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   Chapter 13 How Things Between Us Ended

Where We Belong By JAY ANN Characters: 9633

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"You will entertain the visitors for me. This is under my command."

My eyes watered up in pain. I never thought that this could happen. My expectation of worst was nothing compare to this...

"Take off your clothes." The stranger commanded. He was sitting on the bed inside his chamber while I'm standing in front of him, shaking in fear.

I parted my lips to beg but he cuts me off before I could even let out a word.

"You are not allowed to let out a sound or say a thing Omega unless I told you so." I stiffened as I looked on the floor.

Even my rights to speak has been taken away.

"You're name, pip-squeak?" He asked, ignoring how he insulted me once again, I answered with full of respect.

"I live by the name Cole, my Alpha." He nodded, pleased by the way I called him 'my'.

"Do you know me?" He asked and I stared straight in his eyes.

"Alpha of the Qisa tribe, Arias." I said and he smile.

"Arias. I want you to say that again." I nodded and did what I was told. "Repeat that until I told you to stop."

"Arias. Arias. Arias." I chanted over and over again. I was confused at first but then fear occupies me as he stood up from his bed and hovered me. He's so tall and huge that it scares me.

"Arias. Arias..." His hands found my waist underneath my cardigan and my breath hitched causing me to stop.

"Continue, Omega." He bent down to whisper in my ear as his hands entered the slit of my shorts.

"Arias... Arias..." I gasped when he groped my butt and I closed my eyes in embarrassment. He continued caressing every inch of my body as I called out his name. My chest was pounding so bad and I don't like it, not even a little.

"Now, " I gasped when he pulled me against his chest. His eyes had darkened in lust causing me to roll my fist as I bit my lower lip. "You have to shout it out as I ravish you, you got that?" I nodded in fear without hesitation.

A scream left my mouth as he lifted my feet off the ground and threw me on the bed.

"P-please wait-" I stiffened when the back of his hand slapped me across my face. My eyes widen in shock and lower lip shivered in fear.

"I'll only say this once." A whine slipped between my parted lips when he roughly cupped my face and forced me to look at him. I stared at him in fear as he watched my tears slide down until it reached his thumb against my cheek. "You are only allowed to call my name and scream in pleasure. If you say another unnecessary word you'll feel pain once again." I slowly nodded as a sob left my lips.

I'm so shamed on how weak I am at this moment. I can't fight, I can't push him away. I can't do anything as he forcefully have his way on me.

I was screaming and crying in pain all through the night. Asking for help but no one came to save me.

I felt so small...

My mate did not come to save me, no matter how many times I called out his name

He's calling out for me." My lower lip trembled as my eyes watered up in pain. I couldn't imagine how painful it is for him to have his mate turn his back when he needs me.

I made him do something outrageous. I, his mate. I failed him once again and I'm afraid this time I would never be forgiven.

"Austin please." Thalia stood in front of me, naked as a new born lamb with her eyes drowning as well in worries. "You did this for the pack, you did nothing wrong." I shook my head at her.

"I betrayed him..."

"He was chosen, you have nothing against that man. You can do nothing." I closed my eyes as she cupped my face between her palms. No, I can fight him.

I could have protected my mate.

'Austin!' He shouted my name once again. I stiffened from the pain in my chest.

My wolf cried in anger and pain. I clenched my fist.

I can't do this to him.

"Don't listen." Thalia covered my ear and I bit my lower lip in pain. "Listen to me..." She whispered to my ear. "All you need to do is mark me and let me mark you. With this you wouldn't suffer." I slowly opened my eyes as I stared at her eyes full of love and desperation.

"Thalia, my mate..." She hushed me with the used of her lips and I kissed her back without hesitation.

"You need to choose now Austin, you already choose me." She reminded me and I rolled my fist. "Even if you choose him now do you think that he'll forgive you?" My eyes widen as I stared at her.

S-She's right! Cole...Cole hates me.

"Mark me Austin." She whispered and I stared at her with full of hesitation but like a coward who doesn't want to feel this pain anymore.

I'm sorry Cole. I'm so sorry.

Thalia dragged me back to bed. She stripped me naked, desperately waiting for me to mark her. I closed my eyes ad I ignored Cole's cries.

Soon, my fangs dug deep in my wife's neck as we drowned in pleasure and this is how everything between us ended.

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