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   Chapter 11 What Happened to Miss Lo's Face

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"Excuse me?

Do you think you're Mrs. Li? Or his girlfriend?"

Sophia walked past Jamie and stopped at the office closet.

Jamie rolled her eyes, and replied to Sophia with contempt. "So far, neither. But not for long.."

Jamie firmly believed in her power of seduction. If she wanted a man, there was nothing he could do.

"Then how about you keep your slander to yourself until you are, " Sophia sneered.

By sneering, Sophia was also making a statement about her status.

She was Colin's wife, but she had never seduced him.

Suddenly, Sophia felt a hand pull hard on her shoulder. As she turned, a palm landed square on the side of her cheek.


This must be Karma!

She had slapped Colin the night before, and now, just a day later, she was the one being slapped.

The three other secretaries watched with a look of horror on their faces. They knew that Jamie was proud and defiant.

But this was extreme!

"Who do you think you are? How dare you talk to me like that!"

After slapping Sophia on the face, Jamie felt much better. Her anger seemed to fade as the redness drained from her face.

Sophia covered her aching cheek with one hand and rubbed it occasionally. "Miss Chiao, has it ever occurred to you that we are the same rank at this company? We do the same job, have the same responsibilities and share the same title?

"You're no different than me!"

Sophia then pulled out her work clothes and ignored Jamie while she put them on.

"Jamie, you'd better pray there is never a day when you work for me."

When Jamie heard Sophia say they were the same, she felt the sudden impulse to slap her again. Luckily, Gillian Ho interrupted, "Miss Chiao, it's already 7:50, you'd better get ready for the meeting."

This interruption stopped Jamie from doing more, and she angrily stomped out of the room in her eight-centimeter heels.

Afterwards, alone in the dressing room, Sophia felt her burning cheek. It must be beginning to swell, she thought to herself.

As for Gillian, well, she owed her one.

Sophia quickly change her clothes before heading out to the secretary's office. It was Gillian's turn to go to the meeting with Colin today.

When she arrived at the office, Gillian went out with some of the meeting materials.

"Miss Ho."

Gillian was busy sorting through the meetings documents. She raised her head and smiled at Sophia.

"Thank you, Miss Ho."

Sophia managed a smile back at her.

Gillian shook her head, "No worries."

The door of the CEO's office opened and Colin walked out. "Your cheek is really swollen, are you going to get some treatment for that?"

Colin craned his neck and peered over at the two other secretaries standing not far away from him. Sophia was facing away from him.

What had happened to her cheek?

According to his recollection, it was him who had been slapped. Not the other way around..

"I have a few emails to attend to first, then I'll go to the infirmary."

Sophia nodded to Gillian.

A man's voice spoke, "Miss Lo."

Sophia turn in the direction of the voice instinctively and heard him calling her.

It was Colin.

"Mr. Li."

She greeted him coldly.

The outline of a hand was obvious against the white of her cheek. Colin fixed his gaze on it. "What are you doing here? Whose turn is it for today's meeting?"

"Sorry, Mr. Li, it's my turn. I've already prepared the documents, " Gillian responded.

Gillian quickly followed him.

Together, they got into the CEO's elevator.

Meanwhile, Sophia returned to her desk in the secretary's office and began to sort through a pi

le of mail.

In the elevator, Colin quickly scanned the meeting materials. Casually, he asked, "What happened to Miss Lo's face?"

A bit nervously, Gillian paused before answering, "I heard that someone slapped her."

"Slapped?" Colin repeated.

To prevent his face betraying his emotions, Colin looked down, "Slapped by whom?"

Gillian gulped. This was a no-win situation for her. If she was honest, she would henceforth be known at the office rat.

But it was interesting to her. Mr. Li really seemed to care a lot about Sophia. "I really don't know, Mr. Li, " Gillian finally responded.

Fortunately, Colin left the discussion at that. Gillian sighed and did the same.

After the meeting, Colin went back to his office. Just as she was heading out the door, Colin called Gillian back, "Send for Mrs. Tao."

"Yes, Mr. Li."

Among the secretaries, only Serena Tao and Carry Chen were married.

Serena entered and left Colin's office all within five minutes.

"Mrs. Tao, what did Mr. Li call you in for?" Jamie asked.

Jamie looked at Serena with simple curiosity. Since Serena was married, she no longer viewed her as a threat.

Serena glanced at Sophia and responded, "Not much. He asked me about our plan with TY company yesterday."

Convinced, Jamie returned to her desk to keep working.

At noon, Sophia headed to the HR manager and asked for leave. The manager did not approve her request.

He cited her leave the day before as the reason.

Quincy Chu, the HR manager, feigned seriousness as he looked her over. "You just took a leave yesterday. How are we going to get anything done if you can take leave whenever and for as long as you want?"

Sophia knew he was right. Fine, she would just hop in a taxi, head home, and be back in an hour.

"Okay, I understand. Thank you, Mr. Chu."

Sophia turned away and began walking toward the door of the office. Suddenly, Quincy rose from his seat and moved in front of her. He closed the open door.

Puzzled, Sophia raised an eyebrow at him. "Mr. Chu?"

"Miss Lo, actually I do think I might be able to give you leave, I just need you to.."

A hot, sweaty look on his face, Quincy looked up and down Sophia's body.

Sophia was no idiot.

"No! I actually don't need that leave! Let me out now!"

Ignoring her, Quincy brazenly grabbed her hand. "Miss Lo, what about I give you one afternoon's leave?"

Quincy Chu had quite the employment history. Formerly, at his previous job, he had had to quickly quit and run after he had messed with the wrong person.

Somehow, he hadn't changed one bit following the ordeal.

Sophia pulled her hand back in digust, "Mr. Chu, show some respect."

Continuing to ignore her, Quincy responded, "Miss Lo, how old are you now? Do you have a boyfriend?"

Her words had clearly fallen on deaf ears.

Sophia frowned at Quincy. "Do you even know who my boss is? I am Mr. Li's private secretary. Do you have any idea what he would do if I told him about this?"

"Come on Sophia.. We all know he doesn't like you.

You can say whatever you like. There's no way he would fire an HR manager for you."

Apparently every attendee had seen Colin picking on Sophia in the meeting yesterday.

Hearing this for the first time, Sophia's heart ached. "Mr. Chu, let me out now. Or I will make you regret it."

Taken aback by her strong refusal, Quincy gave up. "Fine. But don't ever ask for leave again! I'll never approve you again."

Alone again in his office, Quincy sat back at his deck and began to work. He was a normal, well-dressed man on the outside, but a pig on the inside.

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