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   Chapter 10 How Could That Be

Where We Belong By JAY ANN Characters: 5747

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Cole's POV

I'll see him soon.

I told myself for the thousand times as I laid down on a really soft and clean bed inside the white cabin they gave me. A couple of new clothes, sandals and accessories. And four times a day a servant would deliver me food.

Are they giving me this in exchanged of my mate?

I love this place because I have my own shower room and toilet. I never have to go to the river in the woods to take a bath but...

I need my mate.

It's been days and I haven't seen him. He never came back to his cabin.

They're hiding him from me or more like he's hiding from me?

He was there, I know, everytime I visit the Alpha's house I could feel his presence, but he never not even once came out and explain himself.

He could at least talk to me through telepathy but he never did. I tried but he never answered.

This is how he tells you that he wouldn't reject us but will not accept us either.

I shook my head.

No. Austin's being forced. Stop thinking bad about your mate will you?

He's not like that. He'll come back to me.

I frowned as I face-palmed myself. I can't believe I'm arguing with myself.

"Cole." I slowly sat up to welcome Rika with a smile.

She's the servant who delivers me meal four times a day. A brunette girl with wide and green eyes. And don't forget those cute freckles across her rosy white cheeks. She's 13 years old by the way.

I smiled at her and she gave a toothy grin before putting the tray on the table.

"How are you feeling?" She asked and I smiled.

"I'm getting better." I've been feeling sick in the past few days. I have morning sickness now which I never had before.

Maybe I'm depressing myself too much.

"Thank goodness. You're acting like my mom when she's pregnant you know." She informed me and I chuckled. "If I didn't know you are a boy I would assume that you're pregnant as well." She kept talking and that would last for an hour or two.

I started digging in as I listened to her. I loved how she speaks so randomly about things I don't really know. It's fun to listen to her really.

"Umm Rika is it okay if I could have some pear tomorrow?" I asked and she smiled widely.

"Of course! I'll bring you lots of lots of pears!" She giggled and I let out a chuckle on how cute she was.

"Four is enough but thanks really you are amazing." I complimented her. She loves it, she'll either blush or giggle but for now she's turning bright red.

"Yeah...I know!" She covered her face with her both hands and I chuckled once again before running my hand across my tummy. It became a habit for some reason.

My wolf loves it and I think it helps her to relax. She needs it since our mate is getting marry.

My chest clenched once again and I closed my eyes tightly.

No Cole, don't think about it.

"Cole, are you okay?!" Rika asked worriedly and I

forced a smile in a hurry to ease her.

"I'm okay-"

"No, you're not! You're turning really pale I-I'll get you medicines."

My wolf growled and I quickly raised my hands to stop her.

"Don't please, my wolf doesn't like it when I take medicines." I explained getting weaker and weaker with each words. I closed my eyes and covered my face to ease my dizziness.

"I need to rest." She nodded before helping me to reach my bed without hitting the floor. She tucked me under the covers and I thanked her.

She gave me a worried look before sighing.

"I can't stand seeing you like this." I smiled at her when her eyes watered up. "If I bring the firstborn son here will you feel better?" My eyes widen a bit.

I accidentally told her about me and Austin since she won't stop bugging me. Though she promised to never let anybody know but sometimes she reminds it to me.

And it gives me pain.

I want to see Austin but...he can't come.

I tried calling him, I was crying and begging for him to see me and yet he never came.

I felt my eyes watered up so I immediately closed it.

How long should I wait. I'm losing it. I want to see him but I only could once he's married.

How painful could that be? Where should I place myself? Where do I belong?

"Don't bother Rika. I'll meet him once everything settles down."

I kept my eyes close to hide the pain. I didn't see what reaction Rika made before she ask a permission to leave.

She's treating me like a royalty for some reason, but I don't have the strength to tell her stop.

"I'll see you tomorrow. If you need something, call me immediately." I nodded as I kept my eyes close afraid that a tear will escape.

And from the silence, pain and darkness, I fell asleep immediately.

'Cole~' I chuckled from the way he calls me.

It's really childish, but I love it.

'Cole look at the babies!' He said excitedly and I shook my head, amused. Austin sat beside me with two babies in his arms. Holding them close and keeping them safe.



'Stay strong. I think I could handle them with Thalia.' My eyes widen when he stood up. 'I'll take care of them on my own.'

'W-what are you saying?!' I asked confused as he started to walk away. 'Austin!'

He walks away and I ran after them. My eyes drowning with tears as I kept begging for him to come back.

'No...don't take them away. My babies, not my babies!'


I woke up from the children's laugher outside the cabin. I quickly sat up realizing how badly I'm shaking. I watched my shivering hands full of sweat before looking around the room.

My dream.

I slowly looked down to my stomach with wide eyes. I ran my hands around it before smiling sadly.

"That's impossible."

My wolf whined happily as I caressed my stomach.

Am I pregnant? My eyes widen in surprised.

Oh hell no-

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