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   Chapter 2 When He Couldn't Protect Me Anymore.

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I woke up from the sun light slipping through the window of the cabin. Ignoring how annoying it was I snuggled closer from the naked chest of my sleeping mate next to me.

I took a deep breath of his alluring scent and smiled in contentment.

My mate accepted.

For the very first time in my whole life someone actually did accepted me.

He did not hesitate at all but instead he asked for my name and brought me to his cabin. He took my clothes off and claimed me right there.

But he did not mark me yet for some reasons that I could understand.

"You awake?" His husky voice sounds so sexy in my ear. I tilted my head up and found him staring at me with a sweet smile on his face. "Good morning Cole~" He chuckled on his own singing voice and I smiled at that.

"Good morning..." I trailed off unsure if I still have the rights to call him by his name. He raised a brow at me before wrapping his arms around my waist.

"My name?" He asked again and I bit my lower lip.

He noticed.

"...Austin." I continued and he looks pleased with that.

He closed his eyes before snuggling his face on my head. I blushed a bit when his hand trailed down to my naked hips.

"You smells really nice." He hummed before lowering himself down to my neck and breathed in. I shivered from his warm breath against my skin.

"It tickles." He laughed at me before pulling away. He once again studied my face, I'm confident with my looks so I stared back at him.

I have a pale white skin, curly brown hair and dark violet eyes. I'm the only person in the pack who have this eyes so I often wonder if I really do belong to this pack.

"Austin..." He captured my lips before I could react. He hovered on the top of me as he slowly, gently moved his mouth around my closed lips.

He treats so gentle as if I'm a fragile little wolf and I love it. He makes me feel needed and loved but does he feel the same way?

I know deep inside me that I have feelings for him but does he feel it too?

"Austin, " I mumbled after he pulled away and started giving me butterfly kisses around my neck and shoulders. "What are we going to do?" I asked and he suddenly stopped.

"What do you mean?" He asked although it seems like he already know what I mean.

"Are you gonna hide me from everyone?"

I don't really care though as long as he's beside me and we are together. It's fine that nobody knows.

"I'm planning to tell the Alpha." My eyes widen in fear when he mentioned his father.

He was surprised when I sit up before facing him.

"N-no...what i-if he kills me?" I shook my head at him and his eyes widen.

"He won't, he is not like that." He pushed himself up before cupping my face ge

ntly between his hands. "Mom and Dad will not do that, they are the best parents in the pack!" I stared at him disbelief. "They love this pack Cole and you are a part of it."

Does he even know what he's saying?

"Maybe for you b-but to me they were mean..."


"The Alpha always sends men to beat me up ever since I could remember w-while the Luna hurts me e-everytime she sees me-"

"Cole!" He cuts me off and my whole body stiffened in fear when I found him glaring at me. "Don't ever talk shits about my parents. They are not like that." His voice gone cold as he defended his parents, completely oblivious about the truth.

I-I wasn't lying...

They always-

"I don't know why you hate my parents so bad but don't ever repeat this, understood?" I quickly nodded in fear. My eyes watered up before biting my lower lip.

"I-I'm sorry Alpha." I scooted away immediately from him but he grabbed my hand before I could get too far.

"Austin, that's what you will call me from now on. You are my mate." He tugged my chin gently to meet my eyes. "I'll call you by your name and you will call me by mine. This is the last time I would say this, don't ever let me repeat myself once again." I nodded before a tear escaped from the corner of my eyes. He heaved a sigh before using his thumb to shed my tears away.

"Did I scare you?" He asked worriedly as he wrapped his hands on my wrists and gently pulled me back beside him.

I nodded, knowing that it'll only anger him if I lie. He embraced me tightly but I did not hug him back.

This is painful...

"I'm sorry, I don't like it when someone bad mouths those people I care and I would feel the same way when it comes to you." He slowly tilted my head up, he greeted me with a smile and my heart skipped a beat. "I would never let anybody say bad things about you." He said with full of honesty and sincerity.

I forced a smile.

He cares for me but he treasures them, those people who made me miserable.

How come he doesn't know what his parents were doing?

No, it doesn't matter anymore. He cares for me and I love him. If this how he wanted things to be then I have to support him.

"Maybe not now, but I'll tell Mom and Dad about us I'm not sure if they'll accept it but I don't want to hide anything from them." He pushed my hair on the side as I smiled. "And they won't hurt you I promised that." He smiled a genuine one and I wanted to trust him, but...

I'm pretty sure his evil parents would be furious and I have to prepare myself.

I clenched my fist.

Because Austin is someone who won't go against his parents and I'm afraid that the time will come...

When he couldn't protect me anymore.

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