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   Chapter 3 When He Choose To Be Blind

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What should I do?

I asked myself as my wolf walked beside the lake deep in the woods to catch some fish.

I haven't caught anything though...

My head is filled with Austin and it's scaring me somehow.

He's a charming guy. I always watch him walking down the village a couple of times before and the pack obviously loves him.

Now I understand why.

He is amazing. He's a good person, unlike his parents, but it looks like he wasn't aware how evil they were or maybe I don't know how good they are...

I'm the only person they treated like trash. I've never seen anyone who was mistreated just like me. So maybe they were nice, it only happened that I'm an omega, is it?

I shook my head. Why do I have to lie to myself just to agree with my mate?

They're the one who's wrong and not me-

Oh fish! The squirming creature on the ground caught my attention and I quickly ate it without hesitation. I always eat in my wolf form since I don't know how to cook and raw food is not healthy for my human form.

I can't even remember the last time I ate a cooked meal...did I even?

I licked the blood on my paws after I was done. My eyes caught another fish a few steps away and I jumped it again.

Wow, how come these fish is on the ground? Is there something wrong with the lake?

I laid on the grass after I was done eating. I actually saw and ate 7 fishes swimming on the ground beside the lake. How lucky am I today-

I stiffened when I heard the sound of breaking twigs from the woods. I quickly made my stance as if I could fight and prepared myself.

I'm not really good with fighting I have to say that? I mean look at me-

I jumped in shock when a fish was thrown out from the woods. I watched the fish squirm trying to reach the lake before looking at the bushes.

Hell no!

'Austin!' I laughed when I finally caught his scent. I didn't realize it because of the stink of the fish on my nose.

My mate's blond wolf left his hidings with another fish in his mouth. He sat on the ground and waited for me to reach him.

I was smiling like a freak inside as I walked towards him.

'Why are you here?' I asked before devouring the fish on the ground.

'I visited your tent. You're not there so I searched for you.' He sounded a bit annoyed and I chuckled.

'I need to hunt early, the fish will be gone by noon and I'm not good with rabbits and deers so...' I nudged my nose on the fish's tail in his mouth before digging my fangs on it, Austin didn't let go though.

'It's not good for you to eat it raw.' He scolded me after letting me eat 8 raw fishes. I chuckled.

'I've been eating everything raw in my entire life and I'm not dead yet so it's fine.' I talked back and Austin finally let me eat the fish. I burped before looking at my mate who's staring at me, amused.

He licked the blood around my mouth and I blushed hard. I'm thankful that wolves doesn't blush, though, or I'll be turning into a wolf dyed in blood.

'Wanna dive?' He asked as he pulled away. I watched him walk towards the lake, his foot was already in the water when he turned to look at me. 'Shift.' He ordered and my jaw dropped at his request.

Oh, he want to swim in a cold water for real?

I sighed before shifting to my human form. His wolf stared at my naked self for a moment before walking deeper into the water and I followed.

I dipped my body deep into the water and ignoring how cold it was, I dived under. It wasn't that deep and there's a lot of rocks and stones so it's hard to swim.

I went up to breath and looked around to see where Austin was only to find him gone.

I sat on the side of the lake, still looking around, but he cannot be found.

Did he leave-

I jumped when a wet wolf's nose nudged my shoulder. I looked at Austin's wolf before smiling.

"Why aren't you shifting?" I asked as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I left a kiss on his cheek before looking at his golden eyes. He stayed quiet and I pouted.

I thought he wanted to do it, I guess I was wrong.


"Here's the lake!" I quickly turned around when I heard voices getting closer.

Oh no it'll be bad if they see me. I need to hide.

I quickly stood up.


Austin we gotta-" I stopped when I realized that Austin was gone once again. Where did he go?

"Oh the omega!" I stiffened when four familiar males stepped out from the woods. I quickly covered my lower half before looking away.

No, not them again. I need to go.

I was about to shift when one of them grabbed my wrist. The guy named Sera towered me and I stared at him in fear.

"Did we disturb your bath?" He asked, smirking at me and I shook my head while trying to pull my hand away from him.

"P-please let go..."

I begged hoping he would listen, but he just smirked at me. Fear begun to corrupt me once again.

The villagers.

They are either violent and ignorant. Men were sent to violently beat the living soul out of me ever since I was a kid while younger males have tried something worse.

He pulled me against his chest as he ran his free hand at my lower back. I started to become pale as I shiver in fear.

No...not again. How many times have they done this? Aren't they had enough?

I pressed a hand against his chest as I shook my head at him.

"Come on it's not like its your first time." Another boy named Gust stood behind me and trapped me between them.

Words gone missing and I can't even talk or ran with my knees shaking.

Hands started to roam all over my cold, shivering body. My eyes watered up as I stood there completely powerless.

"How come your skin stays fair and beautiful all these years?" Sera asked before pressing his rough lips on the side of my face.

I let out a sob.

"A-Austin..." I called out my mate's name and Sera pulled away as he stared at me surprised.

"Whose name did you call?" He asked in shock as I begun to whip. "We better go guys-"

"Where do you think you're going?" My mate's cold voice made all of us stiffen. My legs gone numb and I fell on the ground as I stared at Austin with few hunters on his back.

"F-Firstborn...we were..."

"Ceased them and throw them all in the dungeon." He commanded using his Alpha voice to send fear to every single one of us. The hunters were dumbfounded for a moment before they began to catch the four young males.

I jumped in shock when a hunter came over me.

"Get up!" He shouted on my face. I stared at him in fear before slowly forcing myself to stand, but then he pushed me back and I fell in the water. He let out a laugh, but it didn't last as Austin grabbed his shoulder with an intention of braking it.

The older male begun to shout in pain as Austin continued torturing his shoulder.

"Why did you...." He growled at the hunter and he gasped in fear. Austin then looked at me worriedly and at that moment my tears began to fall again. "Leave." He commanded, and the rest started to disperse and disappeared into the woods leaving Austin and I alone.

"Since when?" He knelt in front of me with his arms wide open. I hesitated at first, but soon threw myself in his arms. He wrapped it against me tight.

And I felt safe once again.

"I-I don't's been years." I answered with tears flowing like a river on my face.

"So this is the reason why you hate my parents." He muttered against my neck in anger and I nodded.

The Alpha sends them to break me ever since I could remember. They are merciless and evil.

"You've been through a lot, " I nodded once again with my face on his shoulder. Now he knows the truth, we could- "But Cole they got nothing to do with this."

I quickly pulled away as I stared at him in disbelief.


"They know nothing about this. If they have a clue then they would protect you, but it's obvious that those men were doing it behind my Father's back."

He explained his theory and I could only stare at him.

How can he not see it? Even those hunters were in shock when he protected me while his father sends them to torture me.

I let out a chuckle as I looked down on my lap. I don't care anymore. If this is what he wants then let it be...

I embraced him tightly and he hugged me back.

As long as you're with me. I don't care anymore.

"Austin." I smiled. "I'm ready, let's tell the Alpha."

As long as we could be together.

I don't care anymore if you choose to be blind.

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