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   Chapter 17 When He Found Out

Where We Belong By JAY ANN Characters: 7721

Updated: 2018-08-23 12:02

Cole's POV


My chest clenched from mixed emotions that I'm feeling right now. My mate, he tried to save me.

My heart clenched in delight when I remembered how he reacted when he saw Arias...

Was he jealous? Does that mean he really do loves me-

'Take care of the visitors while I'm gone.'

I shook my head when I remembered what he did to me. Hate begun to corrupt my feelings for him but his eyes...

They showed jealousy, anger and hate for Arias.

What's with the sudden change of heart?

Is he worried about me? Then why did he help to bring me back here? I bit my lower lip once again, licking the small wound to heal it up and without realizing it closed immediately

If he do care he could have help me escape, right?

My wolf whined and I watched my feet, trying to come up with a lie to hide the truth...

That Austin really did try this time.

I stiffened when I caught Arias squeeze my hand, gently. I raised a brow, surprised.

Wait? He did?

"Cole, right?" My eyes widened as I looked up at him. His eyes were staring into mine, amused of my reaction.

H-he just called me by my name!

He smirked.

"Did I get it wrong?" I quickly shook my head before looking away from him. I tighten my hold on my coat to keep it from falling, I feel so nervous all of the sudden...

I was expecting him to be more angry and violent but what's with this treatment. My eyes fell on our intertwined fingers and I blushed a bit.

Was it too late to ask now?

"You got it right but why?" I mumbled but he heard it clearly though he choose not to answer. I looked up at him once again and found a smile creeping on his face.

How scary.

"Are you gonna punish me?" I asked but he did not bother answering once again. Guess it's not worth asking something too obvious.

Wonder what punishment will I be facing...? I almost rolled my eyes. Is that even a question? He'll probably engraved himself on my body and torture me with pleasure until I couldn't walk anymore.

"Cole, " My heart skipped a beat when he once again called me by my name. Will I ever get use to this? Impossible, he's being suspicious I rather have him call me pip-squaek at this moment-

"I'll be kind this time so don't run away from me." My eyes widen when he continued. His eyes shows

massaging his temple. "That man is out of his mind! More like he knows something that we are not aware of." I raised a brow confused as I stared at him.

There's something he's not telling me. I can tell from the sound of his voice.

"What do you mean?" I took a step forward and stood in front of my father with so much confusion. He glanced at me before looking away. "Father-"

"He wants that Omega to bare his child." My eyes widen.


There's no way I heard my father right. There's no way that could happen!

"To be a vessel or something, I don't even know if he's lying-"

"There's no way that's true! Cole is a boy!" I cuts him off, forgetting who I am talking to. I grabbed my hair tightly as I turn around.

Trying to put everything in place.


"It's not true, right?" I faced my father once again and he only stared at me unable to answer my question.

"I'm sorry son...Arias is not the kind of man to act that desperate for fun." I rolled my fist in anger.

"No." I growled. "He's lying."

"Austin!" He shouted my name as I left the cabin. My footstep were loud and fast. I don't even know where I am going.

This cannot be true!

I gave him up to build a family with someone else and then I'll learn that he could also provide me that.

If he can really bare a child...

I stopped on my track as the past came back to me. His smile, laughs, giggles and blushes.

'Austin, I love you.'

My eyes watered up all of the sudden.

Then all of my sacrifices are for nothing.

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