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   Chapter 1 Where Everything Begun

Where We Belong By JAY ANN Characters: 6638

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Is Moon Goddess messing up with me?

I clenched my fist as I stared at my Alpha's first born son. Surrounded by everyone in the pack and admiring his prince like figure and beauty.

Long curly blonde hair paired with his golden bright eyes. Well shaped jaw line and perfect crooked nose. He have the body of a fighter and a heart of a monk.

He is simply beautiful, probably the most beautiful man I've ever seen.

My heart was beating too fast as I stared at him from a far.

I wanted to complain, why She paired me up with someone like Austin? but I couldn't help but to feel lucky at the same time.

I'm mated with someone as beautiful as him.

Even though I'm sure he won't dare to accept me, the only omega in the pack and a male as well, half of me was still happy to know that it was him.

"Cole!" I stiffened from the sound of my Luna's voice. I quickly turned to face her just to get slapped across my face. My lower lip shivered in fear as I felt my cheek burn from the hit. "You worthless piece of trash! How dare you stare at my son with those eyes! Shame on you!" She shouted, gaining everyone's attention towards me.

Everyone started mumbling insults at me as if I did something unforgivable.

I'm just admiring my mate's beauty the way everyone does.

I just wanted to greet him for his birthday...

Is it bad?

I covered my cheek with the help of my right hand as I kept my eyes on the ground.

"I-I'm sorry my Luna..."

She glared daggers at me before stepping on my foot with the use of her 6 inch red heels. I whined in pain as soon as she turned to leave.

"That's what you get fag."


"Just go and kill yourself will you?"

"Die you curse!" The crowd chanted and I did my best not to cry in front of the villagers.

Ever since I was kid, I already know that everyone hates me. I don't even know my parents, maybe they are a part of the pack but I'm not sure. They might be ashamed to have an omega son like me.

I don't have friends or someone to talk to. I'm just a slave to the pack.

I'm worthless and even if I die, no one would remember that I exist or maybe they'll do... I mean I'm the only omega in this pack and was treated as a curse.

They'll be more surprise if they learned that I'm mated with the Alpha's first born.

I bet they'll kill me.

Ignoring the pain on my foot. I begun to walk away from the crowd.

Some turned to watch me walk like dying deer, some threw me stones as I drag myself towards my small tent near the woods.

At least I'm thankful that they gave me this tent. It's really small and smelly but I can't complain.

This is probably the kindest thing they could give for someone that they don't like.

The only thing that you would see inside is my old wooden box and a long table which I used as my bed. A single pillow and a thick cloth I used as a cover in the cold nights. A lamp, a jar and another box as my table. Few dirty, rugged clothes inside the box and a sandals I'm using since I was 15.

All these stuffs I got from the trash.

There were my only belongings and I could never be more thankful for all of this.

I whined in pain as I sit on the ground before slowly removing my sandals. I reached for a tiny cloth and wet it with the used of the water in my jar.


." I sobbed as I cleansed the bruised on my right foot. After I made sure it's clean, I shifted to my snow white wolf to heal it up.

After a minute the bruised disappeared and the color went back on how it used to be.

I smiled proudly to myself. Nobody knows, but I could heal faster than everyone else. With a single bruised it will take them a day to heal it, burns take 3 days and open wounds takes a week to heal, but I could mend it within a day.

Awesome, right? But let's keep it a secret first or they'll think I'm some kind of a witch.

We are far from civilization and this pack is totally outdated. We're living in tents and cabins in the middle of the woods. Some packs visit us to share knowledge, but the Alpha intends to stay with our antiquated ways of living.

As if we'll survive without changes.


I wonder if the other packs treat omegas better than this...or I was hoping.

Our pack's musicians started to create music with their flutes, drums and guitars and my ears perked up in delight. They probably started the bonfire as well.

I smiled sadly as I smelled the yummy scent of roasted meats of deer and lambs.

I wanted to be a part of it. My mate's birthday.

I don't remember the day when I realized we're mates. I don't even know my own birthday, but since I found my mate I'm probably 18 this year.

He'll know that it's me...

I should prepare myself.

They'll either kill me or throw me out...

Killing me would be better than living outside the woods. You don't know what's out there.

Maybe it's worse than being here.

But I should ready my stuffs.

I shifted back to my human form before pulling the cover and wrapping it around my naked body.

I soon opened my box and put some of my clothes inside my old rugged backpack, but before I could finish someone entered my tent without a permission.

My eyes widen in surprise as I stared at the firstborn son who was looking at me in disbelief.

I tighten my grip on the cloth around me nervously when his eyes landed on my exposed tights before glancing towards my bag.

"You're leaving?" He glared at me and I stiffened in fear.

"I-I was just..."

"You know we're mates." I shook my head immediately and he growled. "Liar."

I kept my head down in fear.

What should I do? I was ready to die b-but when he came I-I got so scared....

"P-please spare me! I didn't mean to lie, I-I'm sorry-"

"Name." He cuts me off and my heart clenched a bit.

He doesn't even know my name.


"What's my name?" I looked up at him confused and he raised a brow at me.

"T-the Alpha's first b-born-"

"Name. My name." He cuts me off once again and I stared at him in discomfort.

"I-I cannot address you that way-"

"My name?" He asked once again and I swallowed hard. He seems persistent for some reason.

I bit my lower lip before parting my lips.


And just by that a smile spread his lips and my heart skipped a beat when he knelt down in front of me.

He cupped my face between his warm hands and my eyes watered up from the gentleness he's giving me.

"Mate." He stared at me with full of love and right there I already know that I was accepted by my mate.

But everything is just starting...

I smiled.

My hellish life I mean.

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