in the corner, and lowered her voice deliberately when she mentioned Colin so that she wouldn't be overheard.

"Fine, Sophia, remember to take good care of yourself!"

"Got it, mom. So do you and dad. Don't worry about me. Stay fit."

"Well, bye Sophia!"

"Bye mom!"

Sophia Lo felt relieved after hanging up the phone. Wendy had left their home, and she had regained her freedom.

She felt she was completely liberated.

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