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   Chapter 9 Look What's Behind You

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Sophia rubbed cream on her face and said lightly "If you cannot bear it, go and tell mom you want to sleep in a separate room."

Looking down at her pajamas, Sophia suddenly felt that she should change her taste.

After all, she was no longer a kid.

Colin threw his phone on the bed. "Soapy..."

"Please call me Sophia Lo, not Soapy!" Sophia corrected him forcefully.

Colin glared back at Sophia. "This is my room, and I can call you whatever I like. If you are unhappy, you can leave!"

Colin found Sophia's presence distracting. He wanted her to leave.

Sophia stopped her hands and turned to look at Colin carefully.

Did he have an identity disorder of some kind? At the company, he was serious about his work and a gentleman to everyone.

But now? Childish! Rude! Arrogant! He was like a spoiled kid from a rich family.

"What are you looking at? Trying to seduce me?" Colin smiled evilly.

"Mr. Li, are you possessed?" Sophia asked directly.

"What do you mean?"

"For example, a ghost or something similar." What else would explain his unpredictable behavior?

It was said that women were fickle creatures. Why did she feel that Colin was fickle?

Colin put his hands in the pockets and pretended to look at something behind Sophia. "Look, what's behind you!"

The room fell silent, and Sophia's whole body was covered in goosebumps!

Sophia believed that paranormal creatures existed. But she was the first to bring up the topic. How could she blame Colin for using her beliefs against her?

Indeed, she was afraid of ghosts. Not wanting to lose face, she pretended to be indifferent to it and moved close to Colin. "Mr. Li, do you mean that there's a ghost in your room?"

Colin withheld his smile. He had caught the fear on her face clearly.

The man bowed his head. "Yes, especially at midnight, when you can hear women and children crying..."

He didn't mind telling a lie if he could frighten her and make her leave his bedroom.

"Colin, you are thirty years old. How could you be so childish?" His smell surrounded her and filled Sophia with a sense of peace. Her trembling heart calmed down.

Colin smiled, pushed her long hair behind her ear intimately. "Maybe you still don't know me well. I am the kind of person who would do anything to achieve his goal. Therefore, I advise you to stay away from me."

Stay away from him? Yes, Colin never forgot his purpose.

Whether it was at the company or here!

"Colin." Sophia smiled as she stepped back to avoid his intimacy. Then she said to him "Never dream of it!"

At the company, she dared not speak to him that way. But at home, there was no one else. She could do whatever she wanted.

No appearances to keep up. And she didn't expect Colin to love her anyway!

"Did you ever come close to Payne in this way?"

The reminder of Payne brought coldness in Sophia's eyes. "I know you just want to divorce me. But our affairs have nothing in common with Payne. Mr. Li, please do not mention him anymore. He makes me sick!"

Sophia seemed to be angry, which was rare to see. Colin stared at her little and furious face with interest. "You know that I want to divorce you and you should take the initiative to ask for it!"

"Ask for a divorce?

" Sophia sneered. "Colin, I heard that it was women who always asked for a divorce in marriages. But when in our situation, it's always been you, Mr. Li, who has asked for it. Does that mean that Mr. Li... is not interested in women? What other special hobbies do you have?"

Not interested in women? Special hobbies? It was the first time that Colin heard these words.

Forcefully, Sophia was thrown onto the big bed behind her. Dizzy, and in pain, she muttered "Bastard..."

Colin pounced on her and nuzzled her neck. "You implied I am not interested. Did you want me to have sex with you to prove that I am a normal man. Is that right?"


Sophia wanted to vomit. How could Colin be so shameless!

"Mr. Li, you have made a mistake. I don't like an inexperienced man." Wendy had told Sophia that Colin's private life was pure. So she believed that he had never seen a naked woman and she knew she was right when Colin's face paled.

"It sounds like you have a lot of experience!" Colin held her face tightly.

Before that moment, Colin had never ashamed of being a virgin.

But tonight, he felt humiliated by her.

Sophia remembered the rumors Dorothy had spread, and the humiliation of Payne before. Her eyes lost their sparkle. "Of course, I have had two boyfriends before! I am different from Mr. Li, who has had no love experience until now!"

In fact, Sophia guessed it right again!

After graduation, Colin went to work at the SL Group and had no time at all.

He was busy with work day after day... He had no time to fall in love.

Looking at her proud face, Colin really wanted her to shut up!

"Come on, experienced woman, teach me!" He kissed her on her red lips.

Sophia's head was dizzy instantly. She... She considered herself experienced as she had kissed before. However this unexpected kiss from Colin had left her feeling rather surprised.

It turned out that Colin could kiss very well.

Surprised and unprepared, Sophia found herself stiffening. When Colin slipped his tongue into her mouth, she did not know how to respond. How could she teach him?

Her first kiss had been with Payne.

However, Payne did not kiss her like this. He just kissed her lightly on the lip because she did not allow anything more.

Colin's kiss seemed to be magical. Overwhelmed and confused, Sophia wanted to push him away. But when her hands reached his chest, she found she had no strength.

Colin left her mouth when she was almost out of breath.

"Are you an experienced woman? Didn't know how to adjust your breathing when kissing?" Her lack of experience made him inexplicably happy.

Payne had told Colin that Sophia was a damaged good. Why did she lack the experience then?

Playing hard-to-get?

Nevertheless, it felt good to hug her soft body...

Eh, it felt good to find a wife with a soft body, not a skinny one. Right! That's it!

His sarcasm, like a thunderstorm, woke Sophia from her daze.

She lifted her eyes and looked at the man on top of her. There were no reasons why Colin would be in a bad mood unless he was trying to refrain from something...

Dislike her?

She pushed him away silently, sat up and sorted her long messy hair. "Mr. Li, it is late now. Time to get some sleep."

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