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   Chapter 15 When I Finaly Got This Far...He Came

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Arias's POV

"Have you?" I asked when Drias entered his cabin, probably his office where I am waiting on one of the sofa.

"No." I clenched my fist in anger. Not too long ago I was hurrying back to my chamber only to find my boy gone. His scent was week he probably left in the afternoon. "We'll continue to search in the morning-"

"Drias." I growled at the Alpha and he stared at me in displeased. "If that boy wasn't found within 24 hours, the contract is over." He took a deep breath before nodding at me. That boy is the only entertainment I have here. I rather earn scars on my back rather than die here in boredom.

I pushed myself up to leave by then he spoke making me stop on my spot.

"What does that Omega have to make you obssess Alpha?" He asked and I stared at him, surprised that he doesn't know what that Omega can do. I smirked on how unaware he was that he has a hidden gem in his pack.

What a fool.

He must not know anything about that Omega's power but other than that, let me give him a hint.

"He is good vessel." His eyes widened in shock.

"He? An Omega? A boy?!" He asked in disbelief. "T-that can't be!"

"No matter what you think, I do not care." I glared at him and he stiffened. "That Omega is mine. You must find him and bring him back to me." I turned around and left him confuse.

He's obviously unaware and I'm thankful for that.

Because he's mine.

"And if you think that you will get away from me. You are wrong. I'll find you on my own."

Just you wait.

Austin's POV

"What was that?" Thalia asked when a the scent of torch and hunters lingered in the air in the middle of the night.

I pushed myself up and walked towards the door. I pushed it open and found? a few hunters walking pass our cabin with torch in their hands to lighten their path in the middle of the night.

"Hey." I called the closest one and he immediately came forward.

"Good evening first born, did we bother your rest?" He asked and I shook my head before looking at the rest who was busy searching for something.

"What's going on?" I asked before looking back at him.

"The Omega escaped the visitors chamber." My eyes widen from his words.


C-Cole? He escaped? I clenched my fist in fear...

"He left the pack?" I asked and the hunter nodded.

"Yes and we need to find him within 24 hours, the visitor seems furious in his disappearance. If that Omega wasn't found the visitor might leave."

I bit my lower lip. Cole might have suffer in his chamber for him to escape...without letting me know.

My chest clenched.

He left without seeing me...

Does he want to get away from me as well?

I gritted my teeth. He cannot leave me.

"Wait for me here, I'm coming." I said before going back inside the cabin to grab a coat. Thalia was sitting on the edge of the bed. I ignore her glares as I wear my bear coat.

"Are you for real?" She asked in disbelief and I glanced at her.

"Thalia, I choose you but it doesn't mean I'm letting him go." I explained myself and I know that I hurt her feelings but it's the truth.

The moon goddess bestowed me a Mate, not even my father could have...

I married Thalia and marked her for the sake of the pack but keeping Cole by my side is for me.


ger. I watched as the wolves moved closer towards the lake.

A wolf tried to jump towards the rock close to me but failed and ended up falling on the water. It whines and I gasped in fear. Thankfully someone was there to help.

This is dangerous.

Another one attempted to try but I did not bother to watch and focus on the next rock closer to the other side of the lake. I can't stay near this water.

It's dangerous for my child.

"He's aiming the other side!" Austin shouted. "Don't let him get away!" I frowned at my mate's command.

Does he really wants me to be dragged back to that man's chamber? I can't believe this!

Does he seriously wants to suffer in his hands?! Anger corrupted me and my love for him was overcome by it. I turned towards him and met his eyes.

It widens, surprised on how madly I glare at him. He disguised me!

"Cole...?" His lower lip tremble and I immediately looked away.

He's selfish. He's not the man I love...

He's not my Austin.

I need to leave this pack.

Even though my legs were trembling in fear I still managed to reach the closest rock on the other side where there's no one waiting for me.

I'll be fear I smiled to myself as I successfully reached the other side. My eyes were wide as I let out a deep breath of relief.

I once again turned to look at my mate's wide eyes and found him staring at me in fear. My wolf whined in sadness but he's not our mate anymore.

He changed and I don't have anymore reason to stay here...

And just when I thought everything will fine, a group of huge black wolves left their hidings and I stiffened in fear.

Hope slipped from my eyes when the biggest, mad wolf stepped forward. His eyes were glazing yellow filled with anger and annoyance.

'You...' He growled and my eyes watered up as I tucked my tail between my legs.

Why...? I sobbed in disbelief. Why Goddess? Why can't I escape?

'We're going back to my chamber once and for all.' My whole body trembled in fear as he walked towards my side and bit the back of my neck.

Arias's wolf lifted me of the ground unable to move. My mind gone blank.

Just when I finally got this far...

He came.

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