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   Chapter 11 When He Finally Came

Where We Belong By JAY ANN Characters: 7352

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"Did you see what you are looking for?" I quickly closed the book about women's gravidity when the librarian, Nalim, walked in.

"Ah yeah!" I smiled nervously and the middle aged man smiled back.

"You can bring it to your cabin just bring it back once you're done." I nodded before looking at the book.

It doesn't have any information that I'm looking for. The symptoms that I'm experiencing were written in the book, but it wasn't enough.

Is it really possible for a boy to get pregnant?

"Umm Sir? Nalim." He turned to look at me and I chuckled, doesn't know if I should ask directly or not. "D-do you have a book about Omegas?" I guess that's safer.

Nalim shook his head before lifting a finger.

"We don't have any informations about Omegas ever since the 2nd Alpha, Quom commanded to burn everything about them." I raised a brow confused.

Why would he do that?

"It's been more than a hundred years. Ever since then, Omegas were treated as curses. The higher ups will either sell the Omegas to merchants or send them to other packs as slave."

I shivered in disgust. No wonder that I'm the only omega in the pack, but why am I still here?

I slowly nodded my head before standing up.

So it's useless to find some answers here. I wonder if the other packs know something...

"I'll borrow this one for awhile." I smiled innocently as I hugged the book against my chest, hoping he wouldn't see the title of the book.

"Okay!" He smiled before waving goodbye at me as I leave.

There's a few good people in this town I see. I used to think that everyone is an ass, but then I met Rika and Nalim.

But the majority were still rude.

"Move it you curse!" A man shouted at me after I stumbled back when he intentionally pushed me aside.

"S-sorry!" I apologized even though it's clearly his fault.

"Get out of here! You might ruin the wedding of the firstborn son you disgusting omega." An old lady threw me a sandal and I quickly ran away.

Yes, you heard right, today is the day of my mate's wedding.

I clenched my fist as I kept my eyes on the ground.

It was announced yesterday night and everyone is required to come to witness the soul bonding of the

una asked with a toothy smile and I faced her direction.

"I did not actually." Her smile fell from her face and I smirked. I'm not really good with pleasing others to be honest. "Can we rest now? We were traveling for five straight days to reach this place so..." I flinched when Sanity elbowed me on the side. I threw her a glare before facing the Alpha who looks flustered but still able to offer me a smile.

"We prepared the best cabins for you and your people, the servants will accompany you and your needs while you are in here." I nodded before yawning for a moment.

I heard Sanity frowned and my boys chuckled.

"Thank you for your great...generosity!" I smiled at the Alpha, whose face has turned red.

"It's our pleasure to serve you..." He glared and I smirked.

That's what I like more.

"Do you have any preference on who will serve you tonight?" I flinched at that.

Oh, so they serve their members to others like this.


"No need."

"Would you like them young?" The stupid man forced and I rolled my fist in anger.

He's planning to anger me, but that won't do. I need to complete this mission. I need to keep my composure.

Now, Sanity would kill me if I choose a woman so I rather pick a male.

The omega boy suddenly entered my mind and I smirked.

"I'll have an omega, " The firstborn stiffened as he looked at me with wide eyes.

Oh! I smirked.

What an interesting reaction...

"A male omega."

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