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   Chapter 2 Shall We Call You Soapy

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For Sophia Lo, it was a great opportunity to pay back Wendy. "Auntie, please don't hesitate to ask."

She would try her best to do whatever she could.

"I have two sons. The elder one, Colin, is nearing thirty this year. However, he still hasn't found a woman to take care of him.

I want you to marry Colin. To be by his side, and take care of him."

Sophia had not expected that the first help Wendy would ask for was to marry her elder son.

"But Auntie, you know I am not good in house affairs." Before the Lo clan declined, Sophia, although not a lady in a rich and powerful family, she was her parents favorite and was not allowed to do any housework.

"It doesn't matter. We have maids to do housework.

You don't need to do anything." "Will Colin agree?" Sophia was uncomfortable with the idea of marrying a stranger.

"His opinion hardly matters. That troublesome boy is almost thirty and has not brought me a daughter-in-law! Please tell Auntie whether you will or not. I will understand if you don't want to marry him.

Kid, don't put yourself in a dilemma." "Auntie, please give me some time to think about it." Sophia Lo said the words with a bowed head.

Wendy left her alone in the room.

She went to a window sill. Looking out of the window silently, she recalled a man's figure in her mind.

The man said to her, "Sophia, I will beg your father to let you marry me next year after I graduate."

However, the man, who had promised to marry her, was in the arms of another woman because of power.

After the engagement, he came to find her and said, "Sophia, the one that I love is you, not her. I will get a divorce with her when my position is stable. Please wait for me."

How had that turned out?

Dorothy Lien had found out that her fiancé was in love with Sophia. No wonder she was treating Sophia poorly. At first, Dorothy made all kinds of plans to embarrass Sophia. When that was not enough, she planned to send Sophia to prison along with her beloved man.

Sophia Lo closed her eyes. She suppressed her emotions. Determined to put the past behind her, she opened the bedroom door and found Wendy. "Auntie, I promise you."

After a few days, Colin came back from Z Country.

It was the first meeting for Colin and Sophia because he had lived in America for his work.

Wendy and Julia, Sophia's mother, had only befriended each other after Colin had gone to America.

This is why the two hadn't met before.

The man was tall and good looking. Traits he had inherited from Jordan. He nodded his head at Sophia as a way of greeting.

Colin looked at his mother in shock when Wendy shared her idea. "Mom, are you insane? You want her to be your daughter-in-law?"

"Yes, I am insane!" Wendy answered him directly.

Colin looked at the silent Sophia. His measuring look made Sophia uncomfortable.

Knowing that Colin was making Sophia uncomfortable on purpose, Wendy gave him a light slap. "Be polite to Sophia!"

Colin ignored his mother and went to Sophia He lifted her chin with his right hand. "Where did you come from? You have brainwashed my mother."

Colin knew that he was good looking. He had been chased by countless girls since primary school.

However, it was Sophia, only she, who had been able to convince his dear mother to marry them.

"Sophia Lo, Sophia Lo, should we name you, Soapy?"

Colin firmly