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   Chapter 14 Where Do We Belong

Where We Belong By JAY ANN Characters: 7432

Updated: 2018-08-03 12:27

Arias's POV

"You have no mercy." Sanity spoke as she wipes the sleeping Omega's body. Some parts of his waist, wrist and neck got bruised because of my grip on him yesterday, trying to stop him from struggling.

I admit that I was too violent but this is how I was taught to do my business.

An Alpha who have mercy is nothing but a weakling. And that kind of Alpha is nothing but a worthless piece of trash.

That's what my Uncle taught me. He was a great, strong man unlike my father who selfishly died for his mate. Leaving his only son and pack in danger.

I shook my thoughts away and focus on the boy sleeping on my bed.

His forehead lines appeared as he groaned in his sleep. Sanity turned to glare at me before she threw me the towel she had used.

"He's bleeding." She informed me and I raised a brow, confused on what she wants me to do. "What are you standing there for?! Put an ointment in him and be gentle this time!" She stood up from the bed and threw me an ointment in annoyance. I just watched her as she walks away. She stopped midway and crossed her arms on her chest. "Arias." She called out and I glanced at her. She's already standing on the door and I frowned.

I just want her to leave.

"Didn't you see how he raised his hands when we first saw him?" She asked and I raised a brow once again.

"He submitted-"

"No, he's scared." She frowned. "Can't you tell the difference? The way he raised his hands in fear, he's obviously mistreated and I couldn't imagine what he've been through in this pack." She ranted as her hands fly in different direction. "And look what you've done, God this poor boy."

"So?" She stared at me in disbelief. "What do you want me to do?" I don't mean to sound like a ass but I honestly don't know what to do and why should I? My eyes found it's way towards the beauty of this young boy.

Why should I treat him with care?

"He's nothing but a broken boy."

And you want him.

My eyes widen when my inner thoughts spoke up. I clenched my fist as I walked towards the Omega. I'm pretty sure I locked it deep how come...?

I gently run my finger on the side of his face and he leaned on my touch like a child feeling the warmth for the first

is enjoying his life.

The time has come, he cannot protect me anymore. He wouldn't because I'm not his mate anymore.

I don't have a place here anymore...and this child.

I smiled sadly as I ran my hand across my stomach.

"Where do we belong?" I asked as I shed my tears away.

I jumped when someone suddenly opened the door. A gasp left my lips when her scent came into me.

"Rika!" I immediately ran towards her as she entered the cabin with a bag. I can sensed my smell from it. Probably my clothes. "Why are you here?!" I asked worriedly. That Alpha will sense her scent.

"Cole..." Her eyes watered up as she saw the bruises on my wrist. I don't want to see how she reacts once she see everything. "I-I'm so sorry..." She looked up at me and I stared at her in sadness.

"I'm fine." I lied but that's the only thing that could ease her. I pulled her for a hug and she sobbed even more. "Rika, you better go... if that man sees you here-"

"No Cole.." She bit his lower lip before struggling to remove that bag on her back. She pushed it towards me and I stared at her with wide eyes. "The meeting won't be finish until midnight, when that time comes you must get far away from here!"

My eyes watered up and I pulled her tightly for a hug.

"Thank you!" I cried. "Rika, thank you so much..." She patted ny back before pulling away.

"Now go, I packed everything that you may free, stay safe." She smiled at me and I nodded.

I'll be free.

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