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   Chapter 6 When I couldn't

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Cole's POV

"Are you okay?" I asked worriedly as soon as I entered the clinic. I was told to come here because Austin was beaten up by that woman.

He was sitting on one of the white beds half naked. His left eye was swollen and blue. Some scratches on his cheeks and chest. Bruises were all over his body and he looks really bad.

How dare she do this to my mate?

"Yeah!" He chuckled before reaching out for me. He noticed that I didn't move because there were people inside the clinic.

The Alpha will get furious if rumors get spread out.

"Umm Edio and Rej, " The two older men looked at him immediately. "Is it okay for you to step out for a moment?" The two lads exchanged looks before they found me.

I blushed hard under their stares.

"Guard the front and don't let anyone in until I say so." Austin added and they both nodded immediately before leaving the cabin.

I watched the door closed nervously. What if they noticed?

"Come here." Austin called and this time I stepped forward. I placed myself between his legs and hug him tight. Just by looking at him I already know that he did break it off with that girl.

My eyes watered up before snuggling on the side of his neck. He seems to love the attention and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"I did it." He whispered and I nodded letting my tears roll. "I'm only yours now-"

"Austin I love you so much." I confessed again between sobs and his heart beat raced. He chuckled before pulling away from me to capture my lips.

Few butterfly kisses before my eyes found his bruised eye. I cupped his face before licking his eye to heal it.

This is the first time I'll heal someone else's wound so I'm not sure if it'll heal fast just like mine but it did!

His eye was healed in a second and I felt really happy that I could do something for him.

"How did you do that?!" He asked surprised before touching it and I smiled sheepishly.

"I-I don't really know maybe it's because I'm an omega-" He pressed his lips against mine and I stared at him with wide eyes.

"That's amazing!" He laughed and I giggled at his childishness.

"I'll heal everything." I blushed a bit under his lustful stares before he nodded.

I started on the scratches on his neck and shoulders. Licking it throughly making sure that it won't leave marks on his sun kissed skin.

He let out a deep growl when I reached his chest. My body felt hot just by healing my mate's wounds and even though I am so embarrassed, I still continued. I knelt down unconsciously and when I saw a bulged on his jeans, I swallowed hard.

"Don't bother the little guy." He chuckled before running his fingers on my curls. I looked up to meet his eyes and it glows with lust.

"A-are you wounded here?" I asked, lasciviously with my hand, groping his front and he smirked at me.

"No, but you can-"

"Austin! Austin!"

I quickly stood up and moved aside before the Alpha walked in a hurry.

I stiffened in fear when I saw how furious he was. His face had turned red and his eyes were burning with anger and disappointment as soon as he saw his son.


dare to make your wife cry!" He shouted on the top of his lungs, but Austin remained calm as he stared back at his father.


"She is not my wife." Austin glanced at me, clearing the misunderstanding. "Dad I have my mate."

"He's ruining your future! Thalia is the woman you need! Can this boy give you a child?!"

My eyes widened before looking down on the ground. Reality came back to me...

I can never provide something that Austin really needs...what this pack really needs. I closed my eyes in disappointment.

If only I wasn't a boy.

"What about your heir?! Are you sacrificing the future of this pack just for this omega-"

"So you see Thalia as a material?" Austin's voice went cold as he stared at the Alpha who raised a brow. "Dad, you should never look at a woman as a child provider."

Austin's eyes burned with anger from his father words and I stared at him with mixed emotions. I was jealous but proud as well.

I bit my lower lip.

He's such a great man.

The Alpha was silent for a moment before a proud smirk covered his lips.

"You are truly my son."

Austin looks surprised for a moment before snorting at his father. His anger vanished and they laughed as if they weren't arguing awhile ago.

I stood there confuse. Is this normal?

Their laughter died finally after a minute.

"Anyways, the Alpha of the Qisa Tribe will be visiting us, they will arrive within this month and I wanted you to show them how great my heir is."

Austin smirked from his father's proud words.

"No need to show them, they will see it for themselves."

I blushed on how manly he sounded making his father laugh once again.

"Then I better go-"

"Dad what about Cole and I?" Austin cuts him off. The smile disappeared from the Alpha's face before glaring towards me.

"We'll be having a meeting with the elders three days from now, I'll let you know." He said coldly at me before looking back at his son. "Until then hide it from everyone."

Austin nodded immediately.

The Alpha nods his head before leaving the cabin. I sighed in relief before looking at Austin who's watching me with a smile.

I smiled back.

"Whatever the decision they made we have to accept it so we can be together Cole." He reminded me and I nodded.

"I know."

"It's for us." He added a bit worried and I couldn't help but to find it really cute.

"It's for us." I repeated but...

Is it really?

He reached out for my hand and I walked closer to grab his. He closed his eyes as he place a kiss at the back of my hand and I smiled.

"If only you can bare me a child..."

I stiffened from his words and his eyes widen for some reason. He looked up at me and swallowed hard in regret.

"I-I'm so sorry. Cole I didn't mean it-"

I shook my head as I smiled sadly. I walked closer between his thighs and wrapped my arms around his shoulders with my eyes closed tightly. I heaved a sigh.

"If only I could..."

My wolf whined in amusement and I ran my hand through my tummy without a valid reason. Austin smiled at me and I gave him a faint one.

But I couldn't, right?

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