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   Chapter 4 When She Appeared

Where We Belong By JAY ANN Characters: 6773

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I watched their face fall in misery after Austin announced that we are mates in front of his family.

His parents, Alpha Drias and Luna Iona stared at their son in shock while the twins, Alyana and Aeros stared at me, wearing an identical straight-face which made me feel uncomfortable.

I looked up to see Austin's face only to find him watching his parents' reaction seriously. I then looked down at our finger-locked hands wondering if this is the right thing to do.

"Austin! what lies are you spouting in front of your family!" His father shouted but Austin seems unaffected by it.

"I am not lying, this man is my mate." He pulled me closer to him and I gasped a little from the sudden movement.

The atmosphere inside the cabin gone cold and quiet. As I expected, this is gonna be hard.

"Austin...I think this won't do-"

"You!" I stiffened when the Luna stood up from her seat and pointed a finger at me. "What spell did you cast to my son you worthless witch?!"

I stared at her in fear.

"I-I'm not a witch-"

"You dare to talk back at me!" Her voice went higher and higher in every words she spokes.

"Mom." Austin hid me on his back, away from his Mom who's ready to pull my hair off. "Don't speak that way to my mate, please." He begged and his Mom calmed down a bit but still shot me a glare.

"Are you telling the truth son?" We both looked at the Alpha who's glaring at his son in anger and disappointment. I felt Austin's hand sweat up a bit.

He's afraid.

"Yes Alpha. We're mates and I wanted you to know first." He looked down at me with a sincere smile. "I'm not planning to reject him even if you ask me."

My chest tighten in felicity from his words.

Austin, what did I ever do to deserve you?

The Alpha heaved a sigh of defeat and we both looked at him with thrill.

"Give me some time to think about this first. This won't be good and the pack would not accept this." He massaged his temple before looking at me coldly. "I won't ask you to reject him, " His eyes then focused on his son. "but you have to hide it for awhile and whatever decision we might come up with you must accept it."

Austin nodded without hesitation and I smiled on how amazing he was.

I never thought they'll accept us, but it seems like the Alpha loves his son so much.

'See~' Austin teased me using telepathy and I playfully glared at him.

'You won.' I smirked and he grind ignoring his family, he lean down and pressed his lips against mine. I blushed hard and he chuckled.


"Please get a room son." The Alpha glared at us and Austin stiffened.

"Yeah. Thanks Dad, Mom!" He waved before pulling me out of the cabin, but in a second I found a chance to look back at his family.

My whole body stiffened in fear when I found the Alpha and Luna glaring at me in disgust and anger.

I have a bad feeling about this.

"Aren't they amazing!" Austin cheered and I chuckled as I watched him walk in front of me.

"But we can't stay calm, we'll never know what decision they might come up with." I pointed out and he snorted before turning to look at me.

"I don't care whatever it is as long as you are with me." I blushed hard from his words and he grinned.

"Austin..." I held his hand tightly and he smiled down at me. I stared straightly into his eyes as I bit my lower lip. "Thank you for accepting me." I said

honestly and he shyly let out a chuckle.

I could never be more thankful than this...

"I-I love you." I confessed before letting go of him to cover my entire face in embarrassment.

God...That was embarrassing-

"You are so white that when you blush you look like a slapped snowman."? He laughed and I glared at him.

"You!" He started running away from me and I rolled my eyes before following him. He was too fast that I lose him within 10 seconds. "Austin?!" I shouted catching the attention of some bystander in the village.

I stiffened on my spot when I realized that I just shouted his name so carefree.

I got a bad feeling about this.

"Hey did you just called the first born son by his name?" An old woman holding a stick walked towards me.


"Aren't you an omega!" A boy shouted and I begun to shake in fear when the villagers surrounded me.

"Who do you think you are?!"

"You must punished!"

"I'm sorry...I was just-"

"What's going on?" A woman's voice made everyone shut up including me.

A path was made for a breathtaking beauty of a long haired brunette with dark blue eyes. She was tall and really beautiful. Her skin was fair and flawless and she got a perfect shape of a woman's body.

Just who is she?

Her beautiful blue eyes found me and I stiffened.

"What's this crowd all about?" She asked, her voice was loud and strong.

"The omega called the first born son by his name! He should be punish!" A man shouted from the crowd. Her eyes widen a bit before glaring at me.

"You did what?" She growled at me. I raised both of my hands to show submission.

I don't know her, but by the look of her leather armor she must be a pack's hunter.

"Explain yourself before I beheaded you on that spot!"

I gasped when she walked forward.

"I was told to call him by his name or I'll face the consequences..." I explained and the crowd begun to whisper to each other.

"By who? Just who are you anyway-"

"Thalia!" I almost cheered when Austin grabbed her shoulder on time. Austin looked at me worriedly. "Are you okay?"

The crowd begun to whisper louder and the girl stared at me in disbelief.

"I-I'm fine...I was searching for you." I almost sobbed. I hate the villagers that's why I never go here.

Everyone is so mean.

"I'm sorry Cole, come here." I walked towards him, but not too close to avoid suspicions. "Everyone may go." Austin commanded, and the crowd disperse within a second, but the girl did not leave.

She was staring- more like glaring at me so openly in front of my mate who was staring at her amused.

"Austin who's this?" My eyes widen a bit when she called him by his name and Austin doesn't seem to mind it at all.

Who is she?

I glared at Austin when he sneaked his arm around her waist in front of me. Jealousy came in to me, I really wanted to pull my mate away from her but...

They looked so good together.

Austin smirked at her and she rolled her eyes at him.

"Thalia this is Cole, " He introduced me and I forced a smile which she didn't appreciate at all. "And Cole this is Thalia..." He trailed off and the woman glared at him.

"That's all?" She stared at him in disbelief and Austin glanced at me worriedly.

I don't like this situation at all...


"I'm his fiancee." She cuts him off and I stared at her, surprised.


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