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   Chapter 3 The Unusual Woman

Trapped with Colin By LARK COLE Characters: 6067

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"Sophia, come and sit." Wendy said to Sophia and then glared at her son, "Colin, come here!"

Colin pushed Sophia aside. Sophia felt like laughing at Collin for he looked like a cute young boy from behind.

"Mother, I thought you'd come tomorrow." "Why?" Colin sat beside Wendy and passed the fruit bowl to his mother.

But she pushed it away and scowled at him, "Now tell me, why do you not sleep with Sophia?"

Hearing that, Colin darted an angry look at the woman who just sat down. Snitch!

"It's not Sophia. I see that you two sleep separately, okay?" Sighed Wendy.

She was looking for a bedroom to relax in after she arrived at the villa and happened to see that the couple didn't sleep together. She was upset.

Colin tore his angry gaze away from Sophia after he heard that.

"Well, mother, the thing is, I caught a cold. I was afraid I would pass it to Sophia. So we slept separately. It's only temporary."

Sophia was shocked. She could hardly believe that the honest man she saw at work would lie!

Wendy was skeptical.

Sophia didn't recover from the shock until Colin winked at her.

"Mother, please don't be angry. It's true. It's my fault. I didn't take good care of M... Colin." Sophia had almost said Mr. Li. Fortunately, she realized her mistake immediately.

Wendy patted Sophia on the back of her hand and said, "My silly girl, he is already a man. It's not your fault that he got sick." And then she warned Colin, "If you don't take good care of Sophia when I'm not here, I'll tell your father to break your legs!"

Colin lifted his brow. Sophia must have really enchanted her. His mother had never snapped at him before. But now, she was threatening him. And for a nobody!

Sophia didn't want to get Wendy angry, "Mother, Colin is good to me. Really."

In fact, things were so good that Sophia felt she wasn't married. That she was free.

During dinner, Colin put a shrimp dumpling onto Sophia's plate, and spoke to her with a doting voice, "Baby, try this."

Baby... This was the first time that he had called her baby.

They had kept their marriage a secret from others. They behaved professionally whenever they were at the company or at meetings outside the company. No one knew that she was Colin's wife.

Colin had warned her long before that she must not do anything in his name.

So if he hadn't call her baby just now, she would have forgotten that they had been married.

Wendy was satisfied with Colin's act, and turned her eyes to Sophia. She found Sophia was staring blankly.

"What's wrong, Sophia? What are you thinking?"

"Oh... Nothing. Just uh... something at work. Mother, try these shrimp dumplings."

Sophia put the shrimp dumpling which Colin gave her onto Wendy's plate.

Colin's face darkened. Did she loathe him? Did she not even want to eat what he had given her?

When they were going to bed at night, in front of Wendy, Sophia deliberately asked Colin, "Are you feeling better?"

Colin understood what she was trying to do and

nodded, "We can sleep together tonight."

"... OK." Sophia said.

Then Sophia carried her quilt to Colin's bedroom.

Watching the cute couple close the door, Wendy went back to her room feeling relieved.

For the first time, Sophia was in Colin's room. It was quite large. At least sixty square meters.

There were not many colors in the room. It was mostly black, white and grey, with some dark blue.

From the extra-large black wooden bed and a filled wine rack, Sophia could tell that Colin knew how to enjoy life.

Sophia threw her white quilt onto the big bed. She took Colin's grey quilt and walked toward the sofa.

"What are you doing?" Colin was loosening his tie when he saw Sophia carrying his quilt.

Sophia passed him and threw his quilt on the sofa before replying coolly, "It's time for you to be a gentleman."

His pillow followed next. Now Colin knew what she meant.

"Sophia Lo, this is my house!" Colin placed his hands on his hips, and looked at the woman who thought herself to be the owner of the house.

Sophia asked, "So you won't sleep on the sofa?"


"Fine." It was fine. It had dawned on Sophia that she had work left to do. She could stay up.

She moved her quilt from the bed onto the armchair, And then she opened the door and walked out.

Suddenly, she was dragged back to the room by a great force and met a pair of angry eyes.

Bang! The door slammed shut and in the next moment, Sophia found herself pressed against the door.

"Want to tell on me? Sophia Lo, is that what you want? To make my mother angry?" Colin looked down at the expressionless woman with a glint of anger in his eyes.

Incidentally, this was the first time that they were so close. Almost hugging.

A faint fragrance drifted off of Sophia. The smell was so good...

So good that all his anger was gone in a moment.

She was an unusual woman.

Before she could speak, Colin let go of Sophia, trying to cover his embarrassment.

"Psycho!" That said, Sophia turned to open the door.

Colin looked at the woman in disbelief. She had just called him psycho!

"Sophia Lo, did you forget who you are?" Said Colin coldly.

Sophia stopped, turned around and said, "In this house, I am your wife. And that means I am the Lady of this villa. And you, you are not Mr. Li or my boss. You are my husband! And husbands and wives are equal!"

Colin had never met such a strong woman.

And this woman was his wife!

Thinking about what Sophia had said, Colin found that she did make sense in a way.

So he leaned against the door, and smirked, "Well, good point. But did you know, my dear wife, that a wife should satisfy her husband's need."

Sophia sneered and asked directly, "What? You want to get into my pants?"

Colin looked into her eyes and said, "Unlikable woman!" "Mr. Li, that secretary Miss Chiao is likable, charming, and young.

Above all, she really likes you. How about you call her?"

Huh, unlikable. Sophia didn't know what "likable" was anymore.

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