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   Chapter 5 When He Realize

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"Huh?" I asked like an idiot and she stared at me as if I'm stupid or something. I heard it loud and clear but half of me doesn't want to believe any of this...

Austin never mentioned anything about her-

"You deaf?" She pulled me out of my thoughts and I stiffened under her glares.

"Thalia!" Austin glared at her and she raised a brow at my mate.

"What's wrong with you? You are acting weird." She put her hands on her tiny waist before looking at Austin, confused.

Austin glanced at me worriedly and I stared at him in disbelief.

He isn't denying it so it means...

I chuckled at my own stupidness. I can't believe I expected something.

So that's why you can't say I love you back...

Austin looks worried while Thalia was annoyed of the situation she couldn't understand.

Who am I kidding? Of course someone like Austin...

Someone like him...


"I'm going back to my tent." I kept my head low, avoiding any eye contact with the two. My eyes felt so hot and my chest is aching so bad...

I hate this feeling.

I turned to leave fast. I just want to get away. It hurts so bad...

My mate- He-

I covered half of my face as I sobbed hard and bit my lower lip as tears begun to fall.

He made a fool of me and here I thought he's faithful to me. After everything he said, after introducing me to his family as his mate...

He did this to me?!

Austin did not bother to follow me, so much for hoping that he would run after me and explain himself instead he stayed with that girl...

I might be his mate but I don't own him.

He freaking have someone so beautiful. I don't stand a chance and she's a girl at that.

I feel so pathetic, I can't believe that I'm expecting to have him all by myself.

I shed my tears away and did my best to prevent myself from sobbing loudly. I successfully reach my tent and as soon as I entered I started crying my heart out.

I felt so betrayed. He should have told me sooner and it seems like he doesn't have a plan to. If I didn't meet her today will he continue lying to me?

Everything that he told me...was it really for me?

I spent my whole day staring at nothing. My mind was blank and I felt numb from the pain. Soon, my mind begun to wonder if it's me who he wants or would he rather choose that woman.

A woman who can provide him a heir and be a great Luna of this pack...

'Cole.' I stiffened when Austin connected his mind to mine all of the sudden and I clenched my fist. 'Hear me out.'

As if I have a choice.

'It's fine, I was actually expecting it I-I mean it's impossible that you don't have a lover...someone like you.'

'Cole I didn't mean to hide it from you. I was planning to break it off with her but I didn't get a chance.'


As if I'll believe that. It's been a week since you learned we are mates. What chance are you waiting for?

'She's pretty won't you regret it-'

'You are all I need.' He cuts me off and I blushed at that.

Cole don't get carried away. I tried to warn myself, but his words affects me so bad.

I love him so bad.

'Can I enter now?' He asked and I turned to look at the tent's fabric moved as he entered.

His lips formed a thin line after he saw how messy my face was.

"I'm sorry Cole." He cupped my face and I let out a weak sob. I closed my eyes and touched his hands on my both cheeks.

Can I really trust you?

"Don't cry, I'll break things off with her tonight I swear." I nodded even though I don't have the strength to believe him anymore. "I promised." I felt his lip

s against mine for a second.

I slowly opened my eyes and stared deep in his eyes.

I don't know what to do anymore, but this time I wouldn't be fooled.

You can only choose one Austin if it's not me then I better go leave this place.

If it's not me...then I'll be free.

Austin's POV

I lean down once again and captured his lips. It took him a moment to close his eyes this time and I felt worried.

He does not trust me anymore. His eyes gone cold and I couldn't blame him.

I lied. I lied to him.

I should have just told him that I cannot break things off with Thalia. My father would be furious, but he's crying.

My mate is crying and it's too painful to watch.

I promised this time I'll do everything to keep you by my side.

I don't care anymore...

"You said what?" She clenched her fist before grabbing my collar. "What's the reason?"

"I found my mate, you are not my mate." I confronted her and her eyes widen in anger.

"But we love each other! Who cares about that soul bond?!" She shouted at my face and I raised a brow.

"You're only saying that because you haven't found your mate." She stiffened from my words before glaring daggers at me.

"You love me." She said sternly and I couldn't deny that. I tried so hard to keep her by my side all these years and I couldn't believe that I'm doing this right now. "And I love you...that's what matters. Why are you doing this?" She asked in pain and I swallowed my guilt.

I love you but...

"I can't be with you, my mate needs me and I need him." Her eyes widen.

"Him? A guy? You're fucking cheating on me with a guy?!" She asked and I nodded. She finally let go of my collar before walking away a bit and facing me once again. "It was that Omega."

I nodded once again and she stared at me in disbelief.

"Uncle and Aunt won't accept him. He can't give you a heir!" She shouted something so obvious and I frowned.

As if I don't know that. Aeros, my brother could help me with that.

"No matter what you say, nothing will change my mind. I already made a decision and my heart is now belongs to Cole." I said without batting an eye in front of the woman I loved until a week ago.

She used to be my everything but when I met Cole everything changed. Cole is so delicate, I want to protect him all the time.

I want to treasure him because he is the one that Moon Goddess bestowed me. And only few in this pack finds their mates.

I just felt so special when I'm with him.

"You're disposing me like this?" Her eyes watered up as she shook her head in disbelief. "You're not doing this to me..."

"I'm sorry."

"You are the worst." She sobbed and I clenched my fist. I can't believe I could make her cry like this after everything we've been through.

I love her but she's not my mate. I reminded myself. She could never be.

"You can beat me all you want Thalia until you feel better." She laughed in disbelief before shedding her tears away.

"Good. I won't hold back then."

I swallowed hard. I think I made a wrong decision. Thalia is the daughter of our head hunter and she's really strong, stronger than most men in the pack.

"Y-yeah." A man won't back out from his words.

"And don't think we'll end like this." She smirked and I stiffened. "Austin, have you ever thought that you cannot sit on the throne without a Luna?" My eyes widen on what she just said...

I cannot...?

"So be thankful, I don't have a plan of letting you go either." She announced before lifting her fist and beating the reality back at me.

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