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   Chapter 18 When I lied

Where We Belong By JAY ANN Characters: 7849

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Cole's POV

"I'll sleep in my cabin."

"No, you won't." He finishes the conversation just like that and I glared at his back. "You're not going anywhere other than this bed." He continued, but I only heard the first part as I focused on his built.

This is probably the first time I saw his back and to be honest...

I blushed a bit when he stretched, his muscle tensing from his movement.

He got a good body.


I quickly looked away when he turned to face me. Acting innocent as if I wasn't checking him out.

"Don't worry, you have my words I won't touch you." He assured me, his voice showing sincerity.

I slowly glanced at him and found him watching me in amusement. "Were you thinking of something naughty Cole?" He stepped closer and I stepped back immediately.

My face warming up and his sexy smirk wasn't helping at all.

"Do you want me to do something to you? Like..." He grabbed the back of my neck, making me gasp when he leaned to whisper. "Touch you continuously until you faint from the pleasure of having me deep inside you?"

My hands moved on its own and pushed him away before I could even think. He stepped back and raised both of his hands in amusement.

I stared at him in disbelief, but he only raised a brow at me.

"I did not do anything." He smirked, his brow still lifted to annoy me and I glared at him in annoyance.

My ear where his warm breath touched turn red and I used my hand to cover it as I walked towards the door.

"You're not leaving pip-squeak, don't even try-"

"I'll sleep here." I glared at him before pulling the door open. "Let me go for a bit, I need fresh air." He frowned at me.

"You just ran away, do you think I'll let you-"

"Yes, you will because as I said I'll come back. Besides..." I smiled sadly. "There's no way I could escape from you, right?"

I did not bother to wait for him to answer and left his chamber. The cold grass beneath my feet cool me down as I walked towards the woods.

I took a deep breathe before looking up. Stars were creating a path in the dark sky near the moon.

It's been a while since I saw this.

How enchanting...

"Cole." Arias called out from the window and I frowned before walking further.

"I'll be in the woods!" I shouted and I heard him let out a frown before finally walking inside.

Thank goodne

ered. His knees fell on the ground after and I watched him unable to talk back.

He did not hear me...

My lower lip shivered in relief.

He wasn't the one who heard me. Thank goodness...


"Cole please, I'm begging you tell me the truth now." He looked up to meet my eyes, watering up from his confession.

My mate wants me to bare his child. To build a family with me...

He wants me.

Should I give in? My lips created a tight line before my hand patted my stomach where our child is.

If he really mean this then should I tell him the truth?

My eyes caught the glimpse of his marked neck and a tear fell.

But I can't.

Not yet.

If he really wants me then he must disregard that woman.


"As long as you are with her... I'll be by his side as well." I clenched my fist when his eyes widen in refusal, but if really mean what he said he must show me...

That he loves me and no one else.

"I love you Austin... but that man needs me." I have finally gained my courage to look away from him. His words, it's not enough anymore. "I'll wait until you find your answer just do not take your time."

"Then it's true?" He pushed himself up and I nodded without looking at him.

I might change my mind once I see his face.

"Yes, and it won't be long enough..." I run my palm against my stomach with a sad smile on my face. "I'm sorry my Alpha."

I immediately walked away from him. My feet almost dragging me away and I closed my eyes when tears threatened to appear.

I'm sorry Austin but...

I lied.

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