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   Chapter 7 Where He Goes At Night

Where We Belong By JAY ANN Characters: 7305

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"Slower...slower..." I breathed out, but Austin is too busy to listen. I grabbed his waist, digging my nails on his back as I sobbed from the pleasure of having him inside me.

Tears were flooding my sight, but I could still see his face turning into a sexy mess. His ears and neck have turned red while his lower lip was bleeding from his teeth and his eyes watching me with lust.

I shivered when he dug deeper inside me. My lips parted from a silent scream at the same time I closed my eyes. I, for the 3rd time, reached another dry orgasm causing my body to jump and shiver.

"Cole...oh Cole..." He closed his eyes in pleasure as he flooded my insides with his liquid while thrusting his hips harder for the last time.

I gasped when he pulled out, leaving me empty and I closed my eyes.

I'm so tired.

"Cole..." He pressed his lips on my cheek after he laid down beside me. I turned towards him and wrapped my arms around his waist. "You awake?"

"Hmm..." I slowly opened my eyes and looked up at him only to find him staring down at me. He made a funny face and I chuckled at him.

I pouted my lips asking for a kiss and he leaned down to spoil me.

I peck his rough lips before pressing my forehead against his neck. He put his arm under my head while the other one was on my waist.

"Cole so thin~" He started singing and I pouted, making him laugh a bit.

"Austin so small~"

"That's not funny." He groaned and I laughed before turning to face the ceiling with my eyes still closed.

"I'm kidding." I said between my laughs. He lifted his head up with the used of his elbow to stare down at me. "Austin." I opened my eyes and looked at him. He raised a brow at me. "Have you seen the world out there?" I asked out of no where and he shrugged.

"Only the other packs closed to us." I turned back to face him once again, showing interest for him to continue.

He smiled at me before brushing a curl out of my forehead. "We travelled 2 weeks to get there by feet. I was 13 back then and I was complaining to go back home, but Dad won't let me. Well, I'm thankful I came along in the end."

"Why?" He laughed at me before continuing.

"Their packs were really different. Their homes were made of stones and it's huge. They're using some gadgets and cars-"

"Gadgets?" I asked he smiled.

"It's hard to explain, someday I'll bring you out there." He lifted his pinky and I smiled at him. "Promise."

Here it goes again. Every time he promise me things I tend to not believe it. He losed my trust, but half of me still want to have faith in him.

I wrapped my pinky around his.

"Promise. " I smiled and he lean down to peck my lips.

"How about we continue where we left..." He smirked as I stared at him in disbelief.


"Come on." I playfully glared at him as he roamed his hands around my chest. He licked his lips and my heart beat raced because of that. I bit my lower lip when his thumbs brushed the brown hard buds. "Please...?"

"N-no." I stayed stubborn and he frowned. I gasped when his lips caught one and nibbled it with his teeth and tongue. "Khu...mng..." Weird sounds left my lips as I arched my back from his massage.

I gripped the cover above me when his hand gently grabbed my member between my shaking thighs. I looked down at him and found him smiling at me.

"I'm sleepy...I really can't." I shook my head at him and he pouted. "Please?" He sighed.

"Okay then I'll just help this little guy here." He pressed his thumb on the tip and I stared at him confused as he crawls down between my legs.

My eyes widen when I realized what he was planning. I quickly li

fted myself up with the help of my elbows just to push his face away from my little guy who's asking for attention.

He let out a laugh and I blushed hard when he stared at me with those eyes.

"Let go." He commanded, and I swallowed hard. Cheater, he's using his Alpha voice on me.

I slowly pulled my hand away from him and watched him breathe against my lower half. I shivered at that, making me fall on the bed completely.

I closed my eyes and let him spread my legs and lift them up to his shoulders. I covered my face in embarrassment when he ran his tongue on my length.

"This is how you do it, right?" He chuckled before pressing his lips on the tip.

"No...Austin it's embarrassing-" I moaned really loud when he suddenly trusted his hand down, peeling the skin all of the sudden. "Austin..." I peeked at him between my fingers worriedly.

"Sorry." He smiled. My eyes widen when he finally opened his mouth and devoured me in one go.

A weird scream left my mouth and I bit my lower lip after to stop myself.

So warm...

My eyes watered up from the pleasure he's giving me. My mind is turning into jelly as I watched him take me deeper like how I did to him a while ago.

"A-Austin you don't have to do this...mgn! Ahh! oh no!" I screamed. "Austin wait! Wait khu...mgn!"

I grabbed his hair roughly when he decided to do it faster. My legs begun to shake and I arched my back with my mouth wide open.

"Ahng! Austin...Austin..." I moaned with my eyes close. My mind is going numb as my thighs threatened to close but Austin is not letting it though.

Damn...why does it feel so good? I never thought it's this good!

My eyes widen in surprise as he pushed two fingers into my gaping hole. My body jumped in pleasure. He started thrusting his fingers hard and deep at the same time his mouth moves around my shivering member.

It didn't take long when I finally released my seed inside his mouth. He sat up and I watched him, amused when tried to swallow it, but failed.

"Yuck..." He let his tongue out in disgust. He might have thought that he could swallow it like I did, but it wasn't that easy because of the metallic taste. "Sorry Cole I can't swallow it." I gave him a weak, amused smile before closing my eyes.

My strength was completely drained...I can't even more.

"Are you sleeping?" Austin asked and I didn't bother to answer. "Goodnight Cole." He placed a kiss on my forehead before pulling the covers up to my chest.

I loved how he treats me as if I'm someone precious to him...

As if I was the only one.

My wolf started whining and I woke up from my sleep. I slowly opened my eyes and found myself alone in the darkness. Austin is gone.

It's probably 3 in the midnight, where could he be? I wrapped Austin's bear coat around me before leaving his cabin to search for my mate. I was desperately looking around in the middle of the dark, worriedly.

Where is he? Where did he go?

The sound of bushes moving from the woods made me stiffen. My eyes moved towards where it came from with my eyes wide in fear. A gasp left my lips when I sensed someone coming out from the dark woods.

I quickly ran to hide behind a cabin hoping my scent was covered up by this dead animal's skin. Could it be a rogue?

I shook my head as I shivered in fear waiting for it to be exposed and not soon enough two people left the woods, holding hand. My eyes watered up immediately in disbelief as I stared at my mate and his woman...

They were smiling at each other with their mixed scent too strong that it kills me.


I bit my lower lip in betrayal.

How could you?

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