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   Chapter 12 How could you

Where We Belong By JAY ANN Characters: 12276

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Cole's POV

"Where have you been?!" Alyana and Aeros welcomed me inside my cabin and I raised a brow confused.

Why are they here?

I glanced at the huge white box on the bed before looking back at them once again.

"Do you need anything?" I asked as I studied their attire.

Alyana was wearing a beautiful off shoulder and a long skirt with a slit on both sides. Her blonde hair was tied up in a messy bun with a few strands falling in the side of her ears.

While Aeros has a sleeveless V neckline shirt and a loose jeans made from a white silk same as Alyana's.

They are both beautiful to look at and I blushed a bit. I shouldn't be surprised but I just couldn't get use to it..

"We brought you your attire for tonight." Alyana forced a smile and I don't know if I should be happy or what?

Can't they tell that I don't want to go?

But I guess I have to.

"I'll fix your hair and everything!" Alyana screamed and I chuckled.

"You have to be more beautiful than the bride so that my stupid brother would die in regret." Aeros added and they both nodded in agreement after.

I they are on my side, but why does it seems like they're furious?

"Are you ready?" They asked at the same time pulling me out of my thoughts and I nodded a little hesitant but oh well.

I love their plan so...


I asked, confused as the twins stared at me in shock after an hour of preparation.

"Do I look weird?"

I asked once again, hoping that I have a mirror in the cabin.

My clothes look really daring for a wedding ceremony. I'm only wearing a cardigan as a top and a high waist knee short with a long slit from my waist and 2 inches above my knee, both made from a rosy silk. My chest, tummy and tights were exposed and I feel so uncomfortable.

Alyana also put a black ink around my eye and lashes, powdered me up and forced me to gloss up my lips as if I'm going to impress someone tonight.

"You look so freaking great!" Alyana screamed and I flinched from the noise. "Oh my goodness, how can you be so pretty when you are a guy?" She asked.

Aeros walked closer and wrapped a 6 layers of necklace made of beads and fangs around my neck.

"You look amazing." He gave me a thumbs up and I blushed on how cool he looks like.

Austin and Aeros wasn't exactly look alike, but he resembles his older brother in some ways.

I look down at my lap, a sweet smile stretching my face.

I wonder if I look more beautiful than the bride?

Will Austin...appreciate me tonight in his wedding?

"Cole..." Alyana gave me a lonely smile before heaving a sigh. "If you need help we are willing to listen, but-" She turned to her twin before looking back at me. "I'm sorry if we cannot do a thing."

Her eyes watered up and Aeros gritted his teeth. Is there something wrong?

"Cole." My whole body stiffened when the person I wanted to see the most entered my cabin without a permission.

My heart started to beat fast just by the sound of his voice and smell of his scent.

I quickly stood up from the bed and ran towards him. I caught him off guard when I threw myself in his arms.

"I miss you..." I chuckled as I hug him tight, enjoying how my wolf howl with happiness to see her mate once again.

Austin ran his fingers on my hair without saying anything.

I giggled at that before stepping backwards. I wanted him to appreciate my attire for tonight so I gave him a better view. And while he was staring at me with wide eyes, I was admiring him as well.

He was wearing a white long sleeves and loose white slacks with golden lining on the collar, wrist and hems. He looks really elegant and I don't know...

ps against hers.

I closed my eyes. I can't bare this...

It was supposed to be me, not her.

But I'm not what his people want him to be with still...

He's mine.

I took steps forward and ready to barge in. All my controls disappeared and I just wanted to grab Austin and run away from here.

My feet were dragging me and it's scares me on how desperate I was.

"Cole!" Alyana called out and Austin looked at my direction. I gave him a wide smile while his eyes widen in fear.

"A-Austin!" A huge man blocked my way and I stopped on my track immediately. I stared in shock at the Alpha I encountered awhile ago as he stared down at me in annoyance. "You-" I gasped in fear when he grabbed my wrist.

"I've been searching for you pip-squeak." He mocked as he dragged me away from the ceremony.

"Where are you taking me?!" I struggled away from his grip but it's useless. He's too strong! "Let me go!"

"Cole!" My eyes widen when Austin called out. The villagers started to whisper in confusion as Austin ran towards me, leaving his bride all alone.

The stranger glared at my mate as he comes close.

"Austin!" I smiled, trying to reach out for him but the Alpha of the Qisa tribe decided not to let me go. "A-Austin help me!" I begged as the stranger wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close towards him. I stared at him in fear as he smirked at me.

"Please Alpha Arias, don't hurt him." Austin begged and the Alpha let out a snort.

"I'll treat him the way I wanted to, don't tell me what to do." I gasped when he bent down and sniffed the side of my neck. I sobbed in fear.

"N-No please...Austin help me." I cried but Austin just stood there, unable to do anything.

Why isn't he helping me out?

"He won't help you, stupid. You haven't receive the words, don't you?" The stranger asked and I stared at him suspiciously. "You are gonna serve me every night while I'm here."

My eyes widen when as I looked at Austin in disbelief. His eyes fell on the ground with his hands rolling into a fist.

'Can you take care of the visitors while I'm gone?'

'I'm sorry Cole but please...' Austin's voice entered my mind as he looked up at me and I bit my lower lip in betrayal. "You will entertain the visitors for me. This is under my command." He used his Alpha tone and my eyes went wide as I chuckled in disbelief.


"I will, for you." I smiled in sadness. "My Alpha."

How could you?

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