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   Chapter 13 Who Punched You In The Face

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While walking to the corner of the residential area, Sophia Lo heard a car come up behind her. She instinctively knew that it was Colin's car. But she did not stop to look back. Instead, she climbed onto the pavement, and walked faster.

Two minutes later, a Porsche screeched to a stop in front of her, completely blocking her way. Colin!

"Get in the car!"

Sophia Lo ignored him, and decided to go around.

Colin spoke again. "If you don't get in the car, you will be considered absent. If you get in, I can tell the attendance department that you were out working with me at noon."

Sophia Lo "..."

She tried to open the rear door but couldn't...

"Come and sit in front!" Colin unlocked the front passenger door.

Sophia Lo had to listen to him. She slid into the car seat obediently.

The car slowly drove out of the residential area, and then picked up speed on the main road.

"Tell me who hit you in the face!"

"Me!" Sophia thought he was questioning what happened last night, so she answered without thinking.

Colin looked at her curiously. "I'm talking about your face!"

The redness on Sophia's face had subsided quite a bit once she had applied ice. She had hoped to cover the rest with a layer of powder.

"It doesn't matter who hit me. What does matter is that I was refused leave despite being injured. Isn't it the result you wanted to see? You want me to give up, leave SL, and then you."

Colin tightened his grip on the steering wheel, and asked, "Do you really believe in your heart that I organized all this, including the person that hit you, and manager Chu?"

She sat in silence.

It was hard to say.

Silence filled the car. After a while, she began to talk. "Miss Chiao is beautiful, and trusted by you. Will you be willing to punish her?"

Trusted by him? Why didn't he know it?

He intended to explain, but the hurt reflecting on her face stopped him.

Perhaps, more personal challenges would make her retreat, and leave the place that didn't belong to her.

Colin remained silent as they arrived at the company. There was a lot of disappointment in her heart. She asked too much from this man.

Sophia, you are so naive. Did you really expect reassurance from a man who is trying hard to drive you away?

At their arrival at the company, Sophia reported to Wade Chi that she had been working with Colin.

Hearing that she was out working with Mr. Li, Jamie glared at her.

Ignoring Jamie, Sophia began to work in earnest.

Night fell quickly, and Sophia looked at the contract in her hands, in a daze.

She didn't want to see Payne Tai at all. She was afraid she would choke him...

Closer to the appointed time, Sophia took the contract from the table, put it in her bag, and clocked out. She then walked out of the company.

Room 606, on the 66th floor, Royal Hotel.

Sophia looked coldly at the servant knocking on the door of room 606.

"Come in." It was Payne's voice.

Her heart trembled, but Sophia quickly calmed herself, and stepped into the room.

A man, dressed in a suit, sat near a table in front of the window.

Although it was the second time that she was meeting Payne after she was released from prison, Sophia still couldn't help think that he had climbed up in social ranking. He even dressed to look like upper class.

Payne used to

be comfortable in casual outfits when he was with her, and it was luxurious for him to wear a brand that must cost hundreds of dollars.

Now he had a suit, a branded watch, and other costly accessories. These probably cost him tens or hundreds of thousands dollars.

Seeing her appear at the door, Payne rose from his position, and plastered an intimate smile on his face. "My Sophia, you have finally come!"

My Sophia was the pet name he that used to call her.

It was sarcasm to her now.

"Don't call me, My Sophia. Didn't I tell you that last time as well?" Sophia avoided his touch, and took the initiative to sit opposite from Payne.

Payne pushed up his spectacles, and walked to Sophia. He held her hand. "Sophia, I know you hate me, but you know that I didn't mean anything by it. Can you forgive me?"

Withdrawing her hand, Sophia took out the contract from her bag. "Mr. Tai, I am here for business."

Payne paid no attention to the contract. Instead, he studied Sophia. She had slimmed down a lot. He had never thought that Sophia could be so beautiful when thin!

"Sophia, I make the same offer. Be my mistress, let me keep you, and I will sign the contract!"

Sophia really wanted to throw the contract at Payne's face. Why was he so foolish? "Payne, I have told you I am married!"

Payne was angry. Of course he knew that she was married. Colin, the regional president of SL group, had admitted it to Payne in person.

Although the man was only the regional president of the SL Group, his authority was greater than that of Daniel's among these companies.

Colin, who had been studying in the United States for several years, was willing to return to A Country at this time. He was definitely a dark horse in the business world.

Such a highly-regarded man had married the girl whom Payne could never forget. He, a manager without power, could not compete with Colin.

"Sophia, I love you. After getting a proper position in Lien clan, I will divorce Dorothy, and marry you. Would you like that?" Payne crouched in front of Sophia while making this affectionate proposal to her.

Sophia looked at him cynically. "Are you stupid? You told Colin that I was an easy girl. However, he knew exactly what I was. Do you think that he will let you go if you hit on his wife?"

She said these words to scare Payne. Colin already believed that she was easy, and that she had slept with her ex-boyfriend.

Moreover, Colin would be happy to see Payne chasing her. If not, why did he ask Sophia to meet Payne?

"Did you make love with Colin?" Sophia was speechless.

"He is my husband. So you guess!"

"Sophia Lo, we dated for four years! You only let me kiss you! No permission was allowed for further intimacy. You have been married to Colin only for two months. Or three months? And you made love with him. Shame on you!" Payne seemed very angry, and shot from the hip.

Sophia smiled at him. "Shame on me? What's wrong with me for wanting to make love with my husband?"

Her words shut him up.

Not wanting to argue with him again, Sophia picked up the contract. "Mr. Tai, this contract will be very profitable to Lien clan. Sign it or not, it's your choice!"

Payne didn't take what she said to heart, and stood up. He grabbed her wrist. "Sophia, I will sign the contract if you sleep with me."

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