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   Chapter 10 Fat and Ugly

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As a secretary to the CEO of SL group, she might not have as much work as the CEO, but still Sophia had a lot to do.

Colin looked at her as she walked towards the sofa with the thin quilt in her arms. So that kiss meant nothing to her?

To make things difficult for her, he went to Sophia and grabbed her hand as she spread the quilt. "Sophia Lo, sleep outside!"

Sophia glared at him, and tugged her hand back, "Mr. Li, why do you have to make things difficult? What sort of man are you?" Colin gritted his teeth. Sophia continued, "Since you are so passionate about getting rid of me, you should think of a way to free us from this marriage without making mom angry."

Colin felt frustrated. If he could figure out a way, he wouldn't be here talking to her.

He turned away. Sophia added, "The Li family helped me. I won't do anything that would make mom unhappy. But if you want to give me a hard time, you have to think about how that would make mom feel."

"Mom! Mom! How close you two are! Since you two love each other so much. Why didn't you just marry my mother? All right? Come here, Sophia Lo!" Colin looked irritated. He grabbed Sophia angrily and pulled her towards his bed.

"...... What are you doing? Colin Li! Let go of me!"

"Let go? Oh, I'll not let go of you, and I'll help fulfill Wendy's wish. I'll give her the grandson she's always wanted, you whore!"

The way Colin talked about Sophia infuriated her.

She raise her right hand and slapped him. The sound of the slap reverberated off the walls. Silence engulfed the room.

Colin slowly loosened his hold on her left. His gaze became cruel and cold. For the first time, Sophia saw how angry and horrifying Colin could be.

Sophia took a deep breath to regain her courage, "How dare you call me a whore! You deserve it!"

"Very well." Colin's face turned expressionless. He turned and went towards the bathroom.

When he left the room, Sophia found that she could breath again.

When she lay down on the sofa, she wondered who told Colin that she was a whore?

Was it... Was it Payne? He had come to the company the other day.

She remembered the triumphant look Payne had given her as he left.

But that didn't make sense. She had never slept with Payne. So why he would say that?

She rubbed her sore temples. She shouldn't have told Payne that she was married during the contract signing, nor should she have torn up the contract between Lien's and the SL group.

She was too impulsive. But she couldn't help it. It had given her so much pleasure to see Payne's expression change.

Earlier, Payne had offered to make her his mistress. Angry with him, Sophia had torn the contract.

However, her actions didn't solve anything. She would have to meet Payne and discuss the contract again the following night. Alas!

Sophia and Colin didn't speak with each other for the rest of the night.

When Sophia awoke the next morning, she was alone in the room.

She looked at the time and quickly got up. She hid the thin quilt before washing up in the bathroom.

Downstairs, Colin and Wendy were having breakfast. The servant saw Sophia and left to bring her breakfast.

"Mom." Sophia greeted Wendy softly.

Wendy noticed Colin's bad mood, but he had said nothing when she asked him about it. After Colin left the house without saying a word, she pulled Sophia close, and asked.

"Sophia, have you and Colin quarreled with each other?" Wendy thought back to the night before and didn't remember h

earing them quarrel.

Sophia blushed in embarrassment. How could she tell Wendy that she had slapped Colin?

Wendy noticed her reaction, but interpreted it as Sophia's embarrassment over the quarrel.

She thought the two must have wanted to keep their quarrel private.

With that thought, Wendy let go of Sophia's hand, "You should leave for work now. Remember to come home for lunch!"

Sophia breathed a sigh of relief, "Okay, mom, I'm gonna go."

"Take care."

Wendy had thought that Colin had bought a car for Sophia, which is why they left separately.

But she was wrong. After leaving the villa, Sophia walked to the subway station.

Colin lived in an affluent neighborhood. And affluent neighborhoods were always vast. Sophia had been walking for more than ten minutes and had not yet reached the gate.

She looked at the time. Ouch! She was going to be late!

She quickened her pace, but she was wearing high heels.

Sophia almost wanted to drop her high heels and run to work barefoot.

The idea didn't seem all that bad. And so she did. She took off her black high heels and walked out of the gate. She smiled at the shocked security guard.

To avoid being late, she would have to call a taxi.

She walked to to the corner of the road. Before she could put her shoes on, a black Porsche stopped in front of her.

The passenger window as rolled down, and Sophia saw Colin in the driver's seat.

Hadn't he left?

Colin frowned when he saw Sophia's bare feet. "I'll cut your bonus if you are late!"

The black Porsche took off, leaving behind a stunned Sophia.


She thought Colin might have waited for her.

When the car pulled up, she had thought that Colin would take her to work since she was getting late.

She thought Colin......

How could she have been so naive?

She slapped him last night, and she thought he would he help her today?

However, looking at Colin's mood, she knew she would not have a good day.

Although Sophia had managed to find a taxi, she arrived at the office a minute late.

So she lost her bonus.

Damn! The bonus at SL group was higher than the salary!

She could have bought her favorite foods and clothes.

Sophia pouted and left the attendance machine to change into her work clothes.

The CEO's office was on the 88th floor, and there were 8 private secretarial assistants. To make it convenient, the private secretary's dressing room was also set on the 88th floor.

Five of the secretaries were women. Apart from Sophia and Jamie, the other three were a little older.

Jamie, who had changed into her work clothes, blocked Sophia's path and looked her up and down with contempt, "Look at yourself. You are so fat and ugly. And look at that thing you are wearing... And you want to seduce Mr. Li, bitch?"

Sophia had worn a dark blue knee-length dress with a small white coat and a pair of unadorned black heels.

Because she didn't have much in the way of savings, she had bought these clothes from a small shop on the street the other day.

Of course, they were not as fashionable as the international brands that Jamie bought in the shopping mall!

But fat and ugly? She was a little fatter than Jamie, true. But not by much. Sophia was confident that despite their differences, she looked good.

But ugly? That was completely untrue. It was true that her skin had begun to look tired and weary when she was in prison. But now, after three months of good care, her skin had begun to shine.

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