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   Chapter 9 When I Love You So Much But We Can't

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No, there's no way this would stop me.

I clenched my fist as seven male hunters blocked my way once again towards the Alpha's house.

It's been two day and Austin haven't come back to his cabin.

Is he really planning to marry her? After everything he promised me he would still choose to marry her?

Why is he doing this to me? I need an explanation from him, but I can't even get close.

My sight gone blurry for a moment and I closed my eyes to ease the pain before glaring back at one of the hunters.

"Move." I growled and a few snickered at me.

"You better go omega. We got a permission from the Alpha to beat you into pulp if you continued being persistent." The beard guy growled at me before pushing me on the ground. They all laughed at me.

"I just tapped you a bit and see what happened. Leave now."

"No, bring out my mate!" I shouted at him and he raised a brow at me before smirking.

"You are out of your mind." I stiffened as I watched him pull out a dagger. He ran his tongue on the sharp tool and blood spill out.

My whole body froze in fear and he chuckled.

"What's going on here?" We all turned to look at the two persons who stepped forward.

They hold a familiar strong presence like their father's which made everyone quiet even though they're just kids.

They're 15 years old if I remember right.

"Nothing your lady." The beard guy threw me a dirty glare before softening his face for the Alpha's twins.

The twins turned to look at me and I quickly looked on the ground.

"Oh the omega!" The little girl, Alyana squealed making me looked back at her. She's gorgeous. Just like Austin, her hair is blond and curly while her eyes were dull blue. She possessed a goddess's beauty.

"Cole right?" The boy, Aeros gave me a smirk before stepping forward, asking for my hand. I gave it without hesitation and he helped me stand up.

He's 15 but he's already taller than I am. Aeros has a black hair same as his mother's which made his bright blue eyes stands out.

Both of them we're beautiful.

I wouldn't be surprised though. Their mother was extremely gorgeous, but she's a real monster inside.

"Are you okay?" The twins asked at the same and I blushed from the attention.

"I...I was searching for Austin." I answered and the two shared a stare before looking back at me. "I need to know why did he choose her-"

"Cole I thought you're smarter than you look." I stiffened from Alyana's words. Aeros glared at her in disbelief before looking at me.

"Don't listen to her."

"Austin can't meet you not because he don't want, he couldn't, you have to understand." My eyes widen when Alyana continued. Aeros hit her hard in the head and she whined in pain.

"I'm sorry Cole she doesn't mean to be rude." He growled at her and I bit my lower lip.

"Austin don't have a choice, he needs to do this to be with you stupid." My eyes widen in realization.

"Alyana!" Aeros glared at her and she rolled her eyes.

S-so that's why he won't come out. I can sense him. He's close. I should have understood that.

I should have notice.

I quickly covered my eyes when tears begun to fall. It's painful to know that we have to get through this to be together.

No, stupid! Don't belive them, Austin wanted this. He choose her over you! That's the truth and you have to accept that. Don't be a fool.

You know better than that.

I looked back at the Alpha's house. Is this what he wants me to believe in? That he's being force so that I wouldn't hate him?

I bit my lower lip before looking on my toes.

You are despicable.

"Cole please forgive Austin. He can't meet you for the meantime but he wanted you to know that he'll come back to you after this." Aeros smiled sadly at me and I just nodded.

I won't fall for this though...

I'm tired being a fool but if it's true that he'll come back to me then I'll be really happy.

I love him and I need him...

I want to be with him even if I'm not the only one.

"I-I need to wait until it's over then..." I sobbed. They

both nodded their heads.

"Cole..." The twins cooed worriedly before glancing at one another. "Let's go to your cabin." Aeros forced a smile at me. I sniffed a bit before shaking my head at them with a smile.

I'm thankful that Aeros changed the topic.

"I don't have a cabin, I-I'm living in a tent though." I explained to them and they both raised a brow.

"Yes you have! There's a new cabin made just for you, dummy two days ago. Don't you know?" She asked confused and I tilted my head on the side.

Made just for me?

They both let out a frown before grabbing my wrists.

"Let's go check it out!"

"W-wait..." I did not had the chance to complain when they started dragging me away from the Alpha's house.

I looked back hoping I could see Austin for a second but I failed.

I bit my lower lip before looking away.

He's so close and yet I can't even see him.

Is this how they make me see that we cannot be together?

'It's for us.' His lies came back to me and I heaved a sign.

I don't know what to believe in anymore.

Austin's POV

"Am I doing it right?" I asked while clenching my fist as I watched Alyana and Aeros drag Cole away from the window.

I really wanted to go there and hug him tight. And kill that man who pushed him on the ground, but I can't.

I feel so disappointed to myself but it was the only option I have. The pack needs me and I could n't be the Alpha without a Luna in my side.

I need Thalia.

Dad smiled at me, proudly before nodding his head.

"Yes, you are..." He patted my shoulder and my wolf shivered in anger at me. "You always know what's the right thing to do. I was so surprised when you announce that you'll marry Thalia, son." He laughed. "No need to summon the elders now do we?"

I closed my eyes tightly.

I'm sorry Cole... I can't keep my promise after all.

I have to do this for the pack...I can't even bare the guilt when I followed her back to her cabin right after I made love with you.

I can't even understand myself...

And what I really want.

"And as you requested, we gave him a better shelter, provides him his everyday meal and great quality belongings. He is my son's mate after all." I slowly nodded at my Dad. "That's all we could do for him since he couldn't claim you as his mate anymore."

I closed my eyes as I heaved a sigh.

We can't be mates but I want to give you everything I could give and I hope that's enough, but it'll never be, right?

My wolf feels dejected and so do I and I assumed that you feel the same way.

Cole, I'm really sorry. I hurt you so bad and I can't even face you with this guilt.

"Now about your wedding, " I looked away from the window and faced Dad. "It will take place within this week once the Qisa tribe arrives."

"Dad I'm worried about Cole, he's sick-"

"It's better not to see him yet. He's probably heartbroken right now. See him after the wedding." He commanded and I forced myself to nod.

"We have to make it looks like I forced you into this so that his wolf wouldn't hate you, with that you won't suffer from pain."

Will it work? What about Cole's feelings? What will he do if he learned that I'm the one who decided to marry Thalia?

If he hates me...

Just thinking about it makes me shiver in fear.

I don't want him to hates me. He holds a very special place in me and I wanted to keep our relationship the way as it is.

But that's impossible.

"Now take a rest in your cabin. How's your new home? Your wife's loves it." I looked up at Dad before forcing a smile.

"It's great." His smile disappeared and looked at me worriedly as my eyes fell on the floor.

Cole...don't wait for me please. I wouldn't come back to my old cabin. I'll come and see you after this, we can't be together as mates but I wanted you close.

My wolf loves you and you are very important to me but...

I'm really sorry.

Please forgive me.

I cannot be with you. I lied when I said that it's for us.

Everything was just...

For me.

I love you so much but we can't.

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