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   Chapter 4 You Think I Am Not Good Enough for You

Trapped with Colin By LARK COLE Characters: 6886

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In the past, her mom, dad, and her brother, David... they had all called her "Sophy" Sophia didn't think of herself as lovely anymore. She felt all broken inside. Her family was gone, and she had been framed by another and had been sent to prison.

"Mrs. Li!" Colin said shaking his head. "So quick to hand over your husband to another woman. If so, how can I turn down your offer?"

Colin placed his fingers on Sophia's chin and lifted her face, as if examining her.

After all this time, he had hoped that she would show at least an ounce of affection for him. What he saw was indifference. It was as if she had lost her soul and was incapable of emotions.

"Mr. Li, you can get whatever you need, and you can get any woman you want. It's not my business!" Sophia Lo rarely smiled at him. Colin was used to that. However, this time she sneered at him.

Great! Good job, Sophia Lo! She could always anger him easily.

Upset with Sophia, Colin dragged her into the bedroom and shut the door. He pulled her towards the bed and threw her on it. He held her down and climbed on top of Sophia.

"Today, I want to play with a woman like you!" He stared at the expressionless woman. Sophia stared right back at Colin and noted a hint of danger in his eyes.

Sophia Lo turned her face away and said, "Mr. Li, it's late. It's time to get some sleep."

"Is this your suggestion? Are you asking me to sleep with you?"

"......" Sophia Lo struggled against Colin but to no avail. He was quite strong and she was firmly pinned under him.

For the first time, she felt how strong a man could be and how helpless and weak a woman could feel.

Despite his reprehensible behavior, Sophia couldn't help but be distracted by how good he smelt. Determined to not lose herself, she replied bitterly "Mr. Li, please behave yourself!"

"Behave myself? Funny...." Colin laughed, "I have never heard that a husband should behave himself in front of his wife."

Sophia Lo was a little embarrassed when he brought up their relationship. She raised her voice, "Let me go!"

"Why, Sophia. Are you upset with me?"

"Nope!" Colin looked at Sophia. She was an odd woman. Why would she say no but meant yes?

Done playing games, he stood up and reached for a paper towel to clean his hands.

"Get out!" Colin turned and threw the used paper towel into the trash.

Sophia Lo took this chance to hasten out of his room.

She ran into her own room quickly, and locked the door.

She felt her chest heaving with the effort it took to breathe. She had never been so scared in her life.

When Sophia Lo calmed down, she decided to distract herself with work. She went to her table and switched on her computer.

The night passed by quickly and before she knew it, it was 2 a.m.

At half past two, Sophia couldn't stay awake any more. She was so tired that she crawled into bed without changing her clothes.

The next day, Sophia Lo felt unwell.

Her head, throat, and eyes were all sore.....

She had thought about asking for a leave, but there was an important meeting at the office. She decided it would be best to take her medicines with her.

When she came downstairs, Colin was already having breakfast. Wendy stood in the kitchen with a plate with a fried egg on it.

Seeing her coming downstairs, Wendy smiled and said, "Sophia, come have breakfast."

Sophia smiled back and walked towards the table. She had wante

d to ask if Wendy had prepared breakfast. However, She didn't want Wendy to notice her hoarse voice. So she just nodded and sat at the table in front of Colin.

No one spoke. Each person was lost in their own thoughts.

Sophia ate slowly as her throat hurt.

Colin was observing Sophia eating slowly, reflecting on whether he was a little mean the night before and whether it would prompt Sophia to leave.

Wendy knew Sophia had slept late. She could see that Sophia didn't look well.

Was it because of Colin... that Sophia didn't sleep well?

Wendy smiled when she imagined what might have happened yesterday between them. She placed a steamed bun stuffed with fillet into Sophia's bowl, "Sophia, I know you like fish. Please, have some!"

"Thank you, mom!" She nodded to show her appreciation.

Wendy didn't notice the difference in her voice, but Colin did.

He wondered if Sophia was sick.

.... It was not his business to care for her.

Sophia Lo walked out of villa with Colin. She followed him to his car. Wendy waved goodbye and turned for the villa after they had sped down the driveway.

As soon as they drove out of the neighborhood, Sophia said coldly, "Mr. Li, can you drop me off here, please?"

Colin raised a brow at her request.

Sophia Lo had lived in a hotel before moving into the villa. She had traveled to office by subway and had no need for her own car. SL Group was located in the downtown area so it was convenient to get there by subway.

The royal blue Maserati didn't seem to slow down.

10 minutes later

Colin drove into the company's underground parking lot and stopped in his reserved space.

"You think I am not good enough for you, don't you?"

Sophia Lo, "....."

How could it be possible? Colin had been born into a military family. Today, he was President of the SL Group. His upbringing and status meant that he would make a desirable partner for any woman.

Meanwhile, Sophia Lo believed that the line of women wanting to marry Colin was so long, it could circle the Earth three times.

But as for her?

Before the accident, Sophia's father had been a professor at a university. Her mother was a member of an archaeological team. By virtue of their professions, they were not very highly regarded.

Sophia's father was from a literary family.

As for the relatives in her mother's family, except for her grandfather, a famous accountant, the others were ordinary people.

And Sophia Lo, she was the most unlucky one. Just as she graduated from college, she was implicated in a murder and put into prison.

"Mr. Li, you read too much from my words. I wanted to get out of the car so that we were not seen together by our colleagues."

The fact was that she didn't like it when he came close to her.

Although they were married legally, in their marriage she was nothing but... No, she just didn't want to fall in love with another man.

She was affectionate towards her parents-in-law though.

Because she was afraid of....

Really afraid of....

If Li had affairs with other women, she could initiate their divorce and leave their relationship without regrets.

She wanted to be stronger and to investigate her mother's death. Besides that, she couldn't forget what Payne had done.

Sophia Lo got out of the car and shut the door quickly, leaving no chance for Colin to reply.

Colin tightened his hands on the steering wheel.

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