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   Chapter 14 This Tramp Is Not Worthy!

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Sophia tried hard to get out of his grip. She picked up the contract from the table, and decided to give up!

"If you are unwilling to sign the contract, just forget it!" Just as she put the contract into her bag, the man grabbed her bag, pulled it away, and threw it on the chair.

Payne pushed Sophia on the sofa rudely, and climbed on top.

Payne kissed her lips forcibly, and did not let her go until Sophia bit him viciously.

Payne began to fondle her body. Sophia held his hands and said, "Payne, stop your brutish acts, or I will make you regret your actions for your whole lifetime!"

"I feel regretful now, Sophy. Come back to me!" Payne kissed her ear, and became even more licentious.

Sophia struggled, but she was not as strong as Payne, and Payne did not move at all.

Who would save her? Colin? Don't even dream about it. He couldn't wait to see proof of her infidelity, so he could have a reason to divorce her!

Tears ran down her cheeks. Whom to turn to?

"Payne!" She stopped resisting, and shouted at him coldly.

Payne continued kissing her shoulders, and did not answer.

"If you dare to touch me, I will fight you to death!" She meant what she said! She, Sophia, would rather die than become a mistress!

Payne did not care what she said, and continued.

Sophia pushed the man harder. Payne never thought she had such strength, as he fell to the floor.

Sophia seized the chance to get up from the sofa, and rushed to the door.

Sophia felt her hair getting pulled. Payne had caught her. She closed her eyes in pain.

Payne was completely out of control, and pushed Sophia to the ground.

There was a knock on the door. "Help..." Only then did Sophia cry out. But Payne gave her no opportunity, and gagged her with his hands.

She screamed but her voice came out as a mumble. Sophia pushed away his hand and cried, "Help! Help..." "Help..."

The knock continued. Payne roared, "Who?!"

"Sir, I am the waiter of the private rooms. Are you ready to order?" The waiter said in a low voice.

Payne ripped Sophia's shirt open. "Not now. Just wait."

Sophia regretted buying these poor quality clothes. They tore so easily.

She covered her body from him with her hands, and found a chance to bite his hand. Payne felt a sharp pain, and stopped kissing her.

"Help! Somebody help me!"

"Sophia, Sophia, don't cry. Let me caress you gently, ok?" Payne said in a soft voice. He continued covering her mouth, in case she bit him again.

Feeling alone, vulnerable, and completely helpless, Sophia screamed. Would her life end here?

She closed her eyes, tears streaming down her face.

Just then, the door was forcibly opened, and three people entered.

Sophia opened her eyes. Seeing the woman standing in the front, Sophia felt the darkness of death.

Dorothy's presence had wiped off his desire, and Payne rose from Sophia.

"Dorothy, Don't get me wrong. It was she who was trying to seduce me..."

"Bang!" Payne received a hard slap on the face.

With a dreary face, Dorothy rubbed her right hand.

She paid no attention to the frightened man, and walked to Sophia who had huddled up.

She trampled upon her viciously. A sharp kick from her high heel shoe landed on Sophia's arched

back. She was in a lot of pain. It felt as if her bones had broken.

Throwing her expensive bag to the two women standing behind, Dorothy pulled Sophia up, and slapped her across the face.

"You dare try to seduce my husband? I will kill you today! You vamp!"

Sophia took hold of Dorothy's arm and bit it hard. Dorothy turned pale in pain.

"Leave me alone... It hurts!"

On seeing this, the two women behind Dorothy rushed to push Sophia aside. Then they began to beat Sophia who was curled up on the ground.

Relentless bashes and kicks fell over Sophia, and she had no chance to hit back.

Colin, accompanied by Carry and Serena, opened the door, and saw that awful scene.

Seeing the ragged woman on the ground, he did not feel repugnant; instead, he felt his heart constrict!

"Stop it!" He ordered coldly. On hearing that, the women turned around at the same time.

"Who are you?" Dorothy hadn't met Colin before, so she did not recognize him.

Payne pushed back his glasses, and spoke calmly. "Sophia, don't you dare seduce me next time! Otherwise, I will call the police!"

Anger swelled in Colin's chest. He pulled the three women away from Sophia, and quickly covered the trembling woman on the ground with his coat.

Seeing Colin pick her up from the ground, jealousy ran red-hot through Payne's veins. "Mr. Li, please send another person to talk about the cooperation with Lien Group! This tramp is not worth it!"

Colin glanced at him with cold eyes, and Payne was so frightened he shut up immediately.

"Are you Colin?" Realizing that he is Colin, Dorothy's attitude changed instantly. Colin was the most popular eligible bachelor now!

Feeling the trembling woman in his arm, Colin clenched his fists. "Mr. Tai, after I find out what was going on, I will certainly ask you for an explanation!"

Hearing his words, Payne broke into a cold sweat.

"Well, Mr. Li, I trust you. This woman tried to seduce me when she knew I was engaged. Now that I'm married, she still does not leave me alone! She must be fired!" Colin had warned Payne not to speak about their marriage.

On hearing Payne's words, the woman in Colin's arm trembled more severely. Colin walked out of the hotel, with Sophia in his arms. "Mr. Tai, I think we can talk about the cooperation later if necessary!"

After saying that, Colin left the private room with his secretary before Payne could say another word.

Colin held Sophia as he entered the elevator. He ordered his secretary, "Miss Chen, go and book a room. I will wait for you on the floor of the presidential suites. Miss Tao, go and buy a woman's suit, and send it there."

"Yes, Sir!"

"Ok, Sir."

Several minutes later, Colin brought Sophia to the presidential suite. The waiter closed the door for them, and left the suite.

Inside the room...

Immediately after Sophia was put on the bed, she took off the coat, and ran to the shower room.

She started the shower, and washed her body, not caring whether the water was cold or not.

Sitting on the sofa, Colin stared at the closed door of the shower room, lost in thought.

Besides the sound of flowing water, there was also fainter cries coming from the shower room.

He wondered whether he had been too late.

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