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   Chapter 16 When It's Time To Be Nice

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Austin's POV

I did not mistaken. I clenched my fist.

Cole, my mate...

I closed my eyes.

He stared at me with disgust.

Not with love, not with admiration, not with happiness but with disgust.

What the hell am I expecting anyways?

I looked towards the front where black huge wolves were leading our way back to the pack.

My mate's dirtied white wolf was emotionlessly being carried from his neck by the Alpha himself.

His eyes were dead. The light in his eyes disappeared as soon as he saw this man. I glared at the huge black wolf giving off a strong and dreadful aura as if he's protecting my mate...

As if he's claiming Cole as his but my mate wasn't please with it.

Cole must have suffered too much and I helped to bring him back towards his arms. He must be thinking that I want him to suffer.

Probably the reason why I received his detestation but...

I don't want him to leave my side.

He cannot.

I clenched my fist, even I found my own idea unreasonable but...

I love him. I love him.

That will never change even if I was marked by Thalia, even if I build a family with my wife...

Nothing will change.

He's mine. And he seems to forgot our promise to each other...

Whatever decision they might come up to, whichever I choose it's for us.

I clenched my fist. I need to remind him that.

We are heading straightly to my father's office and I commanded the hunters to disperse immediately as soon as we reached our destination.

My eyes caught my mate before they entered the cabin where my father is.

I tighten my fist. I want to speak with him...

His laughters and smiles entered my mind and I bit my lower lip until I tasted my own blood.

Will he even smile at me that way again after everything I've done?

"Austin!" Thalia shouted my name as she stormed towards me. Her eyes filled with anxiety and I felt no guilt for her. "Let's head back." She gently grabbed my arm and I looked straightly into her eyes. "We haven't finish the ritual yet...the moon goddess wouldn't be pleased-"

"I can't go back yet." Her eyes widen and I looked away from her. "My mate needs me.".

She frowned in annoyance before tugging my arm but I did not bother to look at her.

"Austin!" She shouted and I groaned on how desperate she was. "Look at me! Why do you even care about that boy?! As if he'll wants to be with you after everything you puts him through!"

My chest clenched from her wor


"We had an agreement, have you forgotten?" I asked, my hand trailing the Omega's face which made 'Austin', I hope I got that right, growl in so much anger.

I smirked.

"Take him and the deal is over and..." I glared at Drias. "You'll gain one hell of an enemy." The old man's eyes widen in fear same with his son whose lips parted in surprise.

Guess that was too much but...

I looked down at the Omega who's biting his lower lip that it started bleeding. He doesn't have any idea on what's happening and I guess it's too much for him to handle.

He stiffened when I grabbed his hand, I tugged him and he immediately pushed himself up. He glanced at me before tightening his hold on his coat to prevent it from falling.

"Now excuse us." I looked back at the father and son who looks completely hopeless. "We'll be leaving first."

My eyes caught the Omega staring at the other boy and I glared at him. I roughly intertwined our fingers and he stared at me, confused and scared before looking down on his feet.

Drias's son showed his interest to my property and pip-squeak seems to have something as well for that boy. I clenched my free hand into a fist while keeping that other one calm and gentle around the Omega's hand.

My eyes looked down once again at him. He already tried to escape, once he finds the courage to do it again he'll be running to that boy's arm for help in no time.

I can't let that happen.

Maybe it's time...

I unconsciously squeezed his hand, gently.

"Cole right?" His eyes widen in shock and I smirked.

I should start considering Sanity's request.

It's time to be nice.

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