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   Chapter 8 When He Choose Her Over Me

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Cole's POV

My heart sunk when he once again left the cabin in the middle of the night. Sadness came over me when I realized that Austin is out again...

To meet his woman.

He said that he break it off with her but what is this?

Every night after he made love with me, he'll disappear into my arms only to come back in the morning with her scent all over him.

I acted as if I don't know...

I pretend as if I'm oblivious with his affairs but it hurts to know where he sleeps at night.

Why is he doing this to me?

Why am I doing this to myself?

I just don't strong my feelings for him that I'm willing to be a fool.

"Austin~" I ran my fingers on his silky blonde hair, his brow twitched before opening his eyes. "Have you heard this song?" I asked and he waited for me to start. "Little butterflies, snow flakes in the air, birds above the sky, flying here and there~" He started humming and I smiled.

"Through the mountain top, trees were high up there, but Beauty of the Nature seems so dull when you're not there..." He trailed off before giving me a toothy smile. "That's a children song of course I know."

"Hmm..." I slowly nodded. "I learned it yesterday." He slowly nod his head and smiled sadly on how uninterested he was. "It's the first song I learned." I giggled in embarassment. I thought he'll be amaze but since he knows it's futile. "Austin~" I mumbled while running my finger on his cheek down to his chin. His hair is all over the place, hope it's not tangled that much.

It's hard to brush.

"Austin~ are you awake?" I sang and his eyes went wide open. I gasped in shock before pinching his nose hard making him groan in pain. He laughed.

"You look funny." He said between his laughs and I rolled my eyes.

I pushed myself up before laying on his top. He groaned still laughing from the sudden skinship as I wrapped my arms around his warm body.

"Cole~" He wrapped his arms around my waist before closing his eyes once again.

"Austin~" I chuckled a bit and he hushed me.

"Quiet I'm sleeping." He pretended to be mad and I laughed.

This feels so...

I smiled sadly before closing my eyes.

I hope this would stay as it is but it's impossible right? Since he have her...

I'm already used to waking up in his arms, it almost scares me how I fit in his embrace and how compatible his lips against mine.

Whatever the elders and the Alpha have come up to we have to accept it.

We don't have a choice. That's the condition for us to be together but...

What if Austin is the one who decide to leave me? My eyes watered up from these thoughts...

He'll leave me? I don't want to believe it but my wolf seems anxious. It's like she's telling me to ran away with Austin instead. I'm scared but's obvious how much he loves his pack and family.

And her, that he's willing to lie with a smile on his face to me.

Will he even choose me over them? Or that woman? I doubt that.

I might be his mate but in his heart, I still have no place to call my own..

"I wanted to be always by your side." I confessed ignoring how cliche it sounded. Austin's heart started to beat fast for some reason and I smiled.

I loved how it sounds.

"Me too." He answered after a long paused. I smiled sheepishly from his lies before pushing myself up. My wolf keeps whining in excitement for some reason.

My wolf really worries me.

I crawl towards the edge of the bed and sit there before running my hand on my stomach.

I feel so uncomfortable...

"I think I need to let my wolf out a little." I said before standing up ignoring the fact that I'm naked.

"Why? Are you okay?" Austin asked as he pushed himself up.

"I'm fine, I just suddenly felt tired...I need to let my wolf out. I'll be in the woods."

"I'm coming." He grabbed my wrist and I smiled on how worried he was. Maybe the scenario before in woods is the caused. "You're kinda pale." My eyes widen in surprised.

"Am I?" I pulled my hand away from him and cupped my face.

Yeah, I think I'm kinda col


"I better go with you." I nodded at him before shifting to my wolf.

I just want my wolf out immediately.

He was about to wear a shirt when he saw me.

"Really Cole?" He asked amused and I tilted my head on the side. He chuckled before shifting to a huge blonde wolf with beautiful dark brown lines on his face.

We admired each other for awhile before we ran outside and into the woods.

I suddenly felt refreshed when the air hits my white fur.

Some of the villagers watches us in surprised before we scattered into the woods.

I howled and he howled back making sure that I'm still closed to him.

I smiled inside. I used to ran all alone in this place to hunt food but not anymore. Austin provides what I need and he's now with me.

What else could I ask for?

'Cole~' He mind linked me and I chuckled.

He's loving it. Singing each other's names I mean.

'Austin~' I sang back when all of the sudden my stomach turned upside down. I stopped on my track and started shake.

Oh my god...

'Cole what happened?!'

I threw up. My eyes watered up as I emptied my stomach. I whined from the ugly scent before walking backwards away from the puke.

Dammit...I feel really bad.

My wolf was shivering badly as my sight became blurry.

'Cole!' Austin leans against my wolf to keep me balanced. 'You okay?'

I shook my head.

'I feel so tired and sluggish...there's something wrong with my stomach.' I lean my forehead against his wolf's neck.

'Shift back I'll carry you to the clinic.'

I shook my head.

'No, I'm fine now...maybe I'm depressing myself so much with the Alpha's decision.'

He stiffened a bit before leaning his head on mine.

'Are you sure?' He asked worriedly and I smiled sadly.

Of course wolf seems to be panicking all day and me too, I feel uneasy.

'Austin...' I turned to look at him and he looked back at me.


Let's ran away.

I wanted to say it, but I can't...I shouldn't.

'Nothing. Let's head back.' He nodded at me before using his body to support me.

I wonder what's wrong with me and my wolf? This never happens before. Am I sick?

Then why only now? I don't even remember having a simple cold. This is the first time ever and it scares me.

Austin brought me back to his cabin. We shifted back before I laid on his bed while he took a warm wet towel and rub it against my skin.

I can't even move and my breathing is raising its pace. Everything feels cold and my body feels heavy.

"What happened to you?" He asked worriedly before raising the cover up to my chest.

"I-I was fine a while ago..." I closed my eyes. "My wolf is acting weird then I suddenly throw up."

He pressed his palm against my burning forehead and somehow I feel refreshed once again.

"Rest." He commanded and I nodded with a small smile on my face.

"Sire?" I slowly opened my eyes when a boy entered the cabin.

"Yes?" Austin answered without glancing at him. He smiled down at me and I smiled back.

"The Alpha is calling you."

Oh it's time. My heart started to beat fast in fear. Not again. My wolf started to whine. It's like he's asking me to stop Austin.

I gripped the sheet.

"I-I'm coming-"

"No, you're sick." He stopped me from sitting and I frowned. "I'll go there, you rest." I shook my head desperately and he furrowed his brows. I stiffened on how bothered he was. I sobbed. "Cole, don't cry...I'll be back." He said honestly but half of me won't believe it.

He's leaving me. And there's no way I could stop him when he's the one who wanted it.

"Don't wait for me and sleep." He brushed my hair away and place a kiss on my forehead and lips.

I give up.

I let him go without saying another word even though it hurts so much. I waited through the night but he...

Never came back.

The morning came and the villagers were celebrating for the good news that I'm expecting.

"The First born son had chosen the future Luna of this pack!"

My eyes watered up as I cried in pain and sadness...

When he choose her over me.

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