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   Chapter 7 I Will Be Well With Colin

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Colin looked at the sleeping Sophia. She had a lovely face. But her indifference bothered him.

Was it because she had been in prison for one and a half years? Had her time made her indifferent?

He lifted her left hand that had been resting on her abdomen. A thin layer of gauze was wrapped around her wrist, and her fingertips were covered in red burns.

Colin wondered whether he would have liked Sophia had they not been forced into this marriage.

And the answer was obvious: No.

To him, she seemed to be angry and in search of revenge.

Not only that, during her time at his company, he knew that she had been hesitant to interact with her colleagues.

She was not bad at socializing, just unwilling.

She was very serious about her work, studious, and keen to take advice from others.

He knew she worked hard because she wanted to be stronger, more powerful. She was ambitious.

In doing so, she would have the means to match, if not defeat her enemies.


Colin wasn't drawn to her strength and attitude. He hoped his future partner would be simple and obedient.

When he left, he told the nurse to watch the time and remember to change Sophia's IV drip.

At four o' clock, Sophia finally woke. Since she had missed lunch, she felt ravenous.

She looked around, and saw that her room was empty. Colin had left.

On the table next to her bed, lay three empty IV bottles.

As she sat up in bed, a nurse walked in and said, "Miss Lo, you're awake."

"Yes, thank you. I'm leaving the hospital now."

"Sure, you can leave if you're feeling better. There's food in the microwave. Others brought you lunch at noon. You should eat something before you go!" The nurse pointed at the microwave nearby.

Sophia was too hungry to think about who had brought her lunch. She was so hungry, she didn't want to refuse the meal, "Okay, thank you. I will eat first."

"You are welcome, Miss Lo. If you are feeling better now, I'll take my leave."

"Okay, bye."

When Sophia returned to the villa after checking out from the hospital, Wendy was not home. Colin had asked the servants to show her around Country Z.

Back in her room, Sophia switched on her computer and stared at the contract between SL group and Lien's company. She couldn't focus. She stared at the screen absent-mindedly.

After a while, she closed the contract and opened her mailbox.

She stared at the email from Colin.

Miss Lo, tomorrow evening, room 606, 66th floor, Imperial Palace hotel. Lien's contract is a must. We can't afford any mistakes.

Sophia closed the mail and sneered.

Lien's contract was not a big thing. It was a small matter.

He could have sent it to any of the other secretaries. However, Colin chose her for the assignment because he knew of her past relationship with Lien's Vice-President.

He must not think very highly of her. Did he think she would leave when presented with challenging situations?

Leaving business aside, she was Colin's wife, and Payne was her ex-boyfriend. Did Colin set this up so that she would have to face her ex-boyfriend?

Colin must hate her more than she had imagined.

It was after eight o 'clock when Wendy returned. Sophia was still working in her room.

When she went downstairs to get some water, she was confronted by Wendy.

"I didn't know you were at home." Wendy looked behind Sophia and raised an eyebrow when she noticed which room she had been in.

Sophia was afraid that she would be angry about her staying in a room separate from Colin's. She said quickly, "Mom, I just returned. I had some work to complete

and my computer is in this room."

"Oh, Colin hasn't returned yet?" They went downstairs while talking.

"Well, he... He has a business dinner tonight. He'll come back later." Sophia remembered from Colin's schedule that he was to have dinner with a CEO tonight.

"I see. Sophia, tell me. Have you and Colin been sleeping in separate rooms all this while?" Wendy entered the kitchen followed by Sophia. She poured a glass of water for each of them.

Sophia's hand was shaking so much that she almost dropped the glass.

What should she say now?

"Mom, you misunderstand. We have always slept in the same room."

Wendy took the glass of water from Sophia's hand and put in on the table beside them. She held both of Sophia's hands in her own, "Sophia, I know that both of you are against this marriage. But what I did is in your best interest. You are a good child, Sophia. As is Colin. He is a decent person. This is why I wanted you to be with Colin. Sophia, do you blame me for asking you to marry someone you don't love?"

Sophia gently shook her head. "Mom, I understand your feelings. You can be assured, I will be well with Colin."

Parents all over the world only wished for their children's happiness. Wendy must love her son very much.

She was so jealous of Colin.

She missed her father. She would ask Colin about his next visit to Country A, so that she could visit her father.

Wendy was greatly relieved with Sophia's reassurance. Wendy then realized that Sophia had returned home earlier than she had, and that both servants had been out with her, "Have you had supper?"

Sophia had eaten a late lunch. She hadn't felt hungry till Wendy had mention supper.

At the thought of supper, her stomach started to grumble. She was a little embarrassed and shook her head, "Not yet."

Wendy let go of Sophia's hands, "I will cook for you. Just wait for a while."

Sophia hurriedly stopped her from opening the refrigerator, "No, mom, it's late. You should rest now. I can order some take-out."

Before moving in with Colin, Sophia didn't have to worry about her meals. These were served to her at the presidential suite Colin paid for her to live in.

There was also a cafeteria at the company. She didn't have to eat take-out.

Wendy waved her hand, "Don't eat take-out. It's neither clean nor is it healthy. I will cook for you."

She didn't give Sophia a chance to refuse her offer. Wendy walked to the refrigerator and began collecting ingredients.

Sophia sniffed at the affectionate gesture and watched Wendy with teary eyes.

Why was mom so nice to her? She could feel her motherly love.

Sophia took a deep breath. She went to Wendy, "Mom, could you teach me how to cook?"

"It's okay. You don't have to cook at home." Wendy stirred the eggs deftly.

Sophia shook her head, intending to make Wendy happy, "I have to. So I can... I can cook for Colin!"

As expected, Wendy smiled, "Oh, okay, I will teach you."

She was happy not because Sophia wanted to learn how to cook, but because she thought that the relationship between the two was making progress if Sophia wanted to learn to cook for Colin.

When Colin returned later that night, he saw his mother and wife busy cooking in the kitchen.

He also heard Sophia cried out in surprise, "Mom! This tastes so good! What dish it is?"

Wendy laughed out loud. "You little foodie. This is mom's best dish, crab cream and mushroom. My best vegan dish is assorted bean curd. I know you like fish. Tomorrow I will go to the supermarket and buy some so that I can cook it for you tomorrow evening."

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