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   Chapter 12 Have A Child As Soon As Possible

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Now Sophia understood the saying, never judge by appearances. Quincy had always behaved like a kind elder. She hadn't expect that out of him.

Sophia was really depressed when she walked out of the personnel department. Jamie openly bullied her in the morning. Then Quincy took advantage of her. Sophia felt like the world was conspiring against her today.

She sniffed as she walked out of the office with her head bowed.

She didn't even notice Colin.

Colin frowned, and looked at her. When they passed each other, her sadness was evident to him.

He maintained his composure as he walked into the elevator. When he arrived at the 88th floor, he shouted to the secretary's office, "Miss Lo."

Serena quickly stood up from her position. "Mr. Li, Miss Lo went to ask the HR manager for leave!"

"I see." Colin returned to his office lost in thought. He sent for Wade Chi.

Wade Chi was the Secretary General of the secretary's office. All the requests for leave by secretaries on the 88th floor would go to him.

"Mr. Li."

Colin looked at Wade, "How long does Miss Lo need leave for?"

Wade was slightly shocked, "Mr. Li, I haven't received Miss Lo's note for leave."

No note for leave? Colin tapped his finger on the table as he thought. After a long time, he spoke to Wade. "Call Quincy. Ask him."

Wade nodded, took out his cellphone from his pocket, and dialed.

"Hello, Mr. Chu, this is Wade Chi."

"Hello, Mr. Chi." Quincy spoke kindly.

"Did Sophia Lo ask for leave. Have you approved?" Wade looked at Colin, and opened the hands free mode.

"Miss Lo? I'm not sure. She said she needed leave, but then she said she didn't need it, and then she left!"

"Well, thank you, Mr. Chu."

"You're welcome. Bye!"

After Wade hung up, Colin dismissed him.

Standing in front of the window, Colin pulled out his cell phone, and called Sophia, "Where are you? Come to my office. I need to tell you something about Lien's contract signing for this evening."

Sophia looked at the passing scenery outside the window, and said calmly, "Mr. Li, I am not at the company now. I'm going back to.... the villa."

After she said that Colin remembered her appointment with mother.

"It's twenty minutes past mid-day now, and the quickest way to get from here to the villa takes forty minutes, and then there's lunch. Are you skipping work?" The staff lunch time was for one hour. It was obviously not enough for Sophia to return to the office.

Sophia had thought it to be enough, "I asked for leave, but no one approved, and I can do nothing about it."

Colin's eyes narrowed, "Quincy didn't approve?" The working hours of SL group was from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. And the secretaries to the CEO had to be at work before eight o' clock.

But they could rest on Saturday and Sunday as long as there were two secretaries on duty.

And if they wanted to ask for leave on workdays, they had to go through the process, and take a salary deduction. But there was no rule that didn't allow the secretaries to take a leave.

"Yes." She didn't want to talk about Quincy. The thought of him repelled her.

Sophia and Quincy's versions of the story were completely different. Whom should he believe?

"Why didn't he approve?"

Sophia went quiet. How could she explain? That Quincy didn't approve her leave because she wouldn't let him take advantage of her?

And, most importantly, would Colin buy her


"Maybe because I took a leave yesterday." Said Sophia in a sullen mood.

After a long time, Colin said coldly, "You can skip work for your appointment with my mother. Why are you always meeting with her like this? What do you want from her?"

"......" Sophia bit her lower lip. She wanted mom to be happy. Why did Colin think she had an ulterior motive?

Sophia didn't answer. Instead, she just hung up.

Colin looked at his phone in shock. He should've known! He shouldn't have been soft on her when she was depressed!

Just as Sophia washed her hands, and sat down to dine with Wendy, Colin appeared in the dining room.

It was a nice surprise for Wendy to see her son coming back too. She stood up gladly, "Have you had lunch yet? Eat with us! I made a lot of dishes."

It was a lot. Six dishes, and a soup.

It seemed that Wendy really liked Sophia. That's why she cooked so many dishes for her.


He went to wash his hands, and sat at the head of the dining table. Sophia brought out a bowl of rice, and placed it in front of him.

Then she went back to her seat without saying anything, She kept her head down, and quickly ate the food in her bowl.

"Why are you eating so fast, Sophia?" Wendy put a piece of fish in her bowl.

Sophia swallowed a mouthful of food, and answered truthfully, "I'll have to get back to the company...Em.... There's work to be done."

In fact, she had to be quick because she did not ask for leave. The later she stayed, the more money would be deducted.

Inconspicuously, Colin shot a glance at the woman who was quickly swallowing her food, and frowned in disgust, "No one is competing with you! Can't you eat more slowly?"

Wendy wanted to criticize her son for giving Sophia too much work.

But before she spoke, she heard her son saying that. In an instant, she knew what her son thought of Sophia.


Colin's heart sunk. Oh no! He quickly changed to a softer tone, "You can eat slowly. I'll take you back to the company."

That changed the subject.

As her son had made a concession, Wendy couldn't rebuke him too much. "Colin, don't arrange for too much work for Sophia. I asked Sophia to come here to accompany you, not to work for you. Instead of using her time to work for you, you should let her rest, be in a good mood, and have a child as soon as possible!"


The two of them stopped eating at the same time, looked at each other, and averted their eyes with guilt.

A child...

Colin didn't say anything. And Sophia quickly nodded, "Sure, mom. You can trust us! We are trying very hard everyday!" They were trying very hard... to hate each other and get divorced.

Colin shot Sophia a quizzical look before quietly continuing to eat.

Wendy happily picked up her bowl when she heard that, "That's very good. Come, let's eat. Sophia, have some more fish and sirloin..."

After lunch, Sophia was more than half an hour late.

Sophia remembered what happened in the morning. She put on her shoes in a hurry, "Mom, I got to go!"

With what happened in the morning, she wouldn't believe Colin would be kind enough to give her a ride.

Then she quickly opened the door, and walked out of the villa.

Half an hour would cost her 200 Yuan, and if she skipped work for more than an hour, it would be 700, the equivalent of her salary for a day.

She couldn't lose her bonus, and another $700.

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